Castlethorpe School Log Book 1898

Jan 10th Opened school after Xmas holidays, 110 present.
Jan 14th Average this week 113.1
The prize distribution will take place in the school tomorrow evening. The children will have a tea in the afternoon.
Jan 21st Std 6 have now finished their arith: 7 know it very well. I shall take averages and simple percentages with them as well as their ordinary arith. Std 2 have improved a little in their arithmetic.
Average this week 114.6
Jan 25th Robert & James Nichols are very disobedient boys. The latter refused to go into the class room when I told him today. I, however made him go and punished him when he got there for his defiance. Robert is so lazy and slovenly that he is far behind the average in his work except at arithmetic which he does fairly.
Jan 28th Mr. Pike called in this morning & checked the registers. Average attendance this week 111.1
Feb 4th Average this week 108.4. Children were photographed yesterday
Feb 7th Act 84 (6) Harry Martin. I found a good many short slate pencils in use - especially in Stds. I & II - this must not be allowed. See entry on page 75 of this book.
Feb 11th Average 114.5
Feb 18th Average 116.6. the 4th Std are not so strong in Arith: as other Stds. B. Coey is especially weak on account of absence
Feb 22nd Shrove Tuesday. Half day holiday
Feb 25th Average attendance this week 115.2
Mar 4th Average attendance 117.5
Mar 11th The attendance of the infants has fallen off this week on account of several of them having mumps. Mrs. Grant came in and gave some useful school books Average 107.3
Mar 18th Have commenced the quarterly examination. Average this week 111.5
Mar 25th Owing to the snow and cold weather today the attendance has been very poor viz: 84 & 85. Many children are still away with mumps. Average this week 105.4
April 1st I punished Horace Ray this morning for misbehaviour during scripture lesson. He went home at playtime without permission. Average this week. 104.3
April 7th Closed school today for a week's Holiday (Easter) Average this week 114.8
April 18th Opened school this morning. There are still several children away with mumps. Admitted four infants. [Ethel Gibbs, Kate Branson, Albert Bruce Bavington, Eva Kathleen West]
April 22nd Average this week 113.8
April 28th Very wet: poor attendance in consequence.
April 29th Am taking map tracing & colouring with Stds. 3&4, for suitable occupation and the children like it very much. Have also taken Sisson & Parker's "Geography by the Eye" for Stds 5, 6, & 7, as an occupation on Friday afternoons, and the geography has been much improved thereby. Average this week 115.8
May 6th Average 120.9
May 13th Average this week 119.6
May 20th Mrs. Grant & friends visited the school this morning. Average this week 120.3
May 27th Have been teaching several fresh rules in arithmetic this week to Stds III VII. Closed school today for a week's holiday. (Whitsuntide) Average this week 119.6
June 10th The attendance this week has been excellent with an average of 128.7, owing to fresh scholars in the infant class.
GMKH Reading "pattern" 22 June 98
There is a very bad smell from the Offices which is blown directly into the school rooms. This must be prevented by constant flushing and the use of disinfectant. A "map easel is much wanted.
June 17th Average 129.9. Mrs. Grant visited the school Tuesday morning and gave eash of the infants a smal book.
June 24th Average this week 131.6
July 1st Have moved Stds 1 & 3 to their new places. This makes the main room rather crowded until the new desks arrive. Average this week 132.3

Scheme of Work 1898 - 9

Grammar Stds I-IV according to code.
  Stds V-VII Easy Complex sentences
Geography Stds I-III According to code
  Stds IV-VII General outline of Brit: Empire
Recitation Stds I-III The Windmill etc.
  Stds IV An order for a picture
  Stds V-VIII Same as IV and Slave's Dream
Object Lessons Stds I to III
Lion, Tiger, Flowers, Pig, Sheep, Cow, Horse, Rabbit, Monkey, Mole, Putty, Salt, India Rubber, Coal i, Coal ii, Sponge, Filter, Soap, Milk, Butter & Cheese
July 8th Received notice of Labour Certificate Exam: on the 20th inst: at this school. Six children will be presented from here in Std 5. Average this week 131.1
July 15 Average 129
July 20 Labour Certificate Examination. Inspector again mentioned about the smell from the offices & suggested that a little dry earth should be used every day as a de-odorizer
July 22 Average attendance 126.5
July 25 Had 7 new desks for main room. The accommodation in it now is 66 and that of the class room 32.
July 28 Chas: Luing, during the past two months has given me a great deal of trouble, through his mis-behaviour. Today he has been particularly so, and I have had to punish him.
July 29 Closed school today for Midsummer holiday 5 weeks
Sept 5th Opened school this morning - about 50 children are absent - many of these are gleaning
Report 1898

Mixed School "The upper school is in very good condition in all respects. Some more desks are required and something must be done to mitigate the pestilential smell from the offices, which is blown by certain winds straight into the school, rendering them almost untenantable."
Infant Class" The infant class is a very good one. There is a difficulty about the accommodation. It is sufficient during a considerable portion of the year, but during the last three or four months, the numbers are excessive, and this in a hot illshaped room. A dozen more cottages are being built which will be immediately tenanted. The Board must at once contemplate enlargement."
H.H. Middleton certificated master. Stds IV-VII
F. Middleton Art 50, Stds 1 & 2
M. Rainbow P.T. Std 3
A. Gregory Art 68 and J. Jones, candidate, Infants

Sept 9th Average very low this week 95.5
Sept 16 Average 118.5
Sept 21 Messrs. Whiting & Pike called and checked registers
Sept 23 Average 119.4
Sept 30 I have made several alterations in the timetable, so as to enable Std 4 to have dictation & writing with Std 3 every morning. In order to do this I have had to alter some of the afternoon lessons. Stds 3 to 7 will now be doing the same lessons, for most of the time in the afternoons.
Austin Denton from Hanslope Board School is very troublesome & backward boy. I shall have to keep him in Std 4 for some time yet.
Oct 7th Held quarterly examination this week. Average this week 119
Oct 14 Average 120.2
Oct 20 Examined the first class of Infants this morning. They are rather weak in Arithmetic
Oct 21st Average this week 108.8
Oct 28th Have commenced this week to practice for the Children's concert. I take the practice every morning in the Singing lesson. Average this week 118.2
Oct 31st Half day's holiday for Castlethorpe Feast
Nov 4th Average this week 118.5
Nov 11th Average this week 118.8
Nov 18th Attendance has improved this week av: 122.6
Nov 23rd On account of the snow, many children are away this morning, especially infants.
Nov 25th Children's Concert tonight & tomorrow night. Average this week 116
Dec 2nd Standard 4 are improving steadily in their arithmetic. Average 118
Dec 9th Beatrice Coey has been absent so much that I shall have to put her into Std 4.
Average this week 115.7
Dec 15th Started the quarterly examination today. The arithmetic of the whole school has much improved
Dec 16 Average this week 118.2
Dec 19th Albert Nichols was disobedient & impudent to me this afternoon & was punished for it.
Dec 21st Have finished the quarterly examination today. There is great improvement in Arith: of all standards, but the grammar of Std IV is rather weak.
Dec 22nd Closed school today (Thursday) for Xmas holiday. Average this week 110