Castlethorpe School Log Book 1899

Jan 3rd Opened school this morning
Jan 6th Average this week 112
Jan 13th Austin Denton Std IV is improving rapidly. His conduct in school is now excellent. Std IV have improved in Arith: during the last month. Average this week 115
Jan 20 Alfred Coey father of B. Coey fined 5/- & costs for the irregular attendance of Beatrice. Average attendance 117.3
Jan 27 Average attendance 116.8
Feb 3rd Average attendance 117.3
Feb 6 Art. 84 (6) H. Martin
Feb 10th I am taking Sisson & Parker's "Kindergarten Geography" & "Geography by the Eye" in the various standards. The children like the work very much & I find the geography much improved thereby. Average this week 113.5
Feb 14 Shrove Tuesday - Half holiday
Informed that one of Mr. Coey's children is ill with scarlet fever
Feb 17 Average 113
Feb 22 Examined Stds III to VII in Arith: & dict or composition. All did well except Std 5 in Arith: which was only fairly done
Feb 24 Average 110.8
Mar 3 Average 109.7
Mar 10 The attendance has been rather poor this week on account of the cold weather. Most of those absent have colds. Average 105.3
Mar 17 Am taking a little spelling each day with Stds to & from the Guide Series "Woodwork". Average 111.4
Mar 24 Average 109.8
Mar 30 Have been conducting the quarterly examination in all the standards this week. Std 3 are very strong in their arithmetic and will be able to go on with Std 4 rules now. Std 1 are rather weak in one rule only - short division. Many of the children have improved in writing very much since last exam. Closed school today for Easter holiday. Thurs. March 30th to Tuesday Apr 11th
Apr 11th Opened school this morning 115 present
Apr 14 Average 112. The mark system I adopted some months age is working very well. I give occasionally some small awards to those at the top of the various classes
Apr 19 Examined infants this morning. 1st Class. The girls on the whole are much brighter than the boys
Apr 21 Average 111.7
Apr 22 P.T. Examination; Minnie Rainbow 1st Yr:
Apr 28 Minnie Rainbow away this afternoon - not very well. Average 108.5
May 5 Average 113.1
May 5 Mr. Nichols called in this afternoon & checked the registers
May 12 Average this week 111.2. During the alterations to the Infant room, the infants are down at the Carrington school
May 16th Miss Gregory is ill and unable to attend school. Mrs. Middleton is taking the infant class.
May 18th Closed school today (Thursday) for a week's holiday (Whitsuntide)
May 20 Opened school this morning
June 2nd Have been going on with new rule in Stds 3 - 7 this week. Florence Allen & Ethel Nichols Std 5 and W. Bennett Std 4 are rather backward. Have left the ordinary recitation in 1st Class and am going on with a little from Shakespeare's King Henry VIII
June 9th Average this week 118.1
June 16 Having given all the object lessons to the 1st class (prescribed for them this year), the last 3 or 4 Friday afternoons I have had conventional lessons on the chief events of the week, also explanations of terms frequently met with in newspapers such as assizes, jury, plaintiff etc.
June 16th Average attendance this week 120
H 21 June 99
A proper sewing table should be supplied, & a cupboard in C.R.
June 23rd Average 123.8
June 30th Average 122
July 7th Admitted Ernest Morgan 11 yrs of age. He is most backward in everything, knowing nothing about arithmetic, and is very deficient mentally. Average 122
July 14 I have had to punish Horace Ray this afternoon for impudence & disobedience. Average 119.8
July 21 Labour certificate examination at Hanslope. Seven children from here were examined. Average attendance this week 115.9
July 28 Six children having passed the labour certificate exam: have left this week, which accounts for the decrease in av: attendance. Average attendance 108
Aug 4th Closed school today for the Midsummer Holiday. Average attendance 103.7
Received Inspector's Report for 1898 - 99
Copy of Report

"The school is being extremely well cared for in every way and the children are diligent and responsive. A proper sewing table should be supplied and a suitable cupboard in the classroom. The sanitary system of the offices is about to be altered"
Infant's Class "The infants are still being well and kindly prepared. Their new room will be ready for them after the summer holidays." Thomas Osborne

Sept 25th The new Infant room was formally opened by Earl Carrington this afternoon
Sept 26th Open school this morning. All the sanitary arrangements of the offices have been altered
Sept 29th Thirteen children have been absent all the week, several through measles, a great number of children in the village having had the measles during the recent harvest holiday. Average this week 106
Oct 6th Have started to practice for children's concert in the singing lessons. Average 109.2
Oct 12th Quarterly examination of Stds 3 - 7
Oct 13th Ordinary lessons interfered with a little on account of Examination. Average this week 116.9
Oct 20 Finished the exam: of Stds 3 to 7. Std 4 are behind the remainder of 1st Class in English. I have this year three or four very backward boys in the 4th Std. Average 114.7
Oct 24 I punished James Luing this morning for inattention during singing lessons. He went home without my permission at play time.
Oct 27 Average 112.4
Oct 30 Castlethorpe Feast - Half holiday
Nov 3rd Average 114.4
Nov 10th Have examined the two pupil teachers this week. They have done their work very well. Average 111.9
Nov 17th Attendance this week has been excellent. Average 118.2 Children's Concert tonight & tomorrow.
Nov 24th Average 114.5. Have examined the two pupil teachers. They have both done very well in nearly all subjects, their weakest being copysetting & needlework.
Dec 1st Average attendance this week 111.3
Dec 2nd Florence Panter Std 2 died this morning
Dec 7th Closed school this morning at 11.30 & reopened at 1 o'clock until 3, as many of the children wish to attend the funeral of Florence Panter
Dec 8th Average attendance 102.6. Many children away unwell with colds
Dec 15th Average this week 92.5. Weather severe, accounts for the low average this week. Jenny Jones away from school since Wednesday morning, having had her wrist attended to at Northampton Infirmary
Dec 22nd Jenny Jones has been away from school this week owing to an operation having been performed on her wrist. Closed school today for a week's holiday. Average this week 99.8