Sat Dec 6th / Sun Dec 7th 1986

Pack Weekend Visit to London

Having assembled at 8.30 a.m. at the Headquarters we were transported to Milton Keynes Railway Station to catch the Euston Train. Each Six allotted a Leader to ensure that the Cub Scouts were properly supervised throughout the Weekend, with Baloo supervising the whole adventure.

Cubs travelling on the Tube

Our first trip on the Tube found us at South Kensington battered and bruised but otherwise intact. We walked to the Science Museum and gazed in wonder at the Space exhibits.

Baden Powell’s statue outside Baden Powell House

Having posed around Baden Powell’s statue outside Baden Powell House for a group photograph we went inside for a quick look around. Hunger then took us into the National History Museum to consume our packed lunches before embarking on the search for the gigantic whale.

Blue Six in the Natural History Museum

After Bagheera supervised the purchase of souvenirs we walked to the Royal Albert Hall to catch a bus to Buckingham Palace. The first bus only managed to squeeze Yellow Six on and the rest of the Party waited for the next one to arrive.

We all regrouped outside Buckingham Palace amongst the foreign tourists before walking into St. James’ Park. Having noticed that the Queen was out we proceeded to enjoy a hectic game of rounders, ignoring the startled ducks and spectators. Our walk continued to Westminster Abbey to see inside this historic building which has held great events of our Nation over many centuries. After leaving Westminster Abbey we walked up Whitehall towards Trafalgar Square, however not before Baloo retraced our steps to retrieve a Cub Scout cap left in the Abbey.

The Youth Hostel in Carter Lane

A Tube journey took us to St. Paul’s Cathedral and a short walk found the Youth Hostel in Carter Lane. Owing to the Hostel being very busy and problems in bunk allocations in the dormitory we were rushed into Dinner. The comments on the meal are too numerous to mention but Mr. Monk even asked for more to the amazement of the party. After a small party under the direction of Bagheera had completed the washing up we had games of Beetle followed by a Quiz on London between the Sixes. The Cub Scouts then retired for the night including Akela which made the rest of the Leaders wish that the boys were as easy in putting to bed.

We all arose in the morning after a hot, noisy and clock chiming night with the loudest noise coming from a young cub scout falling from a top bunk. After a continental breakfast and completion of the washing up we packed and travelled on our way.

In the shadow of St. Paul’s Cathedral.
The Pack setting off from YHA Carter Lane to walk to the Tower of London.

Walking towards the Tower of London past the Monument, Baloo had to continue in a Taxi with Graham Hill who was ill.
Ready to board the ferry to Greenwich

After the party had stood on the crack on Tower Bridge we boarded a boat to take us down river to Greenwich. During the trip past the Dock lands of London the bar onboard was visited by the Leaders which impressed Kaa on this early Sunday Lunch time drinking. Alighting at Greenwich the Cutty Sark was inspected and then a walk to the Greenwich Observatory was undertaken. Returning by boat to Tower Bridge we made short work of the packed lunches.

The Cutty Sark

From Tower Hill we journeyed by tube to Tottenham Court Road with Baloo travelling by taxi with an extra Cub Scout for company. Having walked to the British Museum and finding it opening at 2.30p.m. we entered Russell Square to play an incident filled game of cricket.

After a very interesting visit to the Museum we travelled by bus to Piccadilly Circus and the proceeded to walk up Regent St. to marvel at the Christmas Lights. The tube took us from Oxford Circus to Euston to catch the 5.0p.m. train for our return journey. We never saw this train owing to some railway problem that even Bagheera with his inside knowledge could explain. Bags of chips cheered the tired party up before travelling on a packed train an hour later.

Cubs on the train home

We arrived at Milton Keynes Station about 7.20p.m. to be greeted by parents who transported the party to the Headquarters and home.

The Weekend’s programme had been very tiring but full of interesting sights and experiences only possible by the generous assistance from the Group Council.

The Party
White Six O. Sawbridge, T. Coles, P. Collyer, B. Langridge, E. Porter, S. Barfoot
Yellow six R. Turvey, N. Trodd, M. Goldsmith, S. Hart, E. Ashcroft, G. Homer, Benjamin Fricker
Green Six J. Porter, M. Tutin, Lee McDonald, Graham Hill, David Mortimor
Blue Six Lee Payne, Edwin Cox, Gavin Bannon, William Monk, Dwight Williamson
23 Cubs
Fee £10

Leaders: Akela, Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa and Mr. Monk

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader