Thursday Sept 17th 1987

Visit of Two Mile Ash and Great Holm Pack

6.00p.m. to 7.30p.m. – Usual Pack Night Period

Our visitors arrived at approx 6.15p.m. where we organised the Cub Scouts into 4 large sixes. This organisation was to try and ensure the boys would get to know each other by the end of the Pack night and this would be further encouraged by playing games during the evening.

After Grand Howl and Flag Break the cub scouts were organised into two teams to participate in a hectic game of ‘Thread the Needle’. Two relay games were then played ‘Kangaroo Hop’ and ‘Broom Handle Relay’. Akela stressed the need for strict safety rules during the Broom Handle Relay which could have become more dangerous than usual with each six increased by a least 5 cub scouts.

The sixes were then organised into 3 teams and with Bagheera and our visiting Akela taking over the starting desk the cub scouts at 1 minute intervals took part in Orienteering around the Recreational Ground. Once again each team consisted of a mix but it was doubtful if their 1st Hanslope members were any help in finding bases. The game was curtailed when our visitors stressed that they had promised their parents they would be home by midnight. A game of ‘Scatter Ball’ was then played outside which proved that terrible fielding was not just a problem the 1st Hanslope Pack suffered from.

Returning inside we then completed the games with a relay called ‘Puff’ which resulted in a very competitive attitude as by now all the Cub Scouts were working for each other.

Grand Howl then followed with the flag lowering being carried out by a visiting Cub Scout. Akela then thanked our visitors for a most enjoyable evening stressing to gathering the importance of understanding that we are all one in Scouting. The visitors Akela then thanked the 1st Hanslope Pack for the fun they had had and invited us to another joint Pack night next year at their Headquarters. We all said our goodbyes to our new friends.

1st Hanslope Cub Scouts
White Six T. Coles, S. P. Collyer, Barfoot, E. Parker, [S. Goodman] NOT INVESTED
Yellow Six M. Goldsmith S. Hart, E. Ashcroft, L. Ashton, I. Eaglestone, [J. Harding, (Not invested)]
BlueSix E. Cox, B. Langridge, W. Monk, D. Williamson, A. Wilson, L. Parkes
Green Six J. Porter, L. McDonald, G. Hill, B. Fricker, A. Cross, [P. Brown, (Not invested)
23 Cubs

Two Mile Ash & Great Holm 19 Cub Scouts with Akela, Baloo and their Group Scout Leader

1st Hanslope Leaders Akela, Baloo, Bagheera & Kaa

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader