Friday Dec 13th 1985

To all concerned in the Cubs Christmas Party, may we say "Thank you very much", for a most enjoyable evening, everything was done for our comfort, including the much appreciated taxi service.

Thank you again and a very Happy Christmas to you all.

Mr & Mrs. Jubb

Card sent from Mr. & Mrs. Jubb

Senior Citizens Xmas Party

During the proceeding weeks 60 people had been invited to the Party by Leaders escorting the older cubs to personally give out invitations. The Scout Group Council kindly took on the tasks of organizing cars to and from the Party and preparing refreshments.
The Pack received their guests for a 7.30 p.m. start, taking their coats and seeing them to their seats. Mr. Hill from Castlethorpe played some old favourite tunes on his electric organ. The music together with the cubs chatting to their guests soon created a happy atmosphere for the Party.
With Baloo acting as caller we then invited the guests to play 3 games of Bingo. A prize for any line and full house for each game were played for. Baloo proved he was a natural, using the traditional Bingo names for numbers. We all felt that Zetters would soon go Head Hunting down Castlethorpe now his true talents had been exposed.
Refreshments were served to the guests by the Cubs during the interval. Raffle tickets had been issued to the guests earlier in the evening and the draw was made to find two lucky winners.
The Pack gathered around a Camp Fire to sing 3 songs after Akela explained this Scouting tradition. Each song was well received by the guests appreciating the Pack’s happy spirit which carried into the hall.
A playlet called ‘Santa’s Problem’ was performed by 8 Cubs. This was splendidly performed by the actors resulting in lots of happy laughter.
Special thanks to Miss Suzanne Brown and Mrs. Claudine Payne who had written and directed this playlet and had given their time over the proceeding weeks to ensure the Cubs gave of their best.
The Pack then formed up into a choir and Akela invited all assembled to sing 5 carols aided by Mr. Francis Hill playing.
Akela thanked all the guests for their attendance in what had proved a wonderful experience for the cub scouts to entertain the Senior Citizens at Christmas time.
Before the guests made their way homeward a glass of sherry and warmed mince pies were served. The departing guests clearly showed that they had thoroughly enjoyed the party and many new friends to the Pack had been made. Party finished at 9.0 p.m.
The Pack appreciated the encouragement and help from many people who made the event possible.

Akela C.S.L.

Santa Oliver Sawbridge
Scrooge Gavin Bannon
Postman and Rudolf Edwin Cox
Cub Scouts Stephen Leathersich, Lee Payne, James Urwin, Michael Tutin, and Tait Coles
Directors Suzanne Brown and Claudine Payne

The Pack
White Six S. Leathersich, L. Payne, O. Sawbridge, J. Urwin, T. Coles, P. Collyer
Yellow Six M. Wylde, N. Trodd, M. Keetch, M. Goldsmith, S. Hart
Blue Six J. Monk, M. Smith, E. Cox, G. Bannon. W. Monk
Green Six D. Boss, G. Ashcroft, M. Tutin, P. Firth, L. McDonald, J. Porter
Total 22

45 guests attended

Refreshments: Mrs. C. Leathersich, Mrs. S. McDonald, Mrs. M. Coles

Transport: Scout Group Council and Parents

Music Mr. F. Hill

Leaders: Akela, Baloo, Bagheera and Kaa

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader