Sunday April 5th 1987

1st Hanslope Cub Scouts Pack v Bagheera’s All Stars

Cub Scout team with Akela and the Mayor of Milton Keynes, Cllr. Bert Tapp
Back row: L-R Akela, William Monk, Graham Hill, Edwin Ashcroft, Garry Homer, Brendan Langridge, Tait Coles, Lee McDonald, Steve Hart, David Mortimore, Mark Goldsmith, Cllr. Tapp
Front row: L-R Paul Collyer, Will Giffin, Lee Ashton, Andrew Cross, Edwin Cox, Simon Barfoot, Ben Fricker, Andrew Wilson

Both teams assembled at the Headquarters at 2.15p.m. to prepare themselves for the Big Match at 3.0p.m. The Mayor of Milton Keynes, Mr. B. Tapp kicked off to start the match which was played on a sunny afternoon but with the pitch wet and muddy.

The Mayor of Milton Keynes, Mr. B. Tapp kicked off to start the match
The Mayor of Milton Keynes, Cllr. B. Tapp kicked off to start the match
Bagheera’s All Stars were confident that their superior ball skills would not be lost in the heavy conditions and could reach halftime with a commanding lead. Kaa seemed to have been concussed at one point because he scored a screamer past his own goalkeeper Mrs. Jenkins.

The play flowed from end to end, but the pressure was telling on the All Stars defence resulting in Akela being accidentally kicked in the rear. Mrs. Ashcroft was again on trainer’s duty but unfortunately she had not equipped herself with sponge and water. Magically she treated Akela in such a way that he carried her back to the touch line. Despite the brilliant football of the All Stars the halftime score was 5-4 to the Pack.

After orange juice at halftime the All Stars made a brilliant tactical move by replacing their whole side with fit and fresh players. Once again the play ebbed to and fro with goals coming at frequent intervals. Mr. McDonald performance was outstanding and showed the crowd that he had been greatly handicapped the previous year with his ill-fitting shorts, now with both arms free he was everywhere, but should he have been playing crab football? The pressure grew to such an extent that the referee had no option in sending off Bagheera after taking his name previously.

At the final whistle the Pack found that they had defeated the All Stars by 10 goals to 8 and the All Stars year’s hard training had been to no avail.

The Mayor presenting William Giffin with the trophy for the best Cub Scout player
The Mayor presenting William Giffin with the trophy for the best Cub Scout player
The Mayor presenting Edwin Cox (captain)
with the winners cup

Akela thanked all the people who had made possible the afternoon’s fun and then introduced the Mayor, who at the referee’s choice, presented William Giffin and Mr. McDonald trophies for the best players on each side and of course the victorious captain Edwin Cox with the Cup. We all returned to the Headquarters for refreshments provided by the Group Council, and the result of the raffle.

Without doubt a wonderful fun packed afternoon had been had by one and all.

Special thanks to Hanslope Football Club, the Referee, the Mayor and all who helped.

Akela C.S.L.

The Pack Team
White Six T. Coles, P. Collyer, S. Barfoot, W. Giffin
Yellow Six M. Goldsmith, S. Hart, E. Ashcroft, G. Homer, Lee Ashton
Blue Six E. Cox, B. Langridge, W. Monk, A. Wilson
Green Six L. McDonald, D. Mortimer, G. Hill, B. Fricker, A. Cross
18 players

First Half Mrs. Jenkins, Mr. Mortimore, Mr. Ashton, Mrs. Cross, Mr. Cox, Mr. Goldsmith, Mr. Langridge, Mrs. Collyer, Mr. Monk, Akela, Mrs. Giffin, Kaa
Second Half Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Mortimer, Bagheera, Mr. Giffin, Mrs. Monk, Mr. Leathersich, Mr. Hill, Mr. Homer, Mrs. Coles, Mr. McDonald
22 Players

Referee: Mr. C. Walker

Linesmen: S. Leathersich, P. Firth (Scouts)

Pack Scorers: W. Giffin 3, B. Langridge 3. S. Hart 1, T. Coles 1, E. Cox 1 and Kaa own goal

Bagheera’s All Stars Scorers: Mr. Hill 1, Mr. Homer 2, Mr. McDonald 1, Mr. Leathersich 1, Kaa 1, Akela 1, Mr. Langridge 1.

The Mayor of Milton Keynes, Councillor B. Tapp

Mayor’s Escort Baloo

Playing Conditions: Wet and muddy underfoot but sunny and warm.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader