Womens' Institute Meetings

Northampton Mercury 03 February 1933


A Branch of the Women’s Institute has been formed at Castlethorpe under the presidency of Mrs. J. Whiting, of Castlethorpe Lodge. The first monthly meeting took place on January 26, in the Council Schools, and was well attended. Members were entertained by the Hartwell Pierrot Troupe under the direction Mrs. Phipps, and a very enjoyable evening was spent. Refreshments were served by the committee.

Northampton Mercury 31 March 1933

CASTLETHORPE The monthly meeting of the Women’s Institute was held in the Carrington School, Mrs. Whiting presiding. An instructive demonstration in dressmaking was given by Mrs. Birdsall, of Yardley Gobion, and, in response to requests from those present, a further course of six lessons was arranged. An entertainment consisting charades, presented by Mesdames Whiting, Walton, West, and Woodward, was much appreciated. Mesdames W. Clarke and Cooper acted as hostesses for tea, and there was a trading stall, to which each member contributed an article.

Northampton Mercury 12 May 1933

CASTLETHORPE The monthly meeting of the Women’s Institute was well attended by members who keenly enjoyed the instructive demonstration on rug-making ably given by Mrs. Chowler, of Hartwell. Mrs. J. Whiting presided. As delegate to the recent annual meeting of the Bucks. Federation, Mrs. Lewis was able to present comprehensive report of the business of the gathering at Aylesbury. Both the speaker and Mrs. Brown, the secretary of the branch, were thanked for their attendance. An amusing hat-making competition, in which Mrs. Nicholls was the prize-winner, filled the social half hour. Mesdames Robinson and W. Mills gave excellent service as tea hostesses.

Northampton Mercury 30 June 1933

CASTLETHORPE At the monthly meeting, held Thursday week, in the Carrington School, the chair was taken by Mrs. J. Whiting. A good attendance enjoyed the demonstration on needlework and embroidery given Miss Neale, who is adviser on this subject to schools under the Bucks Education Committee. The hostesses, Mesdames Mayes, Mothersole, Walton, and Miss Markham, provided an excellent tea, and an entertaining bean-finding competition was won Mrs. Cooper.

Northampton Mercury 29 December 1933


The first birthday party of Castlethorpe Women’s Institute was held in the Carrington Schools. A large attendance included visitors from the Milton Keynes Institute. The room was prettily decorated by members, and the birthday cake was made and given by Mrs, Hayes. Games and dancing were enjoyed and refreshments were served by the committee.

Northampton Mercury 02 February 1934


Castlethorpe Women’s Institute held their monthly meeting on January 25, Mrs. Whiting presiding. A lecture on Drama was given by Mrs. Rupert Roberts, of Deanshanger. Mrs. Roberts also gave some delightful recitations. Tea was served Mrs. Markham, Misses Markham, and Mrs. Nichols.

Northampton Mercury 02 March 1934


Mrs. J, Whiting presided at the monthly meeting of the Women’s Institute, held in the Carrington Schools. An instructive demonstration on Poultry dressing was given by Mrs. Mayes, and games and competitions were enjoyed. Miss Olney and Mrs. Nichols were the hostesses. A pork pie supper, organised by Miss Olney, Mrs. Nichols, and Mrs. Mills, in aid of the Institute, was great success.

Northampton Mercury 03 August 1934




Women’s Institute has a membership of about 40, and is one of the youngest branches in North Bucks. It was formed only 18 months ago, but the president, Mrs. J. E. Whiting had been arousing interest in the movement for some time previously. She is a real, live president, and when a “Mercury and Herald” representative saw her at her residence, Castlethorpe Lodge, she was full of enthusiasm for the work of the Institute.
“Our members are just beginning to know one another,” she said. ”It takes a little time, you know, as people are shy of using their talents.”
Meetings are held at the Carrington School, and the first few were not conducive to an increase in membership as the place was cold and cheerless. Then the Parish Council came to the rescue, and the members have put up curtains to keep out draughts, so that the room is much more comfortable. A pierrot troupe has been formed, with Miss Bolton [Buxton], the head schoolmistress in charge, but serious work will not be attempted until the approach of the winter season.


The members have taken up folk dancing under the guidance of Mrs. Lewis, and later on a pageant may be organised. There will certainly be plenty of scope for the members to display their talents, as Castlethorpe is rich in historical associations.
There are various competitions at the meetings, and the usual programme followed—lecture and demonstration, tea, and then the social half-hour. During the last item original ideas have frequently been suggested.
The birthday party is in December, and on the last occasion Miss Agnes Stops paid a visit, whilst Mrs. Slade attended the annual meeting.
So far the programme for the immediate future includes glove-making this month, and a demonstration of washing machines in September. An endeavour is to be made to arrange competitions on previous demonstrations, and a prize will be given at the end of the year to the member obtaining the greatest number of points. “This”, Mrs. Whiting said, “should encourage the members to learn from what they have seen. It is often the case that after a demonstration they go home and forget all about it.’’
A demonstration on leather-working is to be given in October by Miss Buxton.
“ Some people have an idea that the Institute encroaches on the Mothers’ Union,” concluded Mrs. Whiting. “That is not so. The Institute is an entirely different organisation. It is non-sectarian and non-political, and every woman is welcomed.
The president and Mrs. Lewis attended the Albert Hall conference, and it is the usual practice to pay a visit to the half-yearly meetings at Aylesbury. In addition to the president, the officers are Mrs. Mayes, vice-president; Miss Nellie Markham, hon. secretary; and Mrs Brown, hon. treasurer.

Northampton Mercury 30 November 1934


MRS. WHITING took the chair at the annual meeting of Castlethorpe Women’s Institute, and the Hon. Miss R. Hubbard gave an interesting talk on China. With Mr. H. Cook and Mr. Panter acting as tellers, voting took place for officers for 1935, with the following results: President. Mrs. J. Whiting; vice-presidents, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Mayes; treasurer, Mrs. Lewis; secretary, Mrs. B. C. Brown; committee, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. E. Nichols, Mrs. Maltby, Mrs. Mills. The tea hostesses were Miss Buxton, Mrs. Buxton, Mrs. J. Brown, and Mrs. B. Brown.

Northampton Mercury 04 January 1935


A large company, including members of the Hanslope Women’s Institute, attended the second birthday party of Castlethorpe Women’s institute held in the Carrington Rooms. The birthday cake was made and given by the president, Mrs. J. Whiting. Songs were sung by many of the members, and a charade was acted by Mrs. J. Whiting, Mrs. Harding, Mrs. Maltby, Mrs Cook, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. West and Miss Pittam. Games and dances were enjoyed, and an exhibition stall was supervised by Mrs. Lewis. In a mince-pie competition Mrs. Limbrey was first and Mrs. Mills second.

Northampton Mercury 22 February 1935

CASTLETHORPE interesting film was shown at the monthly meeting Castlethorpe Women’s Institute and Mrs. Whiting moved and Mrs. Lewis seconded thanks to the demonstrators. Mrs. Atkins and Mrs. Garrett were the hostesses and Mrs. E, Nichols and Miss Marjorie Partridge the demonstrators.

Northampton Mercury 05 April 1935

CASTLETHORPE Mrs. J. E. Whiting presided at the monthly meeting held in the Carrington Hall on March 28. A very pleasant and interesting time was spent. A short sketch, given by a few of the members, was much enjoyed. This was followed a sponge cake demonstration by Mrs. Johnson and a roll-call, “One’s favourite dish.” The tea hostesses were Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Lewis, assisted Miss Ball and Miss Moore. Through illness Mrs. Lewis was unable to attend, and her place was very kindly filled by Mrs. B. Brown.

Northampton Mercury 06 December 1935


The annual meeting of the Castlethorpe Women’s Institute was held in the Carrington Hall on Thursday week, Mrs. Whiting presiding. A report of the year’s work was given by Mrs. Nichols (assistant secretary). Mrs. Brown (secretary) was unavoidably absent; Mrs. Lewis (treasurer) presented the balance-sheet. Officers and committee for the coming year were elected, with Mrs. Whiting president and Mrs. Mayes and Mrs. Lewis vice-presidents. An address was given by the Hon. Miss Ruth Hubbard, and a pleasant social half-half followed. Mrs. Garrett was at the piano. The tea hostesses were Mrs. H. Cook and Miss D. Moore.

Northampton Mercury 03 April 1936


Mrs. J. Whiting, the president, took the chair the monthly meeting of Castlethorpe Women's Institute. Mrs. Cook and Mrs. White were elected delegate and visitor respectively to the Federation meetings in London, and Mrs. R. W. Brown, of Northampton, gave an interesting address on  the history of Northamptonshire. Miss D. Moore and Miss Nicholls were the hostesses.
Members from Linford, Milton Keynes, Haversham and Hanslope attended a group meeting of Women’s Institutes held at Castlethorpe at the invitation of the Castlethorpe Institute. Miss Skimming, hon. treasurer the Federation, gave an address on Institute finance, which was followed a lecture by Mr. Howard Rose on the domestic life of Europeans and Africans on the Gold Coast. The Hanslope Institute entertained with, competitions, which were won Mrs. Garrett. Mrs. Howe, Mrs. Westley. Mrs. Chamberlain, Mrs. Nichols, and Mrs. Coey.

Northampton Mercury 01 May 1936


Mrs. Whiting presided a meeting of Castlethorpe W.I., when a demonstration on soft slippers was given by Mrs. Waddup. Recitations were given by the Misses A. and P. Whiting, and Mrs. A. Cook and Mrs. Robinson also contributed to the programme. Mrs. Coey and Mrs. Cooper were tea hostesses.

Northampton Mercury 12 June 1936


The Hon. Ruth Hubbard gave a talk on China at a meeting of Castlethorpe Women’s Institute, to which members from Hanslope and Haversham were invited. The tea hostesses were Mrs. Harding and Mrs. Garrett, and entertainment was contributed by Mrs. E. Nichols. The result of the cancer campaign at Castlethorpe, organised by Mrs. J. Whiting, was £2 11s. Miss Marjorie Partridge and Miss Susie Garrett were the collectors.

Northampton Mercury 02 April 1937

CASTLETHORPE MEMBERS of the Women’s Institute and Mothers’ Union began a series of weekly meetings at which they will make decorations for use on Coronation Day.
REHEARSALS are in course of arrangement by members of the Church Musical Society, the Wesleyan Chapel Entertainment Party, and by the Women’s Institute which will enable them to take their place in the non-stop programme planned for the village festivities.

Northampton Mercury 24 March 1939

CASTLETHORPE Mrs. J. E. Whiting presided at the monthly meeting of Castlethorpe Women’s Institute. Mrs. Lewis was appointed delegate to the Albert Hall meeting of the Federation. Mr. Boughton, of Bradwell, gave an interesting talk on Peeps into Europe,” and also won the guessing competition arranged by Mrs. Mothersole. Tea was provided by Mrs. Cory and Mrs. Macks.

Northampton Mercury 09 June 1939

Castlethorpe Women’s Institute held its monthly meeting at the Carrington Hall, when Miss McKenzie, assisted by Miss Kelly, gave helpful hints on the cooking of inexpensive and nourishing meat dishes. During the social half-hour Mrs. Mothersole gave an entertainment. Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Mills provided excellent tea. Mrs. J. E. Whiting organised the British Empire Cancer Fund collection for Castlethorpe. The collectors were the Misses A. and P. Whiting and Miss I. Atkins, The amount of £2 was raised.

Northampton Mercury 07 March 1947


The monthly meeting of Castlethorpe Women’s Institute was held at Castlethorpe Lodge, by Invitation of the president, Mrs. J. E. Whiting, who presided, supported by Mrs. M. Paris, Mrs. Whiting expressed regret at the passing of Mrs. A. Coup, one of the eldest members. She was actively connected with the local hospital committee, W.V.S.. Nursing Association, and Mothers' Union. Mrs. Buxton, of Stony Stratford, gave a practical demonstration basket-making. The competition of getting as many articles as possible into a match-box, was won by Mrs. S. Thomas with 112 articles. The social half-hour was organised by Mrs. H. Cook and Mrs. A. J. Mrs. Buxton Judged a paper hat competition. Tea was served by Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Thomas.

Northampton Mercury 09 May 1947


The monthly meeting of the Castlethorpe W.I. was presided over by Mrs. J. E. Whiting, supported by Mrs. M. Paris, hon. secretary. A cookery demonstration was given by Miss McKenzie and Miss White. Birthday greetings were extended to Mrs. L. Robinson and Mrs. W. Mills. Mrs. C. W. Harding was the winner of competition; and the social half-hour was arranged by Mrs. H. Gray and Mrs. Carter. Tea was served by Mrs. L. Robinson and Mrs. W. Robinson.

Northampton Mercury 23 May 1947

CASTLETHORPE Mrs. J. E. Whiting (president) presided the monthly meeting of Castlethorpe W.I. Mrs. Downing, of Stony Stratford, gave a demonstration of sandal-making. Mrs. J Bavington won a competition for the best-ironed blouse. Birthday greetings were extended to Mrs. C. Harding and Mrs. B. Mothersole. Tea hostesses were Mrs. C. Harding and Mrs E. Homer.

The Wolverton Express 18 March 1949

Home-made Hats at Castlethorpe

There was a variety of home-made hats displayed in competition at the monthly meeting of Castlethorpe Women’s Institute on Wednesday, 9th of March, in the Buff Room at the Carrington Arms. The winners were: 1 Mrs. J. Bavington, 2 Mrs. H. Cook, 3 Mrs. Ward.

Mrs. J. Whiting (President) presided, and there was a large attendance.

An interesting demonstration on lamp-shades was given by Mrs. Ellson.

The social half-hour was under the charge of Mrs. A. Bavington, and the tea hostesses were Mrs. Ward and Mrs. White. The catering was carried out by Mrs. Trace.

The Wolverton Express 03 June 1949

Drama at Castlethorpe

Mrs. J. Whiting presided over a meeting of Castlethorpe W.I. on Wednesday in the Buff Room, “Carrington Arms”. In the business discussed arrangements were made for the annual outing in June, which will be to the Wye Valley.

Mrs. R. Roberts, of Deanshanger, gave a talk on “Drama”, portraying vividly the film “Hamlet”. The talk was most interesting and enjoyed.

A competition for a piece of old china was won by Mrs. K. Robinson and Mrs. J. Brown.

The Wolverton Express 12 August 1949

Floral Demonstration at


The monthly meeting of the Castlethorpe W.I. took place in the Carrington Hall on Wednesday, Mrs. J. E. Whiting presiding.

An interesting demonstration was given by Mrs. A. Moore of Northampton, on the wiring of flowers. A competition for the best-arranged flowers in an egg-cup was won by Mrs. J. Bavington with Mrs. Cook second.

Tea was served by Mrs. R. Mills and Miss Simpson and the social half-hour was given by Mrs. Cowley and Mrs. J. E. Whiting.

The Wolverton Express 21 October 1949


Castlethorpe residents are anxious to acquire a village hall, and the Women’s Institute has decided to give full co-operation in the effort to obtain one. Members of the Women’s Institute’s whist drive committee - Mesdames Harold Cook, J. May, F. Pateman, Robinson, A. Bavington, J. Bavington, and Mrs. Mothersole – attended a meeting on Tuesday last in the “Carrington Arms” by kind permission of Mrs. Trace, when a series of whist drives was arranged, the first to commence on Tuesday, 25th October, at 2.30 p.m. The “Buff Room” was generously offered by Mrs. Trace, and Mrs. J. Robinson has kindly undertaken the duties of treasurer, and Mrs. F. Pateman, M.C.

The Wolverton Express 04 November 1949


The members of the Women’s Institute Whist Drive Committee held a very successful whist drive in the Buff Room, “Carrington Arms”, on Tuesday afternoon – the first of a series. Prize-winners were: Men 1 Mrs. A. Bavington, 2 Mrs. J. Trace; women, 1 Mrs. J. Bavington, 2 Mrs. J. Robinson. Highest half, men Mrs. Morrey, women Mrs. Kettle. Mystery prize, Miss Wilson. Several prizes were returned and auctioned, helping to swell the funds.

A competition was run by Mrs. May, who also gave the prize, won by Mrs. Horn, Stony Stratford. Tea was given by Mrs. Trace and Mrs. Homer and Mrs. P. Chapman kindly acted as hostesses.

Thanks are due to everyone who I any way helped to make the whist drive such a success. Mrs. Pateman acted as M.C.

The Wolverton Express 14 April 1950



The members of Castlethorpe Women’s Institute were entertained to a Social Evening in the Carrington School on Wednesday 5th April by their President Mrs. J. E. Whiting. The room was tastefully decorated and gave a most homely atmosphere. Between 50 and 60 members together with a few guests were present. The evening opened with the singing of “Jerusalem”, followed by games and competitions organized by the President and members, many attractive prizes being given. Luscious fare was handed round during the evening also a variety of drinks including port and sherry. A toast was proposed to Mrs. Whiting by Mrs. H. I. Lewis, one of the oldest members, Mr. Harold Cook undertook duties of M.C. most efficiently. The pianists were Mrs. W. Furniss and Mrs. F. Pateman.

The singing of Auld langsyne brought a very happy evening to a close.

The Wolverton Express 20 October 1950

Castlethorpe Discuss Future Business

A very enjoyable meeting was spent at the Castlethorpe Women’s Institute, held in the Carrington Hall.

Mrs. J. E. Whiting (President) was in the chair, and about thirty members were present.

The singing of “Jerusalem” opened the meeting, after which business was discussed.

The annual meeting was the subject for the meeting, and many nominations were handed in. Mrs. J. Brown took a list of suggestion for the next year’s programme.

A guessing competition, organized by Mrs. E. Homer, was won by Mrs. Mc Millan.

Mrs. L. Evans won first prize for the best passé-par-tout picture, and Mrs. Thomas was second.

The Committee served the refreshments, catered for by Mrs. J. Trace

The Wolverton Express 05 December 1950

Castlethorpe’s Annual Meeting

Mrs. J. E. Whiting (president) presided over the annual meeting of Castlethorpe’s Women’s Institute in the Carrington Hall, attended by a large number of members. The year’s work was reviewed, reports being given by Mrs. W. Furniss and Mrs. F. Pateman (financial statement) which were most satisfactory.

An inspiring talk was given by Mrs. Munro and afterwards voting took place for the officials for the coming year. Messrs. R. Holt and A. Burbidge being tellers. The result of the ballot was Mrs. J. E. Whiting (president) Mrs. H. Beasley (vice-president), Mrs. A. J. Bavington (secretary), Mrs. F. Pateman (treasurer), Mesdames A. Bavington, J. Robinson, S. Thomas, L. Evans, J. Brown and A. Cowley (committee).

The highest points awarded throughout the year for competitions were gained by 1 Mrs. L. Evans, 2 Mrs. S. Thomas.

A competition for the best apron made from coloured paper was won by Mrs. A. J. Bavington.

Tea was served by the Committee, catered for by Mrs. J. Trace.

The Wolverton Express 17 August 1951



A very enjoyable afternoon was spent on Wednesday, 8th August, when Castlethorpe Women’s Institute entertained Moulton W.I. to a garden party, which was held in the grounds of Castlethorpe Lodge by kind permission of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whiting.

The visitors arrived about 2.30, and were met by the President, Mrs. Whiting, and several of the members. The weather was glorious, thus adding to the charm of the surroundings.

Games were enjoyed by all and a delicious tea served during the afternoon, the rolls, iced cakes, etc., all being made by the President and members.

Exhibits of member’s work were on show, and a patchwork quilt made by Mrs. C. Harding was much admired.

Mrs. Dickens (President of Moulton W.I.) proposed a hearty vote of thanks for a lovely afternoon and hoping Castlethorpe would pay a return visit on Thursday, 16th August.

The Wolverton Express 21 September 1951



Castlethorpe Women’s Institute held their monthly meeting in the Carrington School on Wednesday 12th September. Mrs. B. Sawbridge (vice-president) took the chair in the absence of the President (Mrs. J. E. Whiting), who is now on holiday. Several items of interest were discussed after which Nurse Wakefield gave a very inspiring talk on “Home Nursing”, which everyone enjoyed.

A competition for the best first-aid box was won by Mrs. L. Evans, Mrs. C. Harding being second. The social half-hour competition, organized by Mrs. L. Evans, was won by Mrs. Stevens. Tea was served by Mrs. Mothersole and Mrs. McMillan.

The Wolverton Express 30 November 1951

Castlethorpe Annual Meeting

Castlethorpe’s Women’s Institute held their annual meeting in the Carrington School when a large number of members were present. Owing to illness, Mrs. J. Whiting was unable to preside, but her place was most ably taken by Mrs. B. Sawbridge (vice-president)

The Secretary (Mrs. J. Bavington) gave a report of the year’s work, which was adopted, as was the Treasurer’s report, given by Mrs. F. Pateman.

Mrs. J. Whiting’s report was read by Mrs. B. Sawbridge. She reviewed the year’s work with great pleasure, thanking the Secretary for the way in which she had kept her in touch with all the details during her illness and for the kindness and co-operation of all the committee and members.

