Some of the staff who worked at Hanslope Park during W.W.II

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A list of names came with this photograph but I cannot make out how they fit with the image.
There only three rows of people but four rows of names. Below are the names in the order they are written

A photograph taken outside one of the huts at Hanslope Park during W.W.II
Mrs. Delia A. Ward of Castlethorpe 2nd from the left in the centre row

1st Row
Mr. Page, Mr. Dennis, Mr. Perrin, Mr. Travers, SQUN/LDR. Wintle
WG/COR. J. C. Cracroft-Rice, SQUD/LDR. Sorrie, FL/OFF. Nash, Mr. Woodburn (11)
3rd Row
Mr. Stainton, Mrs. Thomson, Mrs. Kay, Miss O. Janes, Mrs. Nuttall
Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Douglas, Miss D. Jones, Mrs. Kingston, Mrs. Wright
Mrs. Wooley, Miss Whitingham, Mr. Cross, Mr. Goatley, Mr. Wensley
Mr. Cheverton (16)
2nd Row
Mr. Ashall, Miss Sample, Miss Fitzhugh, Mrs. Clark, Miss Stowe,
Mrs. Clancy, Miss Palmer, Miss Ireland, Mrs. Holmes, Mrs. Savage
Mrs. [M]artell, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. North, Mr. Livungstone (15)
4th Row
Mr. Clare, Mr. Sutton, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Bennett, Mr. Carmody,
Mr. Foreman, Mr. Maguire, Mr. Barfield, Mr. Ronson, Mr. Butlin (10)