Sunday April 10th 1988

Hanslope Cub Scout Pack v Bagheera’s All Stars

Both teams assembled at 2.30 p.m. at the Headquarters to change for a 3.0 p.m. Kick Off.

The match was played on a sunny afternoon with a dry pitch which did not help the superior skills of the All Stars. The game produced end to end football with numerous free kicks and penalties that always seemed to go against the All Stars. Insults were freely given to the Referee on his control of the game and his unsporting habit of clearing the ball from the Pack’s penalty area. Mrs. Cox was dressed to look like a goalkeeper but unfortunately seemed to be playing a different game to the rest of her defence so much so that Mr. Cox retired from the game at halftime in embarrassment.

At halftime the Cub Scouts were treated to orange drink but the gasping All Stars were refused this life saving drink. The score was approximately 4 – 3 to the Pack according to the Referee but it was only an estimate because he could have got mixed up with his recordings of bookings.

The restart saw the All Stars use all their substitutes to try and master the enthusiastic Pack team. Goals were freely scored at each end but the Referee was still causing trouble to the All Stars. However from one of the debatable penalty decisions he gave throughout the match Mrs. Cox made a great save or did her cap fall over her eyes.

Mrs. Ashcroft was called onto the field to attend to a writhing Bagheera but her magic sponge soon made Bagheera get on his feet. Towards the end of the match an unfortunate incident occurred, Akela was sent off for his second bookable offence. Upset over this decision he picked up the ball and proceeded to run off with it, once at the touchline he picked up the bucket of water and chased after the Referee, but unfortunately when throwing the water he missed the retreating Referee.

The final whistle was blown with the Pack again being victorious by 9 goals to 8. Akela presented the Trophy to Andrew Cross captain of the Pack and from the Referee’s choice Paul Redman and Mrs. Cox each received a trophy for the best player for their respective sides. We all enjoyed excellent refreshments in the Headquarters provided by the Group Council which concluded a fun packed afternoon.

The Pack Team W. Giffin, S. Barfoot, S. Goodman, P. Walker
White Six S. Hart, E. Ashcroft, J. Harding, A. Olive, C. Mitchell (Not Invested)
Yellow Six L. Ashton, P. Brown, P. Redman, A. Mitchell (Not Invested)
Green Six L. Ashton, P. Brown, P. Redman, A. Mitchell (Not Invested)
Blue Six W. Monk, A. Cross, H. Cox
B. Langridge (Scout) 16 Cubs

Bagheera’s All Stars

First Half Mrs. Cox (goalkeeper), Mr. Monk, Mr. Leathersich, Mr. McDonald, Mr. Walker, Mr. Olive, Bagheera, Kaa, Akela, Mr. Cox, Mr. Ashton, Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. Harding, Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. Barfoot

Second Half Mrs. Cox (goalkeeper) Mrs. Monk, Mrs. Langridge, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Ashton, Mr. Harding, Bagheera, Kaa, Akela, Mr. Redman, Mr. Griffin, Mr. Goodman, Mrs. Cross and Mr. Williamson

25 players

Referee Mr. K. Reynolds (G.S.L.)

Playing conditions – Dry and bumpy underfoot but sunny with blustery wind.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader