Castlethorpe School Log Book 1896

Jany 6 Opened school - fair attendance.
During Xmas holiday children had tea and games from proceeds of Concert. Same evening prizes and certificates were distributed for attendance, conduct and progress
Jan 21 Am re-arranging lessons on Time Table so as to get in Obj. Lessons, Physical Exercise Word-Building and Suitable Occupation
Jany 28 Had monthly Examination with standard children in every subject. The result was very satisfactory but the following require attention (1) Composition of Stands V & VI (2) Geog of Stand I (3) Maps of Stand V & (4) Reading in Stand III
Jany 29 Examined 1st & 2nd Class Infants.
The first class do well on writing and arith but behind in Reading. The slate work of the 2nd class is also very well done. It is in the mental part where they fail.
Have removed B. Coey to the II Standard on account of continued bad work.
Jany 31 Pupil Teacher left [A.E. Day]. Am working Stands III - VII single-handed - 55 in number
Feby 10 Heating apparatus in use again. For 3 weeks used open fires on account of failure of apparatus.
Feby 24 Received notice of P.T. examination
Feby 28th I have examined the Registers and found them correct Thos Osborne clerk
Mar 3 Monthly Examination. As a result I have put Annie Geary and Edith Blake in higher standards.
The Infants show up well on slates but are backward in reading and oral work
Mar 10 The children in Stands V & VI do not take well to composition. It seems to be more than some of them can manage.
Mar 17 Master absent School in charge of Mrs. Brearley
Mar 18 Poor attendance today - 20 away - bad weather.
Mar 26 Monthly Examination. The following came out conspicuously:-
1st Class M. Rainbow Each received a Small prize
2nd Class Amy Manning
3rd Class Fred Dolling
The composition and Grammar of 1st class require greater attention, also problems of III & IV Standard
Ap 2 Closed for Easter Holiday
Ap 9 Opened after Easter Holiday
Ap 17 The attendance this week has been very bad, owing to wet weather. One morning 26 absent
April 20 Admitted Edward Simpson 6½ years old.
His first school - have put him with Infts.
Very good attendance - 112 out of 117
Ap 28 Monthly Examination
May 4 Examined 1st & 2nd class infants. The second class is backward in Reading.
May 11 Admitted John and David Oram. They have never been to a school before.
Number now on books 120.
May 15 The best average attendance this week, the school has ever had = 115
May 21 Resigned as Master & Mistress of this school.
T. A. Brearley
M. J. Brearley
June 1st I, Harry Hampson Middleton, First Division, Borough Road College (900-91) and late of Hatfield Road Board School St. Albans took charge, with Mrs. Middleton as assistant Article 50.
June 2nd Examined the arithmetic of Stds III and upwards. Std III did it very poorly.
June 5th Visited the School (Art, 846) Harry Martin
1. Monthly graduated syllabus
2. Quarterly examinations
3. Foolscap examination books to be used
4. illeg bk of object Lessons
5. "Record book" according to Scheme suggested
6. Short pencils never to be used
7. Use of B.B.
8. Infant's lessons not to exceed 30 mins.
June 9th Have made out new time table and have been working according to it, to test its suitability .
June 10th Had notice of the Drawing Examination which is to take place on Monday June 15th
June 15 Drawing Examination - Girls had an extra lesson in Needlework during exam.
June 19th I have examined the Registers and found them correct Edw Richardson Chairman
June 24 Had notice of Labour Certificate Exam: which is to be held at Hanslope Board School on Monday July 6th.
June 26 Examined Stds II - VII In arithmetic and writing, also the first class Infants, in Reading, writing and arithmetic.
July 1st Commenced new year's work. Nine children coming from infant room to Sts I Average for past year 109.2
Have advanced each child a standard, as I shall have a better chance of judging each child's capability at the end of the first quarter.
July 3rd Received T.T. from inspector duly approved also schemes of work for 96-97 approved: Sent away Form IX.
July 10 Scheme of Work for 1896-7 :-
Grammar: Stds I to IV according to Code Stds V to VII Parsing and analysis of a short complex sentence: Latin Prefixes
Georgaphy: Stds I - III according to Code Stds IV - VII British Isles, British North America & Australasia
Recitation: Stds I - II "A Noble Boy"
Std III "A nest in a pocket
Stds IV - VII "King Robert of Sicily" Longfellow
Object Lessons Stds I - III Frog, Cat, Horse, Dog, Cow, Sheep, Elephant, Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Camel, Potato, Tea, Sugar, Coffee, Bread, Salt, Silk, Leather, Cork, Paper, Snow, Hail, Rain, Coal, Matches, Iron, Gold, Glass.
Stds. IV - VII The Blood, Heart, Internal Organs, Iron, Limestone & Lime, Atmosphere, Snow, Rain, Dew, Sun, Moon, Magnets, Thermometer, Barometer, Matches, Glass, Gold, Cork, Paper, Soap, Leather, Salt, Sugar, Feathers, Horn & Glue, Bones, Olive oil, Water, Hen's eggs, Milk
Infant Class Tiger, Cat, Lion, Horse, Sheep, Ass, Hen & C., Reindeer, Cow & Calf, Apples & Pears, Coal, Wheat, Daisy, Squirrel, Rat, Potatoes, Rice, Carpenter's Shop, Baker's, Geranium, Sparrow, Owl, Teapot, Rabbit, Train, Letter, Sheep, Farmyard, Candle & Stick, the fish
Staff: H. H. Middleton (Certifd)
F. Middleton (Art 50)
A. Gregory (Art 68)
July 17th Received a doctor's note for Annie Burbidge who will be away from school some time on account of illness.
July 24th Am taking simple lessons in Physiology with the 1st Class on Friday afternoons for their Object Lessons, and the children seem greatly interested in the Subject.
Number now on books 111. Average this week 99.2
July 29th I Have examined Stds 3 & 4 in Arith and Dictation & Stds 5,6, & 7 in composition, this morning. William Bennett Std 3 seems to have no idea of Arithmetic and being altogether a very dull boy, I shall put him down into Std 2 after the holidays.
July 30th Closed school this afternoon for harvest holiday. Average for this week 93. No: now on books III
Aug 31st Reopened school this morning - rather poor attendance - 87 present
Sept 1st Copy of the report of Her Majesty's Inspector for the year ending June 30th 1896
Mixed School
Mr Middleton has recently taken charge of this school. He found it, and appears likely to keep it, in very good order. I hope that some assistance may be provided to supply the place of A. E. Day, Pupil Teacher, who has retired.
Infant Class
Miss Gregory is doing good and persevering work with the Infant's Class. Her hands are too full. A monitor ought to be appointed to help her. Mrs. Middleton is recognised under Art. 50 of the Code and Miss Gregory under Art 68. The name of A. E. Day, Pupil Teacher, has been removed from the register.
Sept 11th Attendance better this week. No: on books 112 Av: = 102.4
Have put Ellen Allen down into Std 4 again, as she is extremely dull.
Started savings bank in connection with Post Office, 52 depositors.
Sept 18th Average attendance 104.6 No: on books 111
Sept 25th The wet weather this morning pulled attendance down. Henry Castle and Wm Bennett of Stds IV & III respectively are very weak in Arithmetic. Shall put both down if they do not improve next month.
No on books 112 Av; 98.6
Oct 2nd Have examined the whole of the school this week Grammar is a little weak in the 1st Class. Commenced working for concert. Shall take the songs during the singing lessons.
Oct 8th Eva Day, Mabel Day and Eustace & Emily Smith are away owing to Scarlet Fever being in their homes.
Shall alter the order of lessons on Stds 1, 2, & 3 on Friday afternoons, taking the object lessons second, as it is more convenient.
Oct 16th The attendance today had been very poor owing to the rain. Only 81 present each time. Fred Nicholls Std 5 has returned to school after a long illness. He is very backward in his work, but shall let him remain in Std 5 at present to see how he progresses.
Average attendance this week 93
Oct 22nd Examined First and Second Classes Infants today
Oct 23rd Average attendance this week 94.3 No on books 113
Oct 29th Have been conducting the monthly examination today.
Oct 30th Continuation of exam. Av: attendance this week 95.2
Nov 2nd Holiday this afternoon on account of Castlethorpe Feast
Nov 3rd Alice Bird and her three sisters Annie, Ruth and Ada are away on account of Scarlet Fever
Nov 6th Average attendance 98.5
Nov 13th Admitted Geo. & Jas May from Cosgrove school this week. They are both rather backward. Took singing throughout for last lesson this afternoon on account of Children's concert next Friday. Av: attendance this week 99
Nov 20th Children's Concert. Work has been interfered with a little this week on account of it.
Av: attendance 96.4
Nov 26th Examined 1st & 2nd classes of Infants this morning. The 1st Class is rather backward in Arith: and the 2nd in Reading.
Nov 27th Attendance a little better this week Av: 102.1
Dec 4th Mr. Whiting called in and checked registers. Have examined Stds I - VII this week. Grammar is rather weak in Stds 4 & 5. Av: this week 98.1
Dec 11th As there seems to be no likelihood of Annie Burbidge attending school again I have taken her name off the register. Av: attendance 99.6
Dec 18 Very poor attendance in the infant class this week. Av 98.2
Dec 24 Closed school for a fortnight for Xmas holiday Av: 90