Water Tower at Castlethorpe Troughs
Water tower
Water tower top detail
Water tower top

Water pump
The Wolverton Express 17 November 1950

Castlethorpe Work Will Delay Expresses.

The renewal of the drains at the water troughs at Castlethorpe is one of the important engineering works that is likely to delay express trains between Euston and Wolverhampton during the rest of the year.
Announcing this, British Railways state that every endeavour will be made to minimize delays occasioned by the speed restrictions which have to be imposed at the places where these works are in progress.
The works at Castlethorpe is being carried out in three stages, the last of which is scheduled for completion in April next year.

Water pump at the base of the tower
The Gas Works at Wolverton were reponsible for the maintenance of Castlethorpe troughs and its pump.