Thursday May 8th 1986

Pack Parents Evening

Akela welcomed the Cub Scouts parents and explained that they were to see and experience a typical Pack Night enjoyed by their sons during their stay with the Pack.

After Baloo took Grand Howl, Kaa with the aid of two parents carried out inspection and Bagheera with help collected the weekly subscriptions.

The cubs enthusiastically entered the game called ‘Guard the Chair’ watched by bewildered parents. In preparation for the coming weekend trip to the Peak District a relay game had been devised called ‘Getting Dressed’ This was basically to ensure the Cub Scouts had adequate walking gear for the trip and if not parents could be advised on this night. Oliver moaned that his Dad had not laced his walking boots, but Dad informed us he had cleaned them, Oliver went quiet.

The Cub Scouts then dispersed to their respective Arrow tables to work on projects. The parents were encouraged to walk around to observe and help if possible. Parents seemed interested in watching the Bronze designing Posters with Akela, Silver involved with Secret Codes with Kaa and Bagheera, whilst Baloo engaged the Gold in inventing games for use when the Pack traveled to the Peak District.

Bagheera then organised ‘Head it – Catch it’ involving Cub Scouts and Parents which soon resulted in Mrs. Firth and Mr. Cox the only survivors in the final. The Pack then played a fast and fun packed game. Called ‘Thread the Needle’. A six relay game then followed but with each six increased by three unsuspecting Parents. This game was called ‘Puff’ which was enjoyed by all especially by the Cub Scouts seeing their Parents crawling about trying to blow a paper cup along a length of string.

The whole group then arranged themselves to take part in a short Camp Fire including ‘If your happy and know it’. Ham and Egg Yell, a short stunt enacted by four Cub Scouts entitled ‘Magic Sheet’ and to end this happy interlude ‘Goodnight Mothers’.

After Grand Howl we all departed in high spirits after a wonderful evening both entertaining and instructive for the Cub Scouts, Leaders and Parents.

White Six S. Leathersich, O. Sawbridge, J. Unwin, T. Coles, P. Collyer, B. Langridge
Yellow Six M. Wylde, R. Turvey, N. Trodd, M. Goldsmith, S. Hart, E. Ashcroft
Blue Six L. Payne, S. Shears, E. Cox, G. Bannon, W. Monk, D. Williamson
Green Six D. Boss, M. Smith, P. Firth, L. McDonald, J. Parker, M. Tutin
24 Cubs

Leaders: Akela, Baloo, Bagheera and Kaa with 21 Parents

Akela C.S.L

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader