Saturday May 10th/Sun 11th 1986

Peak District

Annual Outing (Weekend Trip) for the Cub Scouts

Picnic beside the Ladybower Reservoir

Met at Headquarters at 8.0a.m. Saturday and each Cub Scout’s equipment was checked after giving Bagheera their pocket money for safe keeping. After giving our farewells to the parents we headed north to our destination.

The first stop was Roade for Mr. Monk to increase the tyre pressure on his vehicle, was it because of the combined excessive weight of White and Yellow sixes or that he had remembered his packed lunch this year, we wondered.

Picnic beside the Ladybower Reservoir

The journey took us through the magnificent scenery of the Peak District until we stopped for Lunch at a Picnic Site on the shore of Ladybower Reservoir.

Back row: Myles Bailey (Kaa), Mr. Tony Monk (helper)
Front row: Anthony Jenkins (Bagheera), Robin Coles (Akela)
having their lunch alongside Ladybower Reservoir

The Cub Scouts energetically took part in a ball game where Oliver and Michael had to stand on top of the picnic tables, the Leaders must have a word to parents concerning table manners. Lunch was taken by the shore line where we experienced strong gusts of wind but as the food had been consumed before this event only cub caps and empty bags were blown across Derbyshire. We then walked to the foot of Derwent Dam and tried to guess the height of the water to the top on the other side before we climbed to the top.

The Dam Keeper kindly allowed us to walk into his tower where we had a marvelous view along the top of the dam Wall. We then travelled in the vehicles along Derwent and Howden Reservoirs viewing the Howden Dam on the route.

We then traveled to Cutthroat Bridge to prepare for a walk on Ladybower Tor. All the cubscouts walking gear was checked before we set off in sixes to climb this hill overlooking the Reservoirs we had previously visited.

Reaching the top we rested in warm sunshine to view spectacular scenery. We continued but experience very high winds which resulted in the party having to join hands to retreat the way we had come. On our return Lee Payne found a sheep’s skull near a stream and Baloo said he would take it home and boil it. The party looked surprised surely Mrs. Brown feeds him well enough without him having to resort to making sheep’s head soup but he went on to explain that Mr. Trodd could mount this find as a memento of the Trip.

Joining hands to retreat
Safe return from a very windswept Whinstone Lee Tor

We then travelled to Edale Youth Hostel which proved to be a splendid old house set in a marvelous situation. Orders were taken for Dinner and Breakfast which decided the Leaders that there must be more easier jobs than being restaurant waiters. After the annual change and washing of the Cub Scouts we feasted on a wholesome dinner. Baloo declaring this was the best Hostel yet as our chores did not include washing up. The cub scouts then played Bingo with Bagheera calling the numbers, a quiz between the sixes and Beetle before returning to the dormitory. Before the cub scouts climbed into their bunks Aleka read numerous jokes from a book during which a sixer was politely told to stop spoiling his cabaret act.

We all awakened, washed and packed in good time to consume a hearty breakfast even if Akela was critised by Baloo for not wanting beans with his fried egg, well we had been disturbed in the night by Bagheera searching his person for a torch. Our chores duly completed we climbed into the vehicles to change into our walking gear, what a sight and confusion this turned out to be, cub scouts having more than one set of clothes seemed to be the problem.

Speedwell Cavern where we had a very exciting journey by boat along an old lead mine with the boatman giving us an informative talk en route.

Leaving the Hostel behind we took a short journey to the Speedwell Cavern where we had a very exciting journey by boat along an old lead mine with the boatman giving us an informative talk en route. After the party had purchased their souvenirs we travelled towards Edale village via Mam Tor .

Start of the Penine Way leading to Grindsbrook Clough, above Edale
Click for larger image

Having parked in Edale we decided to eat our packed lunches in the vehicles because of the rain. Ensuring the party were adequately attired for walking we set off to climb Nab Hill near the start of the Pennine Way long distance footpath. Although the rain had stopped a few of the Cub Scouts found the going strenuous so we decided to walk the start of the Pennine Way along a valley. This walk amongst magnificent scenery prompted Kaa to say that he will attempt the whole 250 miles if he is given a 3 month holiday from work.

Snack break Grindsbrook, Edale

Further up Grindsbrook above Edale. Baloo with Peter Firth

Money well spent, Edale Peak Park Centre

Walking to Whinstone Lee

Whinstone Lee Tor
Reaching the top we rested in warm sunshine to view spectacular scenery of Ladybower Reservoirs
(This reservoir was used for training the Dam Busters Raid during World War II)

Returning into Edale we visited the Information Centre where the remaining pocket money was spent before setting off on our homeward journey.

We arrived at the Headquarters at about 7.0p.m. to be greeted with awaiting parents, who were soon informed by their excited sons about their adventures.

It had been an exciting and adventurous weekend in a wonderful part of the country and will without doubt remain in our memories for a very long time. We must all give our warmest thanks to Mr. Monk for his usual important contribution and the encouragement given by the Group Council both in finances and assistance.

The Party
White Six S. Leathersich, O. Sawbridge, T. Coles, P. Collyer, B. Langridge
Green Six D. Boss, M. Smith, M. Wylde, M. Tutin, L. McDonald, J. Porter
Yellow Six M. Wylde, R. Turvey, N. Trodd, M. Goldsmith, E. Ashcroft
Blue Six L. Payne, S. Shears, E. Cox, G. Bannon, W. Monk, D. Williamson
22 Cubs Fee £11

Leader Akela, Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa and Mr. Monk

Akela C.S.L

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader