Manor Farm during the 1950s

The photographs have been published by the kind permission of Barbara Hill nee Pittam

William David Markham known as the "Boss" moved to Manor Farm in 1906 and farmed there until his death in 1952.

Stella Tattam and Eileen Brosnan who came to the farm as a land army girl.
The horse was called Oscar.
Barbara Pittam, Eileen Brosnan, Mervyn Swain
Delivering milk in Wolverton.

Barbara Pittam
Stella Tattum came from Haversham, Enid King from Hanslope, Vera Scripps lived at Castlethorpe Mill, Barbara Pittam a Castlethorpe girl, all taking a break outside the dairy with Cana the dog.
Jean Webster

Barbara delivering milk in Wolverton.

Barbara, Jean and Ivy Pittam who took a holiday
with other members of the family in the horsebox c.1949.
Marie, Barbara Pittam, Brenda Pittam

Les Pittam with Oxo
Les Pittam
David Spinnelli with Harold West from
Castlethorpe who did general work about the farm.

Albert Willet
Barbara Pittam, Enid King, June Collyer, Winnie, Jean Webster
Enid King, Barbara Pittam, Edwin Belton

In the mornings Les Pittam did two runs with the lorry to replenish the milk carts. He also delivered milk to Calverton and local schools and restaurants. After lunch he went to Phipp’s Brewery in Northampton for grain to feed to the cattle. He also delivered milk to several house and security men as has passed through Salcey Forest on his way to Northampton. On his return he would spend the rest of his time carting bales and doing general farm work.

Jean Webster, Barbara Pittam, Harry Amos, June Collyer
Back row: Eileen Brosnan from Ireland came to the Manor Farm as a land girl. Enid King, Josie Mitchall also land army, Albert Willet, Eunice Bowls another land army girl, Winnie
Front row: Barbara Pittam, Jean Webster, Susan Ridout (child), June Collyer

Vera Scripps Stella Tattam Jean Webster, Barbara Pittam
Enid King, Kitty Histed, Vera Scripps, Barbara Pittam

Washing bottles
Marie and Brenda Pittam

Barbara Pittam working in the dairy on the bottling machine.
Jean Webster, Eileen Brosnan, Ethel Orchard and Edwin Belton
putting the cardboard caps on the and filling the crates. Twenty bottles to a crate.

Vera Scripps, Jean Webster, Barbara Pittam, Brenda Pittam
and Hazel Brown washing milk bottles.
Back row: Gilda Spinnelli, Barbara Pittam, Kitty Histed, Eileen Brosnan
Front row: Jean Webster and Stella Tattam

Barbara Pittam during the afternoon break
of filling the milk bottles for the following day.
W. D. Markham
Manor Farm, Castlethorpe

Barbara Pittam, Winnie, Enid King
Gate leading on to North Street
The top of the yard
Enid King lived in Hanslope and delivered milk there for many years.