Wolverton Express December 8th 1916


Mrs Sarah Allen, of Brierfield near Nelson celebrated her 103rd birthday. The old lady, a native of Castlethorpe, and has resided in Brierfield for nearly 50 years, started lace-making when she was seven years old.

The above appeared in one of the Sunday journals. The Editor of the “Wolverton Express” immediately got in touch with this wonderful old lady, and received the following interesting particulars about her: “It appears that she is the daughter of John and Ann Harris, of Castlethorpe, and was born in the year when the Battle of Waterloo was being fought. Up to seven years of age she resided in a house near the old Church, Castlethorpe, and after then she made lace till she reached twenty-four years of age. Her father was the village blacksmith, and plied the forge amongst the tenantry of Lord Lincolnshire, who has extensive land and property in the village and surroundings. In her 25th year she married William Allen, and soon left the place of her birth for a far busier scene of life in Lancashire, where she has practically resided since. She has lived during the reigns of King George III, to our present monarch. Notwithstanding her very advanced age, she is pretty well, and her hearing is still very good. Up to a few weeks ago she has got up a little every day, but since the cold snap she has been obliged to stay in bed.

Note: Castlethorpe Chuch Records, Sarah's christening: the daughter of John and Ann Harris was on February 6th 1814