Sunday Oct 2nd 1988

Sponsored Walk for the Headquarters Building Fund

The route had been changed for the second year running after some minor comments from last year’s route. Using footpaths and Bridleways in the west side of Hanslope Parish and venturing into Castlethorpe Parish we attempted to master a 10km walk, even the distance had been reduced from the normal 15km.

The Pack accompanied by parents set off from the Headquarters at 9.0 a.m. in glorious autumn weather. Another alteration had been organised for this year’s walk where at certain points fun bases were to be tried by each walker to try and win a marvellous cake made by Mrs. Leathersich for the Unit who amassed the most points.

‘Hoop La’ was found at Hungate End, ‘Darts’ at Milford Leys Farm plus a well earned drink and ‘Balls in the Bucket’ in Castlethorpe Recreation Ground. Disappointment was felt by the adults as we passed the Carrington Arms well before opening time. We pressed on to the Headquarters for checking in and completing the last base ‘Shove Board’.

Certificates were given to each successful walker and splendid refreshments were available. The Pack was successful in gaining the most points for the activities on the walk and thus won the excellent cake.

White Six S. Barfoot, S. Goodman, R. Thornton, P. Walker
Yellow Six E. Ashcroft, J. Harding, C. Dillow, C. Mitchell, C. Chinnery
Green Six G. Hill, L. Ashton, A. Mitchell, P. Brown
Blue Six A. Cross, A. Wilson, M. Bane, G. Lock, K. Hughes
18 Cub Scouts

Adults: Akela, Baloo Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Chinnery, Mr. Wilkinson, Mr. Lock and Mr. Mitchell

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader