Castlethorpe School Log Book 1900

Jan 5th Many infants absent owing to bad weather; only 29 present.
Average 91
Jan 12 Average 93.8
Jan 19 Have started the quarterly examination this week. Std 4 are improving very much in English. Average 92.3
Jan 26 Average 100. As Std 7 & Ex 7 do their composition very well, I am letting them do a little shorthand occasionally instead of composition.
Feb 2nd Average 100.6
Feb 5th Owing to her mother's death Minnie Rainbow 1st Yr P.T. will not be able to attend school for a week or two. There are a few cases of scarlet fever among the school children
Feb 15th Visit of inspection (Art 84 6) G. Shaw
Feb 9th Attendance poor - another case of scarlet fever today which will necessitate 4 children's absence for some weeks. Average 86
Feb 14 Very heavy fall of snow - which caused the attendance to be very poor today.
Feb 16 Average this week 70
Feb 22 Have closed school today under medical authority on account of Scarlet fever.
May 10th Received certificate today from the medical officer of health giving permission for school to be reopened.
May 11 Average 84
May 18 Attendance better this week 112.9 average.
Admitted Sidney & Ellen Bull on Monday last. Sidney is 10 & Ellen is 7. The latter is very backward not knowing the alphabet & the former is only fit for Std 1
May 25th Average this week 110
June 1st Am taking simple composition lessons in Std 1 to 4 the English lessons as an aid to composition.
Average this week 110.8
H.H. Middleton (certificated)
F. Middleton Art 50
A. Gregory Art 68
M. Rainbow Pupil Teacher
J. Jones Pupil Teacher

H 13.6.00

June 15th Having made out a new trial timetable with half-hour lessons except Arithmetic. Have introduced history.
Average 113.7
June 16th Received result of P.T.'s examination in April last: Jenny Jones has passed the Candidate Examination & Minnie Rainbow the 1st Year Exam (Fair)
June 22 Average attendance this week 113.1
July 6th The new time-table works well. The children seem to enjoy the history lessons very much.
Average 109.9
July 13th There are still 2 or 3 cases of Scarlet fever among the children. A few more have been ailing and this is the reason of the average being a little lower this week 107.9
July 20th The children have been very listless this week on account of the heat. The temp: has been 88° in the afternoons. Average 106.4
July 27th Average this week 102.4 About 10 children are still away through Scarlet fever in the home
Aug 2nd Average 102. Closed school today for the Midsummer holiday (4 weeks)
Sept 3rd Opened school this morning with only 90 present. Many probably will be absent all the week
Sep 12th Shall close school this morning at 11.30 & reopen this afternoon at 1 o'clock till 3.15
Sept 14th The attendance has been better this week although several are still away gleaning.
Average this week 103.9
Inspector's report 1900

Mixed School "A very satisfactory year's work has been completed, and the general condition of the school is entirely creditable."
Infant's Class "The infants are being well and suitably cared for." The inner classroom is a very dark room, except in fair weather. The upper portion of the partition will have to be glazed, I fancy.
A. Gregory is continued under Art 68
Staff 1900 - 1
H.H. Middleton Certificated Mixed Dept.
F. Middleton Art 50 Mixed Dept.
M. Rainbow P.T. (3rd) Mixed Dept.
A. Gregory Art 68 Infant Class
J. Jones P.T. (2nd) Infant Class
Thomas Osborne Clerk

  Object Lessons 1900 - 1
Tin, Zinc, Silver, Gold
Plants Wheat, barley & oats, Cocoa, Grapes & Raisins, Spices, Cocoa Nut, Flax & Cotton, Bamboo, India rubber
Animal Cow, Milk, Butter, Cheese, Horse, Sheep
Common Objects Porous bodies, sponge, filter, clay, putty. salt, sugar
Sept 21st Average attendance this week 106.9
Sept 28th We have still two cases of scarlet fever and one diphtheria. Average 99.2
Oct 5th Average 100.7
Oct 8th Received the new school piano today
Oct 12th Minnie Rainbow has been away all this week with a sore throat.
The father of a boy named Willie Markham sent in school for his boy at 8 minutes past 12 on Tuesday morning. I let the boy go at once, but the father came in soon after in a passion and wanted to know why I kept him in, saying that I had no right to do so. I told him I had a perfect right to keep him in 30 minutes. His manner and remarks were most insulting the latter having been made in front of several children. I told him he has no business in the school during school hours, and that I should report it to the Board, so that they could deal with the matter at their next meeting.
Average 100.6
Oct 19th There are still 7 children away in Stds 1 & 2 through fever & other sickness. Received new time-table signed.
Average this week 97.3
Oct 26th Better attendance this week: We have now had the school piano 3 weeks (Oct 8th) and we are now able to have musical drill properly. The singing lessons too are more interesting.
Average this week 106.1
Oct 31st Mr. Richardson, a member of the Board called & checked the registers.
Nov 2nd Average attendance 108.9
Nov 9th Attendance has improved this week Average 112.4
Nov 16 Average this week 114.9
Nov 23 Average 114.4
Nov 30th Day's holiday on account of the School Board election
Dec 3rd Attendance very good as most of the children who have been away through illness are in attendance again
Dec 7th Average 116.4 Children's Concert tonight and tomorrow night
Dec 12th Visit of inspection (Art 84 b) G. Shaw
Dec 14th Have begun the first term's examination. Std 2 are not all yet able to do their paper work very neatly, but are improving. Average 111.4
Dec 20 Closed school today (Thursday) until Monday week for the Xmas holiday
Dec 31st Opened school this morning with only 86 present, on account of the rain. Have finished the 1st term's exams: and have put results and my notes in the Progress book