Thursday May 7th 1987

Pack Parents Evening

After Baloo took the Grand Howl, Akela welcomed the Cub Scouts parents and explained that they were to enjoy a typical Pack Night that reflected their sons scouting.

With help from two parents, Kaa completed the inspection before the Cub Scouts and selected parents were involved in a mixing game called ‘Odds and Evens’. It appeared that the lads soon had the measure of the adults as the parents soon retired to their seats minus all of their dried peas. A hectic game of ‘Knocking the Bottle’ then followed between the Sixes which hopefully demonstrated to the parents that being fit was a must to participate in some Pack games.

Akela then explained that the Cub Scouts were to disperse into their Arrow Groups to continue their scout training and the Parents were invited to walk around to the three stations to observe. Akela discussed Safety in the Home with the Cub Scouts on the Bronze Arrow and illustrated unsafe practices in the kitchen of the Headquarters, having previously set up bad examples for the lads to spot. Kaa and Bagheera talked the Silver Arrow lads through the advantages of wisely looking after their pocket money and showing them a method of recording transactions over a two week period. The Gold Arrow lads were instructed by Baloo in the correct way to pack their Rucksack for better weight distribution and minimum crushing of the packed items.

Each Six were then increased by two fathers so that a game of ‘Broom Handle Relay’ could be started. Akela refused permission for the fathers to wear shin pads so that they learned to jump as high as the Cub Scouts. During this all action relay Kaa and Bagheera had set out coloured match stick trails outside for each six and willing parents to follow. When each party returned into the Headquarters sharing out the polo mints the Pack played a laughter filled game of ‘Grab’.

The whole party then gathered around the Camp Fire to enjoy Songs, Yells and Stunts which closed the Pack Night on a happy note.

Akela took Grand Howl and then thanked all the Parents for coming along and hoped that they enjoyed the experience of a Pack Night.

The Party
White Six T. Coles, G. Bannon, P. Collyer, S. Barfoot, E. Porter, W. Giffin
Yellow Six M. Tutin, M. Goldsmith, S. Hart, E. Ashcroft, G. Homer, L. Ashton
Green Six J. Porter, L. McDonald, G. Hill, D, Mortimore, B. Fricker, A. Cross
Blue Six E. Cox, B. Langridge, W. Monk, D. Williamson, M. Boatwright, A. Wilson, I. Eaglestone NOT INVESTED
25 parents attended

Leaders Akela, Baloo, Bagheera, and Kaa

Akela C.S.L.
Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader