Saturday April 9th 1983

Group Camp Fire at The Quarries - Cosgrove

The Troop camped during this weekend and the Scout Leaders organised a Group Camp Fire on Saturday evening inviting the Pack and Parents of Cub Scouts and Scouts to attend.
The Pack met at 6.15p.m. at the Market Square to travel to the Quarries. The party settled down around the fire in the Camp Fire Bowl and Mr Brian Gilks led the singing. Using song sheets the whole gathering enjoyed a variety of songs with Mr. Gilks helping us through when the singing faulted.
At the end of the Camp Fire we all retired to the Troop Camp where we enjoyed a welcome cup of hot soup prepared by the Scouts. After giving our thanks to Mr Coles and the Scout Leaders we arrived home at 8.30p.m. having enjoyed a really great scouting experience.

The Party
White Six J. Owen (Camping with the Troup during his link badge work)
S. Thornton, B, Coles S. Cook, A. Tutin

Yellow Six P. Cooper, M. Trodd, S. Fraser, M. Bricknell
Green Six J. Boss, R. Hart, S. Richards, J. Beazley, C. Mobley
Blue Six J. Guest, S. Goodman, C. Goldsney
Total 17

Skip, Baloo, and Steve with Myles Bailey camping with the Troop

Written by Baloo - (Robin Coles) Assistant Cub Scout Leader