Castlethorpe Home Guard
by Bill Scripps
Bill Scripps
Bill Scripps
The Local Defence Volunteers was formed in the early part of the World War II. Our weapons were 12 bore shotguns. The Head Quarters for Castlethorpe, was in the large corn barn at Lodge Farm, where Mr. J.E. Whiting farmed. Later when the Home Guard was formed the Platoon Head Quarters was in the Village Hall, also the outbuildings at the Carrington Arms public house were used.

Ross rifles were later issued along with L. Enfield Rifles 303 calibre. Other weapons we were taught how to use were the Sten Gunn, Tommy Gun, Bren Gunn, Sprigot Morter and Mills Hand Grenade.

Sites used for ranges were Slaymaker’s sand and gravel pit, Hanslope road limestone pit and Wolverton Park. The Drill Hall at Wolverton was .22 rifle range.

We sometimes went to Sir E. Duncombe’s Estate at Brickhill where we camped under canvas and practised putting fuses into the Mill Grenade and learning how to throw a live grenade.

Newton Longville clay pits site (The Brickworks) was also used for learning how to use the Sticky Grenade, used for piercing armour. Tear gas, was used in a room in the outbuildings which was used for gas attack training.

I was also the local guide for the Home Guard.

Castlethorpe Home Guard Platoon Members
Albert Bridge (shopkeeper)
Jack Brown (Sergeant)
Len Gunn (who was the station master)
Victor Harper (Corporal)
George Hart
Sid King
Levi Lambert
Clifford Markham
William David Scripps (Corporal)
William T. Scripps (sen.)
Ken Spencer (who was a student working for Mr. Whiting)
George Stewart
William Thomas (signalman at the station)
John Townsend
Arthur Warring
Michael Wilmott (Lieut.)