Sunday Sept 22nd 1985

Sponsored Walk for Headquarters Building Fund

Certain conditions were laid down by the Forestry Commission for this years walk. The route had to be walked through the Forest on the made up roads which slightly altered the usual route when entering and leaving the Forest. The conditions regarding the escorting of children by adults did not affect the Cub Scouts because we have walked as a Pack for a number of years.
Although it had rained the previous night the ground was surprisingly dry and the whole walk was undertaken in warm sunny conditions. Previous walkers felt that the distance seemed longer than usual with the altered route. The Leaders had assistance from five fathers during the walk and we all completed the route in good humour. On the return to the Headquarters we all enjoyed hot soup and hot dogs.

White Six S. Leathersich S. Shears O. Sawbridge T. Coles
Yellow Six M. Boatwright (Walked with Troop – Link Badge) R. Turvey M. Goldsmith
Blue Six J. Monk C. Scriven (Walked with Troop – Link Badge) M. Smith G. Bannon
Green Six D. Owen (Walked with Troop – Link Badge) D. Boss M. Tutin L. McDonald
15 Cub Scouts

Adults Baloo, Kaa, Akela, Mr. Turvey, Mr. Monk, Mr. Cox, Mr. Sawbridge and Mr. Bannon

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader