Castlethorpe School Log Book 1895

Jany 7 Re-opened. Admitted 3. Total Register 116
Jany 11 Weather this week has been very severe.
Jany 18 Attendance very poor indeed this week (Average 89) owing to bad weather. Half of the Infant Class has been absent.
Jany 25 Attendance still very low. The work in Miss Gregory's class is suffering from this low attendance. I am introducing Kindergarten Geography into the work of the Standard children, so as to prepare for the introduction of "Varied Occupation" next year, to meet the New Code requirements. Mrs. Brearley, away two days, on account of illness in family.
Jany 31 Attendance this week very low on account of the prolonged severe weather.
Feby 6 Had monthly examination
No with four sums correct 16
No with no mistakes in writ. 13
No of good passes in reading 38
There are a few girls in St. IV who have invariably done badly in arith. The work seems too much for them.
Feb 22nd Have examined the Register and found them correct Edw Richardson Chairman
Feb 25 Monthly Examination. Kate Dolling and A. Stewart were examined in Stand III Arith
No with all their sums correct = 16
No with dictation correct = 9
Reading, is on the whole, very good Stand III did not do as well as usual
Mar 12 Have introduced a few Scripture pictures.
Examined the 1st class infants. They did fairly well. Reading is better
Mar 15 The canal-boat children, who came to school during the severe weather, have left.
Mar 26 Monthly Examination of upper school and 1st & 2nd class infants. The whole result was satisfactory tho' the 2nd infants must improve in reading and writing.
Apr 11 Closed for Easter Holidays
Ap 17 Reopened. Attendance not satisfactory
Ap 26 Admitted two infants. On Register 118
Ap 20 A. E. Day attended P. T. Examination at Fenny Stratford and took 2nd Year's papers
Ap 30 Monthly Examination.
May 17 Attendance for the week unsatisfactory
May 20 Sent P. T. into Infant Room to assist Miss Gregory
May 24 Attendance is not what it ought to be for this time of the school-year.
Average 100 out of 118 on Register
May 30 Closed for Whitsuntide Holiday. School to be cleaned.
June 10 Reopened school - good attendance.
June 12 Drawing Examination 26 out of 28 present. G. Day and C. Luing absent through sickness.
June 12 Major Gen. Ruddell - the Inspector Mr. Jones, Member of the S. B. present.
June 14 Painted lines on school floor - a great aid in school discipline.
June 18 Monthly Examination throughout school
No with four sums correct = 29
No with dictation correct = 13
The children are evidently taking greater care in their work
It is the parent's wish that Frank Henson should be examined in Stand VI. He is 14 years old and very backward in Arith & R[eading].
June 19 Examined 1st & 2nd Class Infants
The 1st class did their work very well
Reading has improved. Writing and oral work requires attention
The 2nd class has got, a very good idea of the work, but comparatively, this far behind the 1st
June 21 Have examined the register and found them correct Charles Jones Member
June 28 Friday - last day of School year.
School opened 423 times
Upper Sch.
Last year = 96.8
July 1 Commenced new attendance Registers
July 3 Received Form 170 - Grant without Inspection Art 84 (a)
Form XI returned
July 4 Arranged children in new standards
July 10 Written out a monthly syllabus of work for each class.
July 17 Visit of Mr. Whiting - Member of S. Bd.
July 22 Children photographed
July 24 Visit of Her Majesty's Inspector - E. M. Kenney Herbert Esq
Collective Examination for Labour Certes
July 25 Result of Drawing Examination "Good" on average attendance of boys 29.
Approved scheme in Geography ('95&6)
Stands V VI & VII = Europe
Stands IV & III = England & Scotland
Aug 2 Closed school for Harvest Holiday Report with amount of Grant received Aug 20
17a/8715 Castlethorpe Board s. (Buckingham)
A. Gregory is continued under Article 68 of the Code
A. E. Day Geography*, Needlework* (at Examination) and Knowledge of Method*
I examined the registers and found them correct Thos. Osborne
Aug 29
Schemes for 1895-6
Poetry V-VII Death of Marinion III-IV Hans Vogel
II Sunshine & Showers I Children’s wishes
Geography I-II Definitions III-IV England & Scotland V-VII Europe
Gram: I-II Noun & verb III-IV Parts of Speech V-VII Parsing, Analysis Prefixes
Songs All among the Barley, "Angel Song, German Song, Evening Bells Operetta "Mr. Nobody", "Hearts of Oak"
Suitable O. Colouring Maps & illus: Defs. Coloured Designs (original & BB
Physical Ex: Dumb-bell, Extension
Objects Wool, Cotton, Cocoa, Soap, Penknife, Wood (Kinds & uses) Mustard (See Extended List)
Sep 9 School reopened after 5 weeks holiday.
Sep 18 The re-arrangement of classes in the upper standards works very well.
Sep 20 The Infants are working very well.
Miss Gregory has evidently got a good idea of her work and discipline in the class has improved. She has a large 2nd class and it will be a difficult task to bring them up to standard.
Sep 23 Admitted five this morning - bringing total on register to 120
Note: Names are added here from the Register
POWELL Agnes Nellie
POWELL Alice Rose
POWELL Edith Charlotte
BURBIDGE Alexander
Sep 27 Very good attendance this wk - 110.4
Oct 1 Monthly Examination - results put down in record & progress Book
Oct 2 Tested I & II class Infants. The I class did their slate work very well. Reading is worst. The II class is backward all round.
Oct 9 At her request have given no lessons to P. T.
Received communication from H.M.I. respecting School Library (Oct 5 dated)
Oct 25 Good attendance Ar. 114 - the highest for one week since the School was opened.
Oct 31 I have examined the Register and found them correct Thos Osborne
Nov 4 Commenced practising for Annual Concert
Nov 16 Designing in Colour, which is now taken by all standards, is very much appreciated. The first class in particular, has produced some beautiful designs.
Nov 21 Ordinary work of school, interfered with a little by concert-work. Attendance - good.
Dec 5 Owing to bad weather, attendance of infants has fallen off.
Dec 13 & 14 Children's Concert
Dec 20 Closed for 2 weeks Holiday