Womens' Institute Horticultural Shows

The Wolverton Express 18 August 1950



Exhibited at Annual Show

The new banner of Castlethorpe Women’s Institute made its first public appearance when it was exhibited at the annual Horticultural Show of the Institute in the Council School, Castlethorpe, on Saturday. It came in for a good deal of interest and of most favourable comment.

The design which was by Mrs. St. John, daughter of Mrs. J. E. Whiting, the Institute President and of Mr. J. E. Whiting, J.P., depicted the Castle from which the village derived its name, together with the Mound which still occupies its place in the village: and to bring it up to more modern days, at the foot of the banner is depicted a British Railways train, seeing that the village is situate on the main line of British Railways and that a number of the inhabitants are engaged on the construction of the railway carriages and wagons at Wolverton. The needlecraft was the work of Mrs. J. Robinson, and the woodwork was by Mr. C. Harding.

The horticultural show was the third organized by the Institute and was a wonderful show effort, which is steadily growing in strength. The entries were the largest yet recorded, 316, being 70 higher than the number last year.

The vegetables, fruit, and flowers were of particularly high standard, and one of the most noticeable exhibits was the prize-winning display of gladioli the six winning blooms being much admired.

The show was well supported, and it was unfortunate that there was not a larger hall in the village or the staging of the show. The Schoolroom was crowded with people for most of the time the show was open.

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony was performed by Lady Cadman, who until recently was President of the Shenley and Loughton Women’s Institute before her removal to the neighbouring county of Bedfordshire.

Lady Cadman spoke of the value of the work the Institute was doing on behalf of the old people, and congratulated the Institute on the excellent show it had arranged that day, the financial proceeds of which were for the old people’s party at the end of the year.

Lady Cadman was presented with a bouquet by Ann Gray, and a vote of thanks was voiced to her by Mr. J. Brown, a member of the Organising Committee.

Mrs. J. E. Whiting (President of the Institute and Chairman of the Committee), who presided for the opening ceremony, also voiced thanks to Lady Cadman, and to all helpers that day, and the very keen band of competitors.

The show was restricted for entry to village residents, and it was most creditable that such a large number supported the show by their entries.

The judges were Mrs. Mackerness, Stony Stratford, (handicrafts), Mrs Adams, Aylesbury (produce), and Mrs. J. Curtis, New Bradwell (fruit, flowers and vegetables).


Potatoes: White round, 1 Mrs Whiting, 2 L. Robinson, 3 J. Brown, 4 W. Scripps

Coloured round: 1 W. Scripps, 2 J. Brown

White kidney: 1 W. Scripps, 2 J. Robinson, 3 C. Harding

Coloured kidney: 1 Mrs. J. Herbert, 2 Mrs. Pateman, 3 J. Brown

Bed-sown spring onions: 1 H. Gray, 2 T. West, 3 Mrs. J. Herbert, 4 C. Harding

Trans-planted spring onions: 1 W. Scripps, 2 Mrs. Thomas, 3 J. Brown

Cooking shallots: 1 Mrs. H. Cook, 2 Cannon, 3 Hart

Pickling shallots: 1 Miss Panter, 2 J. Brown, 3 Pettifer, 4 Douglas Hancock

Long carrots: 1 Pettifer, 2 J. Brown 3 L. Robinson, 4 H. Dolling

Short carrots: 1 Homer, 2 J. H. Nicholls, 3 L. Robinson 4 Cannon

Round beet: 1 J. Robinson, 2 Mrs. Whiting, 3 J. Brown, 4 Homer

Cauliflowers: 2 W. Scripps

Harvest cabbage: 1 Mrs. T. Mayes, 2 T. West, 3 W. Scripps, 4 Homer

Runner beans: 1 Miss Panter, 2 J. Brown, 3 C. Harding, 4 Mrs Whiting

Peas: 1 W. Scripps, 2 Miss Panter

Cabbage lettuce: 1 T. Brown, 2 J. Robinson, 3 W. Scripps

Cos lettuce: 1 W. Scripps, 2 J. Robinson, 3 J. Brown,

Marrows: 1 Mrs. Whiting, 2 J. Robinson

Collection of potatoes: 1 W. Scripps, 2 J. Brown

Collection of vegetables: 1 W. Scripps, 2 J. Brown

Outdoor tomatoes: 1 F. Sawbridge, 2 Mrs. H. Cook, 3 Miss Panter 4 Mrs. Whiting

Indoor tomatoes: 1 J. Robinson, 2 Mrs. H. Cook

Dessert apples: 1 Miss Panter, 2 J. Robinson, 3 Mrs Booth 4 W. Scripps

Cooking apples: 1 A. Richardson, 2 Mrs. Booth, 3 Miss Panter, 4 C. Harding

Dessert plums: 1 H. Gray, 2 Mrs. Booth

Cooking pears: 1 Miss Panter

Dessert pears: 1 Miss Panter

Collection of fruit: 1 A. Richardson, 2 Mrs. Whiting, 3 Mrs. Thomas

Carnations: 1 J. H. Nicholls, 2 J. Brown, 3 A. Richardson, 4 W. Scripps

Sweet-peas: 1 Miss O. Nicholls, 2 Mrs. A. Cowley, 3 J. H. Nicholls, 4 W. Scripps

Pom-pom dahlias: 1 J. Brown, 2 Miss Panter

Single dahlias: 1 J. Brown, 2 Scripps

Chrysanthemums: 1 J. Robinson

Zinnias: 1 Mrs H. Cook, 2 N. West

Gladioli: 1 W. Scripps, 2 Mrs. Ridout, Mrs. C. Hancock, 4 Mrs. J. Brown

Roses: 1 Cannon, 2 Mrs. R. Mayes

Vase of flowers for table decoration: 1 Mrs. J. Brown, 2 Miss V. Clarke, 3 J. H. Nicholls, 4 T. West

Bowl of flowers: 1 Miss V. Clarke, 2 J. H. Nicholls, 3 Mrs. Pettifer, 4 Mrs. Whiting

Pot plant in flower: 1 A. Richardson, 2 Miss Panter

Wild flowers: (children under 10) 1 Ann Gray, 2 Michael Mullins.

10 to 15 years: Tom Booth, 2 Kenneth Evans, 3 Ruby Hart

Miniature garden (children under 10 years) 1 Ann Gray

Handicraft, boys 15 to 18 years, 1 Roy Homer, 2 Tom Booth, 3 David Hancock

(children up to 10 years), 1 Peter Thomas; 10 to 15 years, 1 Ruby Hart, 2 Kenneth Evans, 3 Douglas Hancock.

Handicraft, ladies, 1 Mrs. Harding, 2 Mrs. Gobbey, 3 Miss Olney.

Knitted goods: 1 Mrs. Homer, 2 Mrs. Wingrave, 3 Mrs. Harding

Wool rug: 1 Miss Panter

Thrift rug: 1 W. Mills, 2 Mrs. K. Robinson

Pot of jam: 1 Mrs. K. Robinson, 2 Mrs. J. Robinson, 3 Mrs. G. White, 4 Mrs. Limbrey

Bottle of plums: 1 Miss E. Richardson, 2 Miss Gregory, Mrs. Booth

Gooseberries: 1 Mrs. P. Bavington, 2 Mrs. Booth, 3 Mrs. Limbrey

Black currants: 1 Miss Gregory, 2 Mrs. Limbery

Pain cake: 1 Mrs. Whiting, 2 Miss E. Gregory, 3 Mrs. P. Bavington 4 Mrs. Wingrave

Fruit cake: 1 Mrs. T. Mayes, 2 Miss E. Gregory, 3 Mrs. Whiting, 4 Mrs. J. Robinson

Scones: 1 Miss E. Gregory, 2 Mrs. Whiting, 3 Mrs. Thomas, 4 Mrs. Mothersole

Jam tarts: 1 Miss E. Gregory, 2 Mrs. Mothersole, 3 Mrs. H. Cook, 4 Mrs. Whiting

Cooked potatoes: 1 Mrs C. Sawbridge, 2 Miss Panter, 3 Mrs. Lambert, 4 Mrs. Robinson

Cooked beetroot: 1 Mrs. J. Robinson, 2 Miss E. Gregory, 3 Mrs. Limbrey, 4 Hart

Brown eggs: 1 Mrs T. West, 2 Mrs. C. Hancock, 3 Mrs. T. Carpenter

Tinted eggs: 1 W. Scripps, 2 Mrs. J. Brown, 3 Mrs. Whiting, 4 Miss Olney

White eggs: 1 Mrs. J. Brown, 2 Miss Olney, 3 Mrs. T. Carpenter

At the close of the show a number of exhibitors generously left their entries for sale on behalf of the funds. Mr. H. Cook made an able salesman. A dozen eggs were given for sale by Mrs. T. Carpenter.

