Friday July 1st 1983

Official Opening of Scout / Guide Headquarters

The Official Opening of the Headquarters took place on Friday evening July 1st. Invited guest included present and past committee members, Assistant County Commissioner, District Commissioner, Guiders, and representatives of organisations who had given aid and financial assistance.

Prior to the official opening of the Building by the Lord Lieutenant of bucks, the flags of the units were paraded. Union flag, Scout flag, Guide flag, Cub Scout flag and the Brownies were represented. After all the formal speeches and refreshments the flags were removed and paraded out.

The Cub Scout flag was carried by Steven Thornton (White Sixer)

Escorted by Robert Hart (Green Sixer) and Craig Goldsney (Blue Seconder)

Received by John Boss (Green Sixer)

Leaders Present: Akela, Skip, Baloo, Steve and Myles

Written by Baloo - (Robin Coles) - Assistant Cub Scout Leader