The Hanslope Pack 1983
Back row L-R: Baloo (Robin Coles), Akela (Alan Payne), Myles Bailey, Skip (Colin Mansell-Brown)
Middle Row L-R: unknown, Steven Richards, unknown, Matthew Trodd, Paul Jones, Stuart Fraser,
Robert Hart, Stephen Thornton, Paul Cooper, Brett Coles, John Boss, Craig Mobley
Front row L-R
: Adrian Tutin, unknown, Johnathan Beazley, David Owen, Stephen Cook, Jason Scibilia, Simon Goodman, John Guest, Anthony Burns, unknown

Saturday July 9th 1983

Milton Keynes North District Cub Scouts Sports
at Bushfield School, Wolverton

Back row: Stuart Fraser, Robert Hart, Steve Thornton, Paul Cooper Brett Coles
Front row: Stephen Cook, Jason Sabilia, Simon Goodman, John Guest

ALTHOUGH ONLY 9 Cub Scouts made up our team, owing to the School organising a Fete on the same day, they gave such a marvellous account of themselves that we retained the Shield for the third year running. Because of events taking place in the district only seven Packs entered (which meant the heats were cancelled and the competition was based around one event for each age group in every event). The weather was very hot and with the reduced number of events, as well as some of the Cubs had run for the School in the morning it probably turned out for the best.

All our cubs performed to the best of their ability producing many firsts, seconds and thirds which gave us a total of 31 points, 5 points ahead of the second placed Pack.

The District Commissioner Mr. D. Scott presented all the successful cubs with a certificate for each event.

Steve Thornton White Sixer
Brett Coles White Seconder
Stephen Cook White
Jason Scibilia White
Paul Cooper Yellow Sixer
Stuart Fraser Yellow
Robert Hart Green Seconder
John Guest Blue Sixer
Simon Goodman Blue
Total 9

Leaders Skip and Baloo
with parents supporting and helping with transport.

Written by Baloo - (Robin Coles) - Assistant Cub Scout Leader