There was a competition for a cake made by Mrs. L. Evans, whilst a parcel of groceries were given for competition by members the families of Mr. Scripps and Mr. Hill, Castlethorpe.

A number of sideshows were staged in the playground, managed by members of the Committee, but the inclement weather of the afternoon must have had ite effect upon these outdoor amusements.

Teas were served by members of the Women’s Institute with Mrs. H. Cook as convenor.

Evening Whist Drive

In the evening a whist drive was held in the School, with Mrs. Pateman as M.C.

The winners were: Women 1 Mrs. A Bavington, 2 Mrs. Wingrave, high half Mrs. Sherwood (Hanslope), consolation, Mrs. Willett;

Men 1 Mr. F. Robinson (Hanslope), 2 Mrs. J. May, high half Mr. H. Dolling, conslation Mr. F. Sawbridge.

The takings for the day were about £29.

The judges comprised Mrs. J. Whiting (chairman), Mrs. F. Pateman (treasurer), Mesdames H. Cook, E. Homer, L. Evans, H. Thomas, J. Robinson. Messrs. A. Pettifer, J. Robinson, H. Cook, J. Brown, H. Dollings, W. Woodward, C. Harding, L. Lambert, J. Herbert, and W. Scripps junr.

Mrs. N. Sawbridge very capably carried out the secretarial duties.

Bill Scripps receiving the cup from Pat St. John
Bill Scripps receiving the cup from Pat St. John
The Wolverton Express 15 August 1952



Women’s Institute Show

Never has the urgency for a village hall at Castlethorpe been more emphasized than on Saturday when nearly all the residents crammed themselves at intervals into the tiny Carrington Hall to inspect the 230 exhibits at the Women’s Institute annual show.

At the opening ceremony Mrs. N. Sawbridge (Organizing Secretary) welcomed Mrs. St. John of Chinnor, Oxon., daughter of Mr. J. E. Whiting of Castlethorpe Lodge, who performed the opening ceremony.

Mrs. St. John in congratulating the exhibitors on a fine show said that if the drought had dried up their gardens their spirits had carried them through in producing excellent quality produce. She was particularly pleased to see several classes open to the young people, especially those for wild flowers, as it was in gathering the that more of the countryside was learnt.

Keep Truly Rural

The speaker appealed to the residents to continue to beautify their gardens and not to go beyond the rural atmosphere, the garden was a great boon to every village, and the Women’s Institute went a long way in furthering rural life. She congratulated Castlethorpe Women’s Institute on its activities.

Mrs. St. John concluded by thanking the residents for their kind welcome to members of her family on all occasions.

A bouquet was handed [to] the opener by little Justine Gower.

Mrs. Sawbridge announced that the silver cup with miniature had again been won by Mr. William Scripps, whose exhibits gained him 107 pts. And Mrs. St John made the presentation, and also handed certificates of merit to Mr. A. Richardson (a pot plant in flower). Mrs. L. Evans (sponge sandwich), and Mr. C. Harding (bed-side table lamp made from wood).



