Sunday 15th December 1985

Visit to A.R.C. Wildfowl Centre

After receiving a note of apologies from Akela asking to be excused due to illness the pack left the HQ at 9.30 a.m. and arrived at the “Wildfowl Centre” at Great Linford at approximately 9.45 a.m.
We were greeted by Mr. M. Street the Conservation Officer who took us into the centre itself. There we were given a brief lecture aided by slides, pointing out the aims and progress made by the centre over the past few years. This proved to be a great help for the nature trail which we would soon embark upon. Before going on a walk through the lakes we went up to the viewing area within the centre to have a look out over the lakes and to try and spot a few of the birds of interest which we may be able to see later. Not only did we spot various types such as the Heron, Mallard, Tufted Ducks etc. we were also very fortunate, if that is the word for it, to spend 10 minutes looking for what can only be described as a very rare “NEVER SPOTTED MUD STONE VERMINE” a fictitious creature seen by quite a few of the cubs, leaving poor Mr. Street completely dumb-founded at the powers of their imagination. Still then we set off on a walk around the lakes. Spotting in all 14 different types of birds, Mr. Street explaining things as we wandered around, including how they drain and refill the lakes as and when they require doing.
On the route back we passed the ruins of Stanton Low and Baloo astounded us all by telling us a few interesting things of note about the old village and its history. No more than we expect though from our beloved leader, Bagheera was also very fortunate to pick up a few devious poaching hints from one of our cubs parents (who will remain nameless of course.
After this we made our way back to the centre where the cubs gave an appreciative round of applause to Mr. Street for a most enjoyable and interesting morning. Thanks also to the parents for their help in providing the transport and assistance required throughout the morning.

The Party
Blue Six J. Monk, W. Monk, G. Bannon, E. Cox
White Six S. Leathersich, O. Sawbridge, T. Coles, P. Collyer
Green Six G. Ashcroft, M. Tutin, P. Firth. L. Mc Donald
Yellow Six
N. Trodd, R. Turvey, M. Goldsmith, S. Hart

Parents: Mr. Sawbridge, Mr. Cox, Mr. Goldsmith, Mr. Ashcroft, Mr. Monk, Mr. Bannon

Leaders: Bagheera and Baloo

Written by Bagheera - (Anthony Jenkins) - Assistant Cub Scout Leader