Saturday June 6th 1987

The Dorothy Cook Competition

Held at the District Camp Site ‘The Quarries’ Cosgrove

We assembled at 9.15a.m. at the Headquarters and travelled to the Quarries for a 10a.m. Competition start. Owing to the wet weather underfoot the competition was held inside the building.

9 Packs had entered the Competition, Stanton Wood, 5th Newport Pagnell, Stony Stratford (Mohicans), 4th Newport Pagnell (Monday Pack), 4th Newport Pagnell (Thursday Pack), 1st Wolverton, Two Mile Ash, 1st Hanslope and 1st Olney. Around the hall were 9 Test stations to examine the Cub Scouts knowledge of Cub Scouting skills where points were to be awarded to find the winners. Kaa and Akela ran Kims Game as a test station, but our team did not have to visit this.

After all the teams were inspected for the first set of points the teams visited the following stations in turn: Highway Code – Knots – Country Code – First Aid – Cub Scouting Quiz – Flags & Emblems – Compass & Map – Safety in Home.

At the end of the competition we all ate our packed lunches and then the Cub Scouts went outside for some games whilst the Pack Leaders had a quiet break.

Grey Wolf (ADCS) then called the teams together and announced that 1st Olney with 106 points had won the Competition followed by 1st Hanslope with 105½ points and in third place Stanton Wood 99½ points.

As in the District Cub Scout Quiz Olney had just pipped us but our team had put in a wonderful effort to only be ½ point behind.

The Leaders were well pleased with the team’s effort as we have now been in Second place three times in the last six years.

Record 1982 2nd First year entered
1983 5th Equal
1984 2nd
1985 Did not enter
1986 Did not enter
1987 2nd

We all returned to Hanslope in good spirits having ‘done our best’ at 2p.m.

Edwin Cox Blue Six Sixer Gold Arrow
Tait Coles White Six Sixer Gold Arrow
Edwin Ashcroft Yellow Six Silver Arrow
David Mortimore Green Six Silver Arrow
Lee Ashton Yellow Six Bronze Arrow
William Giffin White Six Bronze Arrow

Leaders Akela & Kaa

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader