Castlethorpe School Log Book 1901

Jan 4 Average attendance this week 108
Jan 7 Have decided to take the history of the 1st Class (Stds 4 to 7) in 3 sections viz
Section I Chief facts down to 1485
Section II Chief facts from 1485 to 1688
Section III Chief fact from 1688 to present time
This year we are doing Section I
Jan 11 Held Children's treat in the school room this (Friday) afternoon. The children received their prizes.
Jan 18 The attendance has improved this week Average 119.2
Jan 25 Harry Biddle recently admitted from Stony Stratford British School is eleven years of age & is most backward. He must be mentally deficient as he cannot manage Std II work at all. Average this week 119.8
Feb 1st Average this week 116.9
Feb 5th Bad weather - poor attendance this morning.
Feb 8th Average 113.3
Feb 15th The 4th Std do their arithmetic very well and I am taking elementary Std 5 work with them. Had notice this week of the P.T.'s examination at Fenny Stratford on Mar 30th. Average this week 117.6
Feb 18th A case of Scarlet Fever has broken out today.
Feb 19th Shrove Tuesday - half holiday today.
Feb 22nd Average 116.3
Feb 26th Another case of Scarlet Fever, down the station road, has broken out.
Mar 1st Average this week 114
Mar 4th I am allowing Ruth Bird & Edith Blake (Ex 7th girls) to attend a short course of Laundry lessons which are being given in the village on Monday afternoons by a County Council instructress.
Mar 8th Average attendance rather lower this week on account of the very rough weather we have had 106.2
Mar 15th Average 107.4
Mar 22nd Attendance poor this week on account of the very cold weather. Many infants away.
Mar 25th Closed school this afternoon. Half-day holiday on account of the Parish Council Election.
Mar 28th Sent after Harry Biddle & Wm Robbins, & find they are playing truant. Have started the second term's examination today.
Apr 5th Finished term's exam: & put results in progress book. Std 2 have improved very much during last term in the way they set their work down. Average this week 115.1 Closed school today for Easter holiday (one week & Good Friday).
Apr 15th Opened school this morning with splendid attendance 129. Have admitted 7 fresh infants [Ralph Frederick Flavell, Marjorie Lily Smith, Florrie Osborne, Lilian Ivy Blake, Albert Edgar Cyril Biddle, Thomas Clarke, Hilda Helena Holman] and the babies class is rather a large one; about 22 being in now.
Apr 19 Average this week 129.5
Apr 26 Average this week 131.8
May 3rd Have promoted Gertrude Ray & Leonard Nichols from Std 2 to Std III. Average this week 127
May 8th Very wet today attendance only 104 & 107
May 10th Average this week 121.7
Apr 17th Average 128.1
May 24th Closed school today for a fortnight's holiday (Whitsuntide)
June 10th Received the results of the Pupil Teacher's Examination, during the holiday. Both of them (Minnie Rainbow 2nd Year and (Jenny Jones 1st Year) have passed well. Opened school this morning with 134 present. Have given up the use of the slates in Std IV-VII Std III will only use them occasionally, and Stds 1 & 2 are doing much of their work on paper
June 14 Average 133
June 21 Average 131.2
June 26 Jenny Jones 2nd Yr. P.T. will be away from school this morning to attend the Science & Art Exam: in Mathematics, at Northampton. A Std VII girl will act as monitor to Miss Gregory this morning

June 26 Art 84 (b) H. Martin

June 28 Average 124.9
July 3 Sent away form IX today
July 5th Average attendance 123.9
July 12th The children have been very restless this week owing to the heat. Average 126.4
July 16th Received a doctor's certificate for Ada Coey who is ill
July 19th Average 125.3
July 22nd Received Inspector's Report

Copy of Inspector's Report

Mixed School "The school is doing very well indeed. The teaching is thorough and suitable and the children are diligent and receptive.
Infant Class "The infants are receiving a sound preparation and show satisfactory promise. I have again to report that the class room is insufficiently lighted. If this cannot be attended to, I shall have to report that the use of the room should be discontinued, and that further accommodation, efficiently lighted, should be provided elsewhere.
Thomas Osborne Clerk
H.H. Middleton (certificated)
F. Middleton (Art 50)
A. Gregory (Art 68)
Minnie Rainbow P.T.
Jane Jones P.T.

July 26th Average attendance 123.8
Aug 1st Finished the last term's exam: today. Closed school today for the Harvest Holidays. Average 128.2
Sept 2 Opened school this morning

Schemes for 1901 -2

History Stds IV - VIISection II (1485-1688)
Geography Stds Iv - VII British Isles, Brit: N. America & Australia
Shall take most of the Object Lessons this year from Book II of Object Lessons for Rural Schools"

Sept 27 Average 127.2
Oct 1st Have put up 5 more children out of the infants into Std 1, which makes the class room rather crowded. I have had to take four children out of Std 2 into main room with 3rd Std
Oct 4th Average 130.2
Oct 11th Average 128.2
Oct 15th Stds 1 & 2 taken out into the fields for their object lesson on "Autumn"
Oct 22nd Have procured some tracing books for Stds 1 & 2 the girls. They like the work very much
Oct 25th Average 128.9
Nov 1st Have started to practice during the singing lesson for the children's concert which will most probably take place Nov 29th & 30th
Nov 4th Had a half day's holiday for the feast
Nov 9th Average this week 123.7
Dec 6th Minnie Rainbow will be away from school next week to attend the King's Scholarship Examination at Northampton
Dec 13th The weather has been rather severe this week and the attendance has suffered in the infant classes: Average 117.7
Dec 16 Shall hold the first term's examination this week, which will perhaps interfere a little with the time-table lessons
Dec 17th Winnie Winterburn Std 3 from Buckingham Bd School is the most backward in this Standard. She is very untidy in her work & backward too
Dec 20th Children's treat this afternoon. Closed school for fortnight's holiday