Saturday 16th October 1982

The Dorothy Cook Competition

Held at the British Rail Canteen, Wolverton

This was the first time in recent years that the pack had entered the Competition and its structure was unknown in detail to the Leaders.

We met at the Market Square at 9.0 am. For the Competition start at 9.30. Mr. Goldsney and Mr. Thorton transported the six Cub Scouts and Baloo to the venue.

Ten Packs entered the Competition 5th Newport Pagnell, Greenleys, Bradville & Stantonbury, 1st Olney, 3rd Newport Pagnell, Great Linford, Stony Stratford Mohicans, 1st Wolverton, 4th Newport Pagnell and 1st Hanslope. Around the room 10 Test stations were arranged, Road Safety, Baden-Powell, Inspection, Compass Points, Safety in the Home, Miming, Water Safety, Knots, Flags, and Country Code. Baloo was stationed at number 3 Inspection which our six did not have to be tested on.

After all the points had been recorded and placings sorted Mrs. Copperwheat A.D.C.C.S. announced the first 4 placings. First with 81 points 1st Olney, 2nd 1st Hanslope 77, 3rd 1st Wolverton 75½ and 4th 3rd Newport Pagnell 73 points.

Our Cub Scouts really enjoyed the Competition and both Baloo and the boys were excited at our achievement in what was to us a new experience.

After the short speeches by the Leaders who organised the event we retired to a Café for liquid refreshments. When Baloo had rescued Mr. Owen and Mr. Grewcock from a locked British Rail Canteen we returned home at 12.30 pm.

Team Level of training
James Owen White Six Sixer Gold
Steve Thornton White Seconder Gold
Brett Coles White Silver
Jamie Sullivan White Silver
Andrew Grewcock Green Bronze
Craig Goldsney Blue Bronze

Written by Baloo - (Robin Coles) - Assistant Cub Scout Leader