The Wolverton Express 13 July 1956

“Palmistry” Talk at


An interesting talk on “Palmistry” was given by Mrs. Perrin, of Northampton, at the monthly meeting of the Castlethorpe W.I. Mrs. Perrin had studied her subject a great deal and was able to tell the members their many asset. As time would not allow the speaker every detail it was unanimously decided to ask her to come again. A vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs. B. Stevens, Mrs. J. E. Whiting presided over the business meeting. The competition for the best darned sock resulted: 1 Mrs. Gallop, 2 Mrs. J. Robinson. Mrs. B. Stevens and Mrs. J. Brown organised the social half-hour. Tea hostesses were Miss. U. Coey and Mrs. J. Robinson.

For the annual outing they journeyed by bus to London Airport. A most enjoyable day was spent, the outing being voted one of the best.

The Wolverton Express 04 January 1963

Mrs. Bert Stephens presided at the December meeting of Castlethorpe Women’s Institute, an apology being received from the president, Mrs. J.E. Whiting, who hopes to be able to attend meetings again in the near future.

Mrs. Odell, from Stony Stratford, demonstrated Christmas decorations, and she was thanked by Mrs. J. Robinson who won the competition for the best decoration. Mrs. Franklin was second. Mrs. J. Bavington organised the social half-hour, and Miss Manning and Mrs. MacMillan were tea hostesses.

The Wolverton Express 03 February 1963

Members of the Castlethorpe Women’s Institute welcomed their president, Mrs. J.E. Whiting, at the January meeting, after a long absence because of illness and domestic affairs.

Mrs. Nash of Northampton entertained with humorous monologues and was thanked by Mrs. B. Stephens. The social half hour was organised by Mrs. Swain and Mrs. Thomas.

A competition for prettiest coat hanger was won by Mrs. J. Robinson 2. Miss A. Manning 3. Mrs. B. Thomas.

Mrs. Robinson also gained the most numbers of points in competitions during 1962 Mrs. Franklin was second and Mrs. J. Bavington third. Each received a Women’s Institute spoon.

The Wolverton Express 05 April 1963

Mrs. J. E. Whiting presided at the March meeting of Castlethorpe Women’s Institute. The 22 members present enjoyed a talk on home-made wines given by Miss Olney, who was thanked by Mrs. McMillan.

The competition for home-made wine was quite a success. This was judged by Miss Olney and resulted, 1 Mrs. A. Cowley, 2 Mrs. Franklin.

Several members hope to go to the annual meeting of the Produce Guild and three members are looking forward to a Tulip Trip to Holland arranged by Mrs. Siggs, and Mrs. L. Bavington.

Bingo was arranged Mrs. L. Robinson and for the social prizes went to Mrs. Watts.

Teas were served by Mrs. E. Cook and Mrs. G. Cook.

The Wolverton Express 17 May 1963

There was a great attendance at the May meeting of Castlethorpe W.I. when Mrs. Whiting president. An interesting report on the Bucks Federation meeting held ay Aylesbury was given by Mrs. Watts.

A talk on the origin of surnames was given by Major Roberts of Towcester who was thanked by Mrs. P. St. John, a competition for the largest collection of pennies with the member’s birth date on them was won by Mrs. J. Bavington with 6 and Mrs. Swain with 5. Both of the winners had the same birth Date.

The social half hour was arranged organised by Mrs. J. Bavington and winners were Mrs. Watts and Mrs. Stephens.

Teas were served by Mrs. Franklin and Mrs. .... who were helped by Mrs. Mills.

The Wolverton Express 28 June 1963

Mrs. J. E. Whiting (president) presided at the June meeting of the Castlethorpe Women’s Institute held in the village hall and welcomed members of Haversham W.I. and other friends.

Members paid tribute to the memory of Mrs. L. Robinson who was a very loyal member and friend and whose place will be hard to fill.

Mrs. G. Stacey was nominated to serve on the RDC Road Accident Prevention Committee.

An outing to Flore Festival of Flowers was arranged for Friday, July 5.

The report of the annual general meeting at the Albert Hall was given by the delegate, Mrs. Glasson of Haversham, the Institute’s link and she was thanked from the chair.

Miss Sangster from the Flour Advisory Council gave an interesting talk on the housewife’s choice of bread. Mrs. L. Robinson expressed thanks. A competition for home-made bread was won by Mrs. J. Robinson.

Mrs. H. Cook organised the social and tea hostesses were Mrs. B. Evans, Mrs. Bardell, Mrs. L. Bavington and Mrs. Welch. Mrs. Pointer of Haversham expressed thanks on behalf of the visitors.

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