The opening of Castlethorpe Station - August 2nd. 1882

Croydon’s Weekly Standard Saturday August 5th 1882


OPENING OF THE NEW STATION.- On Tuesday last this quiet little village presented a gay and festive appearance, the occasion being the opening of the new station for Castlethorpe in connection with the London and North-Western Railway. The day was made a general holiday, and various devices were resorted to for the purpose of celebrating the inauguration. A tea was provided in a large marquee by Mr. C. Lawman, of Newport Pagnell, to which about 400 sat down. Through the liberality of Messrs. Whiting, Pike, Amos, and others interested in the auspicious event, a variety of articles were provided to be contended for, including print dresses, stockings, caps, &c., and much amusement was created by the several events, especially that of climbing the greasy pole for a ham, which was secured by Thomas Herbert, jun., of Hanslope. The 1st Bucks Rifle Volunteer Band, under the leadership of Mr. G. V. Pinfold, discoursed some excellent music during the afternoon and evening which was much appreciated by the visitors. The holiday was one which will remain a long time in the minds of those who participated in it, and was a fitting recognition of such an important event as opening of a new station, whereby a service of trains to the metropolis and other great centres has been arranged, and which will be of considerable utility to the inhabitants of Castlethorpe and surrounding neighbourhood.

The opening of Castlethorpe Station as recalled by Farmer Amos

Farmer Amos
As written by Farmer Amos

Mr Dunkley built the Station and his Foreman was John Rooker Rainbow Castlethorpe boy and Mr Jim Glass Station Master and Mr Rainbow got the Station Master to stop the 8/30 am No 1 Platform down fast line. I had first ½ Ticket Mr Rainbow took all his men and I for a ride to Road Station. Treated them all the Pub I as well and then returned back. All Thrupp and Village round come have first ride. They was surprised to see John Rainbow party get out of the Train. All Merry. That was No 4 Platform up Slow. All jump in off Wolverton then the Porters had Baskets of Cake and Buns to give to the children before they return back to Castlethorpe. Sports in Bob Varney Field and Tea Tent. Farmers all round send waggon load of Women and Family that was there transport. Lovely Waggon Painted up Harness Smart and Horses Look as They lived one of the Family. Band Played and All Waggon put up in Tom Amos Yard and Horses in the Stable. They all tried a drop of Amos Beer and Popp off home Happy ready for work the next day.