Potatoes: White round, 1 Mr Brown 2 Mr Scripps

Coloured round, 1 Mr Brown 2 Mr Scripps

White kidney, 1 Mr Brown 2 Mr Scripps

Coloured kidney, 1 Mr Brown 2 Mr Scripps

Onions, bed-sown, 1 Mrs Cook, 2 Mr Harding, 3 Mr Brown

Onions transplanted, 1 Mr Scripps 2 Mr Ridout

Shallots, cooking, 1 Mr Brown 2 Mr Scripps

Shallots, pickling, 1 Mr Scripps 2 Mr Homer

Carrots long, 1 Mr Brown 2 Mr Scripps 3 D. Pittam Mrs Whiting

Carrots short, 1 Mr Scripps 2 Mr J. Herbert 3 Mr Brown

Round beet, 1 Mr Scripps 2 Mr Brown, 3 Mr Homer

Cauliflowers, 1 Mr Scripps 2 D Pittam

Harvest cabbage, 1 Mr Scripps 2 Mr Brown 3 Mrs Cook

Broad beans, 1 Mr Scripps 2 Mr Robinson 3 Mr Brown

Long pod broad beans, 1 Mr Scripps 2 Mr Brown

Runner beans 1 Mr Scripps 2 Mr Robinson 3 Mr Brown

Peas, 1 Mr Harper 2 Mr Harding 3 Mr Herbert

Lettuce, cabbage, 1 Mr Scripps 2 Miss F. Gregory 3 Mr Brown

Lettuce, cos, 1 Mr Harding 2 Mr Scripps

Marrows, 1 Mr Scripps 2 Mr Herbert 3 Miss F. Gregory

Collection of potatoes, 1 Mr Brown 2 Mr Scripps

Collection of vegetables, 1 Mr Scripps 2 Mr Brown

Truss of tomatoes, 1 Mr Pettifer 2 Mrs Whiting 3 Mr Scripps

Indoor tomatoes, 1 Mr Scripps 2 Mr Richardson


Apples, cooking, 1 Mr Robinson 2 Mrs Cook 3 Mrs Booth

Apples, dessert, 1 Mrs Evans 2 Mrs Cook 3 Mr Harding

Plums, cooking, 1 Mr Richardson 2 Mrs Booth

Plums, dessert, 1 Mrs Booth 2 Mr Richardson

Pears, cooking, 1 Miss Olney 2 Mr Harding

Pears, dessert, 1 Miss Olney

Collection of fruit, 1 Mr Richardson


Carnations, 1 Mr Scripps

Sweet-peas, 1 Mr Scripps

Asters (double), 1 Miss Nichols 2 Mr Scripps

Asters (single), 1 Mr Scripps

Dahlias: Pom-pom, 1 Mr Brown 2 Mr Homer 3 Mr Pettifer

Dahlias: single, 1 Mr Scripps

Dahlias: large decorative, 1 Mr Pettifer 2 Mr Brown

Stocks, 1 Mr Scripps 2 Mrs Whiting

Chrysanthemums (any variety) 1 Mrs Cook, 2 Mr Robinson 3 Mr Scripps

Zinnias, 1 Mrs Cook 2 Miss Nichols

Gladioli, 1 Mr Scripps

Roses, 1 Mrs Whiting

Table decoration, 1 Mrs Brown 2 Miss Pettifer 3 Miss Nichols

Bowl of flowers, 1 Miss Pettifer 2 Mrs Whiting 3 Mr Scripps

Pot plant, 1 Mr A. Richardson 2 Mrs Welch 3 Miss F. Gregory

Wild flowers (children), 1 Carol Bavington 2 Ann Gray 3 Grierson Gower


Handcraft: Girls up to 11. 1 Amy Booth

Handicraft: Men, 1 Mr C. Harding 2 Mr A. Robinson 3 Mr J. Sawbridge

Handicraft: Women, 1 Miss Clarke 2 Mrs J. Robinson

Drawings: up to 10 years, 2 Grierson Gower

Drawing 10 to 15 years, 1 Roy Stephens 2 Brian Hill 3 Victor West

Special prize Kenneth Evans

Knitted goods, 1 Mrs Homer

Fair isle, 1 Mrs A. Robinson

Wool rug 1 Miss Markham 2 Mrs Robinson

Thrift rug, Mrs A. Robinson


Pot of jam, 1 Mrs J. Robinson 2 Miss E. Richardson 3 Mrs Booth

Bottle of plums, 1 Mrs L. Evans 2 Miss E. Richardson 3 Mrs Booth

Bottle of gooseberries, 1 Miss E. Gregory 2 Mrs Gower 3 Miss E. Richardson

Bottle of blackcurrants, 1 Miss E. Richardson 2 Mrs Gower 3 Mrs S. Gregory

Plain cake, 1 Miss E. Richardson 2 Mrs S. Gregory 3 Mrs S. Thomas

Sponge cake, 1 Mrs L. Evans 2 Miss E. Gregory 3 Mrs S. Gregory

Scones, 1 Mrs Gower 2 Miss Richardson 3 Miss Gregory

Jam tarts, 1 Miss Gregory 2 Mrs S. Gregory 3 Mrs J. Robinson

Green salad, 1 Mrs A. Robinson 2 Miss Pettifer

