Castlethorpe School Log Book 1897
Jan 11 Opened school this morning - better attendance than before holidays 105 present
Jan 15 Attendance much improved this week Av: 107
Jan 22 Attendance very poor in infant class today on account of heavy snow. Av: for week 102.9
Jan 29th Av: for week 95.6
Feb 1st Commenced examining the January work.
Feb 2nd Examined 1st Class infants, they are still very backward in arithmetic. The following did excellent work in January's exam:- Minnie Rainbow, Jenny Jones, Eva Day, Albt Sprittles, Daisy Arnold, Edith Blake, Amy Manning, Edith Bushell, Mabel Day, Edith Panter, Wm Compton & Frances Hillyer
Feb 5th Owing to the severe weather the attendance this week has been exceptionally poor.
Av: 87.9
Feb 12th Examined the 2nd class of infants today. Their writing seems rather weak.
Average 103.2
Feb 26th Examined Stds I - VII today. Std 5 did their arith: rather carelessly. Grammar is also rather weak in 1st Class. Alice Powell Std 1 is very backward. She seems to have no idea of number and her spelling is very weak. I have put Newman Willis Std 3 into Std 2 again as he is not capable of doing Std 3 work yet.
March 1st Examd Infants today. The first class have improved in arithmetic since last exam. I am putting Fred Nichols into Std 4 for Arith: as he is very backward in that subject, owing to long absence.
Mar 5th Av: 105.6
Mar 11 Art 84(6) Harry Martin
Examinations will be held at the end of Oct., Dec., Mar, & June, or at more frequent intervals - in special cases - at the discretion of the Master.
Mar 19 Owing to severe weather this week the attendance is rather poor. Av: 95.4
Mar 26 Mrs. Middleton unwell, absent from school.
Av: attendance this week 104
Apr 1st Admitted George & Horace Ray. George is very backward. He is 13 in August next and is only in Std 3. Horace is 8 and is in Std 1.
Examined Stds 3 to 6 today
Apr 2nd Examined Stds 1 & 2 today.
Average this week 109.3
Apr 9th Attendance very good this week - Av: 112
Apr 15th Closed school today for a week's holiday Easter.
Apr 26th Opened school again this morning 112 present. Admitted 2 infants [Bessie Dolling & Leonard Nichols]. Have put Edward Simpson into Std 1 as he is 7 years old. He is however very backward yet.
Apr 30th Examined the whole school in arithmetic. Class 2 infants are rather weak in setting numbers down. Std 2 are rather backward in problems. Stds 3 & 5 are the best in the subject.
Av: 112.7. The infant class now number 46.
May 7th Av: 114
May 14th Highest average this week during the year viz 116.6. Have admitted 4 more infants which brings the total of infants [Wilfred Flavell, Ethel Powell, Winifred Holman, Sid Smith] to 50.
May 21st Av: this week 110.8
Henry Castle and Albert Nichols, Std 4 seem yet quite unable to manage their arithmetic. I shall therefore put them in Std 3 for their subject.
May 28th Av: 114.1
1. Log Book to be made up at least weekly
2. "Evans Systematic Problems"
3. Recitation - Lower classes are not to be restricted to one selected piece
4. 8 illeg
5. Class subjects 9. - 18 1. Obj lessons English 2 Geography
6. There should be at least 4 sets of Reading books for each class
7. Scheme 13 for Arithmetic
8. Concrete numbers
E. M. illeg . 17 June 97
June 10th Drawing Examination: Whit- week
June 18th Mr. Whiting called and checked registers
Average 116.4
June 22nd Holiday for Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebration
June 25th Average for this week 115
July 1st Started new work in all standards.
Thirteen children from Infant's Class to Std 1.
July 2nd Average for the past week 114.8
July 9th Average for the week 115.7
July 13th Received scheme of work for 97 - 8 signed by H.M.I.
July 16th Several of new Std 1 children are very backward in Arith, and will require a great deal of teaching

Scheme of Work 1897 - 8

Grammar Stds I IV
According to code Stds V - VII Parsing and analysis of any easy complex sentence
Stds I - III According to code Stds IV - VII General outline of Europe
Stds 1 & 2 "The Children's Hour" Longfellow Village Blacksmith Std 3 "Wind in a frolic" Village Blacksmith" Stds 4 - 7 "Kindly Fisher Folk" Victor Hugo 6 & 7 & "Byron's Address to the Ocean"
Object Lessons
Stds I - III Donkey, Mouse, Rabbit, Eggs & Chicks, Pigeon, Sparrow, Plaice, Herring, Oyster, Spider, Snail, Bee, Earthworm, Snake, Caterpillar, Butterfly, Cocanut, Copper, Onion, Oak, Milk, Clay, Bricks, Apple, Cabbage, Water, Cotton, Wheat, Slate, Wool

July 16th To prepare them in Scheme B. arithmetic
Av: this week 113.7
July 23 Readmitted four children from Cosgrove which brings total on books up to 130.
Average this week 118.3
July 29th Closed school this afternoon for one month's holiday. Av: 119.6
Aug 30th Reopened school again this morning but only 107 present. Received the drawing report during the holidays. The report for drawing is "Good". Also received Her Majesty's Inspector's Report.
Report for year ending June 30th 1897
Mixed School The upper school is in exceptionally strong hands and is doing well. I am much pleased with Mr. Middleton's methods and with the condition of his school.
Infant's Class Miss Gregory is overweighed. She cannot manage so many children in so many classes single handed. The help of a monitor in the afternoon only is useless. She should have undivided assistance of a suitable kind. The grant under Art. 98 (b) of the code will be in danger next year if this is not attended to at once.
Sept 3rd Average 109.4
Sept 10 The 3rd Std seem rather backward as a whole in arithmetic. I am removing Ada Coey & Eustace Smith from the standard to the 2nd. Average this week 110
Sept 17th Have taken more spelling than comp. this week with 1st Class, as I find in some instances spelling is weak. Average 112.2
Sept 24 Started the first Quarterly Examination today. Average attendance this week 111.2
Oct 1st Have finished the greater part of the quarterly exam. Stds 6 & 3 do their arith; very well but Std 4 very poorly. Av: 112.2
Oct 8th Commenced practice this week for the children's annual concert.
Minnie Rainbow appointed monitor. She is 14 years of age and therefore will start as 1st yr P.T. on 1st Jan: next. Average this week 117.2
Oct 15 Average this week 113.2
Oct 22nd The attendance of the Infants has been rather poor this week, the irregular ones being chiefly between 3 & 5 years of age.
Average 111.3
Oct 29th Average 115.8
Nov 1st Admitted Geo: & Ellen Gibbs from Hanslope. They are rather backward in their work.
Half holiday this afternoon for Castlethorpe Feast.
Nov 5th Average 116.1
Nov 12th Children's Concert: Average attendance 117.8
Nov 19th The attendance has fallen off a little towards the end of this week, on account of the weather, several children having colds. Av: 108.9
Nov 26th Av: 104.8
Dec 3rd Av: 103 Shall close school at 4 p.m. this afternoon on account of an entertainment in the Carrington School.
Dec 9th Av; this week 107.7
Dec 10th School Board Election - school closed on that account as the room is needed.
Dec 17th Started examining for the Quarterly Exam: Average 105.8
Dec 22nd Finished Quarterly exam today. Two or three of Std 2 are very weak in writing & spelling, especially G. Gibbs & C. Bushell from Hanslope.
Dec 23rd Closed school today for a fortnight's holiday for Christmas. Average this week 110.5