Sunday 7th November 1982

Visit to the Quarries District Campsite

Met at 2.15 pm. Market Square Hanslope

After arrival at the Quarries the Leaders selected our base where a fire was started and Skip arranged his cooking area.

When the cub scouts had completed their tasks of collecting wood and water we had a Wide Game. This was called Relieving Siege at Fort with the first relief team being White and Yellow (Rabbit) and defenders Blue and Green (Ferrets). When the Rabbits had used up their allotted time we had a short break for tea and biscuits.

After this welcome rest the ‘Ferrets’ became the relief team but could not get more stores through to the Fort than the ‘Rabbits’. We next had a Wide Game called Codes, eventually after Steve and Baloo had failed to stop all the letters from reaching the Six bases, White six came to capture the Venture Scouts and win the game.

We then all retired to our base where we feasted on Skips Soup and Hot Dogs. Skip was then congratulated by the whole Pack on his sterling effort by three hearty ‘Hip Hip Hurrays.’ Whilst the bronze arrow cub scouts cooked a sausage over an open fire, the rest of the Pack helped the Leaders pack away the cooking gear. By this time it was dark so we played a game where the object was for the Cub scouts to reach the Flag Pole without being heard by the Leaders who were armed with torches.

We then all gathered around the Camp Fire to sing songs together to bring a great day out to a happy climax. After making sure all rubbish had been removed from our base and the site left tidy we all set off for home to arrive back at Hanslope about 6.30 pm.

Although the outing had started with a light drizzle and the ground underfoot quite wet we still managed to have a happy and strenuous time at the Quarries.

The Party
White Six J. Owen, S. Thornton, B. Coles. J. Sullivan, S. Cook, A. Tutin
Green Six J. Boss, R. Hart, A. Grewcock, S. Richards
Yellow Six P. Cooper, G. Toye, M. Trodd, A. Turvey
Blue Six J. Guest, J. Jones, D. Ward, S. Goodman
Total 18

Skip, Baloo & Steve

Written by Baloo - (Robin Coles) Assistant Cub Scout Leader

Pack Night 9th November 1982

Skip was presented with a Cooks Hat by James Owen Sixer of White with the hat suitably inscribed with ‘Camp Cook 1st Class’ for his efforts on the visit to the Quarries.