Cooked potatoes, 1 Miss Gregory 2 Mrs L. Evans 3 Mrs Robinson

Cooked beetroot, 1 Mrs J. Robinson 2 Mrs J. Brown 3 Mrs L. Evans

Eggs, Brown 2 Mrs Whiting

Eggs white, 1 Mrs Brown 2 Mr Scripps 3 Mrs S. Gregory

Eggs tinted, 1 Mr Scripps 2 Mrs Gregory 3 Mrs J. Robinson

Judges were: Mr J. Curtis, New Bradwell (vegetables), fruit and flowers); Mrs. W. Mackerness, Old Stratford (handicrafts); and Mrs. Bonham (domestic)

At the whist drive in the evening 38 persons took part. Winners were; Ladies 1 Mrs. Sherwood, Hanslope, 2 Mrs. Welch, highest half Mrs Pateman, lowest Mrs. Cook; Men 1 Mrs Wright, (Hanslope), 2 Mr B. Bennett, highest half Mr. Simpson (Hanslope), lowest Mrs. Ray.

Mrs. N. Sawbridge discharged the secretarial duties in her usual capable manner , and the officers and committee were: Mrs. J. Whiting (chairman), Mrs. F. Pateman ( treasurer), Messrs. A. Pettifer, J. Robinson, H. Cook, J. Brown, H. Dollings, C. Harding, L. Lambert, J. Herbert, and W. Scripps Junr., and Mesdames H. Cook, E. Homer, L. Evans, H. Thomas, J. Robinson, T. Belton, and A. Gower.

Bill & Elizabeth Scripps
Bill & Elizabeth Scripps
Milton Keynes Express 17 September 1976

King of veg and his Culinary Queen

A lot of competition goes on in the Scripps household at Castlethorpe.

Both Mr. William Scripps and his wife Elizabeth who live in Station Road, were prize winners at the Women’s Institute Horticultural Show.

Mr. Scripps is a keen gardener and swept the board in the fruit and vegetable sections, and Mrs. Scripps carried off several prizes in the cookery classes.

Between them they won two cups, 16 first places and eight second places.

William has always been a competitive gardener and has won at Castlethorpe and Wolverton Works shows several times.

Last year was Mrs. Scripps’ first attempt in shows and she won the cup for the most points at Castlethorpe . “I only entered to make up the numbers,” she said. “It is just a hobby with me really.”

Last year Mr. Scripps was joint winner at the show.

The pensioner’ prize was won by Mrs. J. Herbert and the children’s cup went to Joanne Wright who was also the girl with most points. Richard Kendrick and Ian Spick were joint winners of the boys’ section.

Goods were auctioned later by Mr. B. Sawbridge who also ran a whist drive in the evening.

The day’s profits go to the W.I. social fund for the over 60s.

Other results:


Potatoes: white round, white kidney, coloured, spring onions, onions grown from sets, cooking and pickling eschalots, Mr. W. Scripps: carrots Mrs. J. Herbert; beet, round, harvest cabbage, 2 Mr. W. Scripps; broad beans, Miss M. Markham; runner beans, Mr. B. Sawbridge.

Pod peas, Mrs. J. Herbert; marrows, Mr. B. Sawbridge; outdoor tomatoes, Miss M. Markham; cooking and dessert apples, Mr. W. Scripps; dessert plums, largest marrow, Mr. B. Sawbridge.


Asters, double joint 2, Mrs. J. Herbert , Mrs. H. Homer; floral arrangement for dining table, Mrs. J. Markham; for sideboard, miss M. Markham; pot plant in flower, Mrs. W. Cook; foliage plant, Mr. L. Meacham; Cactus dahlias any variety and colour, Miss Paula Archer.

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