Castlethorpe Station Bridge Widening & Electrifying the line.

The bridge next to the station was widened in the early 1960s and in 1963 the electrification of the railway line through Castlethorpe took place.

Railway Bridge with the booking office on the
left and the signal box to the right.
Work being carried out on the demolished bridge.

The booking office.
View over the temporary footbridge towards Station Road.

View of the station from the Northampton side of the bridge.
A steam train passing under the demolished bridge.

Signal box on the north side of the bridge.

Only the temporary footbridge remains.

A self-propelled crane on the line,
lifting into place the materials for the improvements.
Men working on the lines that will carry the electricity.
View of Castlethorpe station looking towards Wolverton.
A passenger train running on the newly electrified line.

A view from the bridge to where the busy goods yard once was.