Sunday Nov 20th 1988

Operation Outreach District Event

at the Quarries Camp Site Cosgrove

We assembled at 12.30p.m. at the Headquarters to gather equipment before making our way to the Quarries. This Event was for Sixers, Seconders and Cub Scouts over 9½ years of age and the programme was designed to give the older Cub Scouts experience in Troop Scouting activities.

Our lads helped their Leaders in carrying the equipment to Camp Site No 10 before they reported to the main building to play a Wide Game with the rest of the Cub Scouts from the District. During the Wide Game the Leaders set up their training bases so that they were ready for the first teams visit.

At the climax of the Wide Game all the Cub Scouts returned to the Building where the A.D.C. Paul Swannell organised the lads into 8 mixed teams so that the Cub Scouts experienced the different bases with new Scouting friends. The teams spent 15 to 20 minutes at each Base and then when a whistle signal was heard moved to the next Base.

The skills they were to learn were Survival (1st Hanslope), Cooking, Mapping, Surveying, Camp Gadgets, First Aid, Pioneering and Tent Pitching.

After 4 Bases we all returned to the Building to enjoy a welcoming cup of hot soup as the day was very, very cold as it had snowed during the night and early morning. Before restarting the activities the teams set forth around the Camp Site to pick up litter. Owing to the light fading fast the Bases were closed after the 6th team had visited. The last team at our Base helped to clear our equipment before we all returned to the Building where the A.D.C. presented each Cub Scout a certificate to show that they had taken part in a wonderful event called Operation Outreach.

The District Commissioner Mr. D. Scott also presented the boy from each team who had collected the most litter with a certificate. It had been planned to end a very exciting afternoon with a Camp Fire but the weather was thought to be unsuitable. We all returned home in happy spirits after enjoying a very special District Event.

White Six Stuart Goodman
Yellow Six Edwin Ashcroft, J. Harding, C. Mitchell
Green Six Graham Hill, Lee Ashton, A. Mitchell
Blue Six Not represented
7 Cub Scouts
14 Qualified

Leaders: Akela, & Kaa with Brett Coles Senior Patrol Leader

Akela C.S.L.

Written by Akela - (Robin Coles) - Cub Scout Leader