Castlethorpe School Log Book 1893

Jany 9 Opened school after fortnight's holiday. Very poor attendance = 76 due to bad weather and sickness
Owen Nichols returned after being ill 2 months.
Jany 13 Average attendance for week = 79 - lowest since the school was opened.
In the upper school we have just finished the mechanical part of our work - having gone through the work of yr. for each standard. We are now giving prominence to problems, paper work in lieu of slate, memory maps, metal arithmetic and good oral questions in geography and grammar.
In Infant Room the first class have just commenced with Inft. Reader and II Class with 2nd primer. They are making improvement in the dictated part of their work i.e. in sums and small words. They are still very backward under oral examination.
Jany 17 Attendance improved a little - but much below mark - bad weather and sickness especially among Infts.
Jany 20 The average attendance of Infants this week has only been 21 out of 32 on register. This makes work in this class very discouraging to the teacher.
Jany 23 Fred Nichols (II Stand) attended the first time for 11 weeks - being ill. He is very delicate and I think it would be advisable to either put him back or treat him very leniently in the same class.
Jany 26 On account of the standards under one teacher individual supervision is almost impossible and work especially on paper, is very carelessly done. Very rare for any scholar to have a card of sums right first time of being examined.
Jany 27 Attendance much better. Average for week = 91
Feb 1st In order to encourage children to attend school the school Board has decided to allow 30/- to be spent in purchasing prizes and certificates - the later to be given to those who attain the V, VI, and VII Standards.
Feb 3 Held monthly examination on Wed. and Thurs: General Result:- Infants:- Improvements in slate work and reading. In the oral work most of the answers come from the same children - most of the others sit and look but there is no mental activity. The attendance in this class is still very poor.
Upper School:- In paper work there is an evident desire on the part of most scholars to do their best. Still inaccurate working of sums and mistakes in spelling are far too common. Neatness - very good. In Grammar I gave a written exam to IV, V, and VI stands. and the result was only fair. Most of our work so far, in this subject, has been oral which may account for the above result.
In Stands III, II, and I it was oral and here, too, the result was not satisfactory.
Feb 7 Miss Gregory was absent yesterday and this morning - sickness.
Feb 9 Judging the progress of the children from the Examination Registers I have made the following re-adjustments in the standards of children.
see Oct 12th Henry Castle transferred to Infants - general inability.
Dolling transferred to Infants - absent on account of sickness
Jany 3rd Fred Nichols transferred to St I delicate boy - absent 3 months
Jany 9th Amy Panter takes Stand: III Arith
Ow. Nichols takes Stand: IV Arith - delicate boy - absent 2 months
Minnie Denton takes Stand: II Arith
Feb 17 The work in general is progressing favourably and the attendance at the season of year is good.
Feb 21 We are paying particular attention to "problems" in Arithmetic as mentioned in last year's Report but throughout the school there is a lack of power to deal with numbers in the concrete Feb 21st Examined the Registers and found them correct Thomas Osborne Clerk
Feb 24th The attendance has fluctuated greatly during the week, no doubt due to the wet days we have had.
I have distributed a ¼ imp. Sheet to those of the IV Stands and upwards who would voluntary undertake to draw a map at home. I have done this to encourage map drawing and colouring.
Mar 3 Master absent yesterday. Mrs. Brearley in charge.
Mr. Whiting - Chairman of the Board came in.
Mar 7 The attendance just at present is very good. This morning there were present 101 out of 104 on register.
Gave the I and II Class Infants an Exam: in R. W. and A. The result was far from satisfactory.
In Arith 9 out of 11 got no sums right.
In Writing 2 out of 11 passed. Many print their letter.
In Reading there is improvement.
The teacher works hard but there is no corresponding effort on the children's part
Mar 8 Complaints have been made as to cleanliness of offices. Have appealed to children on the matter and am keeping a strict supervision.
Mar 10 Very good attendance for week. Average 97.
Mar 14 Received a few maps from children who volunteered to draw one at home. Several are very good. They evidently like the work.
Mar 16 Visited by Mrs. Grant of Castlethorpe.
Have put up three thermometers - one for each room.
Mar 17 Attendance for week good. Av. 95
Mar 22 Visited by The Rev. W. Harkness - a member of School Board
Mar 27 The attendance today has been very good. 97 out of 104.
The work in general is progressing favourably. I may mention that Helen Allen in Stand I is the girl who has made most improvement. A few months ago she could neither read write nor calculate. Now she writes beautifully and reads fairly well.
Mar 30 Closed school for Easter Holiday - 93
Apr 5 Reopened - with a very poor attendance - 84
Apr 7 This has been a broken week - the attendance very poor and work uninteresting.
This afternoon commenced school 1-30 and closed 3-30
Apr 11 One of best boys in school has left. J. Varney
Apr 14 Work during the week much as usual. I find the new Time & Tune in division IV of Music is beyond most of the children in that division. It has to be exceedingly easy to obtain a good result on first attempt.
During the week I have introduced Drawing Cards - chiefly from B.B. before.
Apr 19 Had our Monthly Examination:-
Reading:- improving through repetition of same word, mis-calling words and falling to realise the meaning of the clauses is still too common.
Writing:- There is a want of uniformity
Arithmetic is much better and the upper children are not afraid to tackle some of the problems. The I Stand. Are particularly accurate in their work. Out of 62 Examined 25 got 4 sums correct.
Spellings:- very bad especially in upper classes
Grammar:- only fair on paper. Most of the children completely fail to see the chief grammatical points in a sentence not previously explained to them.
Apr 21 Have introduced Trainers Spelling Course to improve this part of school work.
Apr 24 Examined 1st class infants in R. W. A.
Reading:- Little evidence of improvement
Writing:- Can manage to write letters (Cap and small) from dictation but entirely fail at such words as Red, Hare, Much etc.
Arithmetic:- There is evidence of improvement but it is purely mechanical.
Apr 27 Had expressed a wish to have plants in the windows and several children have done so and seem to take a pride in looking after them.
Vicar of the Parish and friend called.
Apr 28 One of our boys, I understand, is ill from an attack of measles. Am keeping a sharp look out for such cases.
May 1 W. H. Geary returned to school after a long illness - away since Oct: 92. - coming half-time.
May 2 Admitted 3 infants - all backward
May 5 Average for week 101 - excellent
May 11 I examined the registers and found them correct Edw. Richardson Member School Bd.
May 16 Admitted one bringing the total on Register 107.
Have thought it best for H. Geary to work in the third standard
May 19 During the week the attendance has been good to case of illness.
Closed School for a week's holiday - Whit week.
May 29 Reopened School - good attendance 101.
During Whit week received Schedules etc. for Annual Inspection in July. Filled Form VIII
May 31 Very good attendance. Have thought it best to put W. H. Geary in II Stand: for drawing - has been absent for 27 weeks.
June 2 Average for week very good:- 100.6 out of 106 on Register
June 6 Amy Day absent through illness
June 8 Miss Gregory away this afternoon - by previous arrangement.
Held exam of Infant boys. They draw fairly well considering the difficulty of arranging the teaching for of this subject.
June 9 Find the Time and Tune Tests in music in Div. IV too much for the children. Have been trying the test first with familiar tunes.
Attendance - still good.
June 12 Children are still eager to read books in library. I shall require more to keep the interest going. R
June 14 Held Exam: of Upper Children. The results in R. W. and A. in lower standards are very satisfactory. Geography in Stand I not very good. The worst feature of the children's work is the want of acre especially in Reading and Arith: Have adopted methods for checking this.
Received notice of drawing Examination.
June 15 Examined I and II class Infants in R. W. A. I must say there has been lately great improvement in the W. & A. of these classes and the children are more attentive under oral examination.
June 16 W. Geary absent this week through illness.
Attendance - very good. Work in school is v. trying owing to excessive heat. Amy Day returned to school on Mon. after absence of a week.
Charles Nash and W. J. Nichols take spellings with the III Stand. They are in the IV in other work.
June 19 Drawing Examination - The Chairman of the Board present. 28 boys examd. Hy Nichols absent through illness.
Received notice of Annual Inspection - on July 10th & 12th
June 26 Have examined the Registers and found them correct. Ernest Irons, Attendance Officer
June 30 Last day of School year. During the past week the weather has been very hot and the work in school has been done under trying conditions.
July 3 Commenced new Attendance Register
July 5 Had an Examination this morning. The work in general is done much better Little faults of spelling and calculations are chief faults.
July 6 Holiday
July 7 Tried the Infants on Modulator. It was fairly well done but the tone is harsh. Only four of the 1st class can manage to read the highest book. On the whole they have improved very much.
List of Songs prepared during 1892 & 1893
1 Spring Song (2 parts)
2 Slumber lovely child (2 parts)
3 Hark! t'is the wild birds singing (2 parts)
4 Whistle and Hoe (Unison)
5 Nature smiles (Round)
6 Stars, that on your wondrous way (Unison)

List of Poetry for 1893 & 1894
Stand I A spring walk
Stand II Nelly's shilling
Stand III The idle shepherd boy (Wordsworth)
Stand IV, V, VI Pied Piper of Hamlin (Browning)

Geography for Stands: IV, V, VI & VII = "Europe"

List of Object Lessons for 93 & 94

Same as last year, as they are the same objects as wall pictures etc.

July 10 (Please see page 21) [July 1st 1892]
Examination (Annual) of Upper School Messr. Whiting and Amos - Members of School Board - present
July 12 Annual Examination of Infant Class Mr. Richardson Member of School Board present. 103 present out of 106 on Register
July 13 Put the children in new Standards. I have raised everyone a Standard at the same time the classes will require re-adjusting later on.
July 20 Have commenced new work in all classes. The children seem very anxious to get on.
July 21 Attendance is a little down 92 Average. I have put Louis West in Stand I on account of his age. He is very backward.
July 24 Result of Drawing Examination, "Excellent"
July 28 Attendance has gone back considerably - reason, approaching holiday and Exam: over
Aug 3 Closed school for one month's holiday - Aug 4th to Sep 4th
  Copy of the Report of Her Majesty's Inspector for the year ending June 30 1893

Mixed School "This is now a very good school. All the work in the elementary subjects is well done throughout, the classes, and the children show marked intelligence in their answers to questions on general subjects. In class subjects and note singing they have acquitted themselves creditably and the Needlework specimens are a distinct improvement on what were went in last year. The order is quite satisfactory."

Infants Class. "The infants' division shows improvement, but there is still weakness in the children's attainments, which cannot be rated at a higher mark than fair in any subject. The order is certainly better than it was and I think that, as time goes on and the school grows older, it ought to do well."
H. M. Inspector reports that a urinal is required for the infant boys. It must be provided at once. (Article 85 (a) of the Code)

He also states that the offices smell badly. The Board should at once ascertain the reason of this, and should report to the Education Department whether it has been effectively remedied.
A. Gregory is continued under Article 68 of the Code.

Staff Thomas A. Brearley Master Certificated
Mary Brearley Ass; Mist. Certificated
Annie Gregory Ass: Mistress Art: 68
Amy E. Day Pupil Teacher 1st year
Thomas Osborne
Clerk to Board
August 10th 1893

Sep 4 Re-opened school - 94 present
Admitted 2, Left 3.
Sep 8 We shall require Geographical Readers for the 1st class.
The attendance for the first week after the holiday is fairly good Av. 94
Sep 12 Had occasion in the interest of the school to complain of the uncleanliness of the three Wests.
Sep 15 Attendance is better Av. 98. On Register 108.
The Wests have been absent since Tues.
Sep 19 Have got ½ doz. Geographical Readers from the Carrington School
Sep 22 No less 10 out of 34 are absent in the first class this afternoon
Sep 25th Visit under Art 21
Harry Martin H. M. I.
Oct 2 I visited the school this morning tested the registers and found everything correct.
W. J. Harkness member of Board
Oct 2 Have heard that the Wests have gone to live at Hanslope in consequence have left school - bringing the total on Register to 104
Oct 5 Examined the 1st & 2nd class of infants.
Very little could be expected of them as early in school year. The 1st class shaped fairly well but Miss Gregory has a lot of work before her to bring the 2nd Class into anything like efficiency.
Oct 9 Commenced Practising for Annual Concert
Oct 13 Attendance this week has not been as good as usual. Mr. Whiting visited.
Oct 16 Have sent Rose Gates … home this afternoon. She has regularly come late to school for many weeks and ordinary school punishments are of no avail.
Oct 20 Fairly good attendance for week. Work a little broken by preparation for entertainment.
Oct 24 Fairly good attendance today 98 out 0f 104
Oct 30 Closed school for half-day holiday
Nov 9 The work this week has chiefly been in connection with Children Entertainment.
The attendance has been very good.
Nov 13 Concert a success. Repeated buy request.
Nov 17 The attendance is fairly good. 95 out of 105.
We are now going on with ordinary work.
Nov 21 Admitted two infants - Total on Register 107
Nov 23 Examined standard children in the week already done
Reading: fair - great improvement in Std. I
Standard III was bad - very careless.
Arithmetic: Good, considering the interrupted week. Several got four sums right
Writing: Not satisfactory, particularly in Std. I
Spelling: Generally backward.
Nov 27 Good attendance this morning = 98 out of 107
Nov 30 Examined the Infant Class
The little ones in the 1st Class did very well and there is every prospect of them making a good class. Edith Panter is particularly … Wm Bennett and Jo Gobby are backward.
The 2nd Class didn't show off very well
Dec 4 Poor attendance this morning 87 out of 107. The weather is very bad and many children are sick and with colds ect.
Dec 8 Master absent yesterday - not well Mrs. Brearley took charge.
Dec 10 The attendance has been very poor this week. No less than 15 have been absent altogether throughout the week. This brings our attendance very low = 87. Sickness and bad weather is the cause.
Henry Nichols has left being 13 - only passed II Standard
Dec 19 Admitted one infant bringing the no to 31 infts.
Dec 21 Closed for Xmas holiday. Miss Marshall very kindly gave each scholar a card.