Horsebox Holiday
Barbara Pittam, Jean Pittam, Ivy Pittam
Barbara, Jean and Ivy Pittam who took a holiday with other members of the family
in the horsebox belonging to Bill Markham c.1949.

Click on the play button to hear Les Pittam telling the story of the Horsebox Holiday

Isobar, a racehorse belonging to Bill Markham was to run at Newton Abbot. Les Pittam was asked to take the horse during his weeks holiday (only had one week a year holiday then) down to Newton Abbot in Devon. Les suggested to the family this might be an opportunity to take them for a holiday. This meant 3 members from the family who worked on the farm Les, Ron & Barbara needed to be away together.

The horse was loaded in one side of the box, the sofa was loaded on the otherside. Jean and Barbara slept in the box above the cab. Ivy and Ron slept on the sofa in the box. Les slept in the cab with Paddy.

On the way down to Newton Abbot the holiday makers stayed on a piece of waste ground in Exeter. The local cafe was used to have a wash and brush up after breakfast before driving on down to Newton Abbot.

On arrival at the race course they parked amongst the other horseboxes.

Clifford Markham arrived later that day, he took everyone off to the local pub where he had pre-ordered glasses of beer (more glasses than people).

Isoabar ran the following day but unfortunately lost the race.

Later in the week Les took his mother and father down to Teignmouth in the horsebox, where he parked in front of some rather select houses, but was told to move on.

Ivy, Jean and Barbara came back to Castlethorpe with Clifford in the car. Leaving the others to return in the horsebox.

Ron Pittam, Les Pittam, Paddy Mullins, Jean Pittam, Ivy Pittam
Ronald Pittam, Leslie Pittam, Paddy Mullins (groom), Jean Pittam, Ivy Pittam
Ron as a child, had been to a school for the blind and partially sighted at St. David's Hill, Exeter. Where he had learnt to make baskets and read braille.

A card sent to Ron while he was at School in Exeter