Sunday June 19th 1983

Visit to Emberton Park

Met at 9.30a.m. Market Square, Hanslope

After arrival at Emberton we all walked around the Park and with Skip’s help, observed and identified different species of birds. When we had arrived back at the cars we refreshed ourselves with Skip’s excellent orange squash and biscuits, although a few of the Cub Scouts thought chips would have been better after such an early breakfast.

John Guest and Paul Cooper were elected captains for a competitive game of Rounders. Early in the game Skip managed a huge hit into the hedge but we managed to retrieve the ball much to the delight of the party. Paul Cooper’s team easily won the Rounders match but John Guest’s team had their revenge in the Cricket Match, so honours were shared.

After a happy and tiring morning in wonderful sunny weather we returned home, arriving at the Market Square at 1.40p.m.

The Party
White Six Steven Thornton, Brett Coles, Stephen Cook, Jason Scibilia
Green Six John Boss, Steven Richards
Yellow Six Paul Cooper, Stuart Frase
Blue Six John Guest, Craig Goldsney, Simon Goodman, Anthony Burns

Akela, Skip, Baloo and Steve

Written by Baloo - (Robin Coles) - Assistant Cub Scout Leader