Sunday 14th July 1985

Visit to Quarries District Camp Site
Met at 9.00 a.m. at the Headquarters

1st Hanslope Cub Scouts  at the Quarries Camp Site near Cosgrove
1st Hanslope Cub Scouts at the Quarries Camp Site near Cosgrove

After arriving at the Quarries and selecting the camp site for the days activities, we all worked together to set up the camp.
When we were organized, we played a Wide Game called ‘Relieve Siege at the Fort’, followed by a game of cricket. Returning to the camp site we had mid morning refreshments and thus suitably fortified, we played a Wide Game called ‘Vanishing Post Box’. Whilst Baloo and Kaa cooked lunch, the cubs were organized in Sixes to play a Wide Game called ‘Codes’. The main training theme of this game was for the cubs to try and stalk to the area where the codes could be found. The cubs soon learnt that you cannot hide behind a twig or make more noise than a stampeding elephant.
We all returned to the camp site to enjoy a lunch of sausages, beans and X, the unknown factor. Baloo had experimented with frying instant potatoes, what can we say? Having cleared away and washed the plates etc. we played piggy back football and ‘Feed the Bungo Bird’ whilst Bagheera and Kaa set up an assault course. The assault course proved a great activity and the S.A.S. would have found it perhaps too difficult even for them. Returning to the Camp Site we enjoyed tea, rolls and cake, being joined by the Warden of the Quarries who had also lunched with us. Each Six were then taken to try the ‘Blind Man’s Trial’ which many younger cubs thought very mysterious. A hectic game of football followed with Kaa a sort of referee - did he see all the fouls through his dark glasses we wondered. We then packed up the equipment in readiness for our departure, before we played a laughter filled cricket match between the cubs and a team of Leaders, children and parents. Even with the cubs having an extra innings, they were no match for their skilful opponents.
The camp site was then cleared and the site left tidy for our return to Hanslope at 7.0 p.m. with the whole party in good spirits from an action packed day out in good weather despite some light showers.

The Party
White Six S. Leathersich, J. Urwin, L. Payne, S. Shears, O. Sawbridge
Yellow Six M. Boatwright, M. Wylde, R. Turvey
Blue Six J. Monk, G. Ashcroft, G. Bannon, M. Smith
Green Six D. Owen, D. Boss, James Stent, M. Tutin, T. Coles, M. Goldsmith, L. McDonald (not invested)
Total 19

J. Beazley, S. Cook and J. Stent attended a Scout Weekend Camp with the Troop.
Leaders: Akela, Baloo, Bagheera and Kaa with parents helping with transport.

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader