Castlethorpe School Log Book 1902

Jan 6th Opened school this morning with 118 present. Seven children have left. Most of them are 13 years of age.
Jan 17th Average only 96.9
Jan 31st Still more children are away this week from the Infant Class, partly through cold weather & partly through illness.
Feb 7th
Have received the new illustrated Drawing Syllabus and shall start brush work with the children as soon as I can get the material.
Average a little better this week 92.7
Feb 11th Shrove Tuesday - half holiday this afternoon. Mr. Whiting called in & checked the registers
Feb 21st Average 105.5
Feb 28th Average 104.5
March 10th Visited G. Shaw
Mar 24th Have begun the 2nd term's examination to-day and it may interfere a little with the order of the lessons this week
Mar 26th Minnie Rainbow will be absent this afternoon with permission
Mar 27th Average 106. Closed school this afternoon for Good Friday & Easter week holiday. We shall be obliged to have extra day's holiday on Monday April 7th on account of an election in the school, so shall open school again on Tuesday April 8th
Apr 11th Average this week 120. Stds 3 & 4 know their arith. very well so shall let them go on with a little more advanced work. Average 118.4
Apr 26 Average 120.
Jenny Jones 2nd Yr. P.T. attends the P.T. exam tomorrow at Fenny Stratford
May 6th Visited Allan R. Smith More readers are wanted throughout the school as class should … have to read a book twice in one year. Stand I & II will be taken separately in reading in future
May 16 Average 119.8. Closed school today for a week's holiday (Whitsuntide)
May 31st Received result of P.T.'s exam: Jenny Jones has again passed "Well"
June 2nd Holiday on account of declaration of peace in South Africa
June 20th Closed school for a week's holiday on account of the Coronation
June 30th Opened school with 120 present. Tested 1st Class infants. Their reading and writing are very good. 3 out of the 12 are a little weak in arithmetic.

  The separation of the component parts of the lower groups for Reading has not proved a success; so they will be taken together again - on times suggested to Mr. Middleton.
Thimbles must be provided by the Board in the same manner as all school material is provided.
Slates will never be used in their rooms; they will only be used in the Infants room with the babies & with Class ii during the last term of the Educational year.
Position in desks will be constantly watched & the greatest care will be taken in the Infant's room as regard this matter, & to see that the use of the thimble & screws special attention. Arrangement will be made for another half hour for Physc. Illeg.
I hope that the Board see their way to retaining the services of Minnie Rainbow as an Assistant Teacher.
H 1 July 02
July 7th Have made several alterations in the time table in order to take the lessons as suggested by H.M.I. Two lessons in Geog; will not now be given in the main room at the same time.
July 18 Average 124.2
July 25 Have been conducting the Quarterly exams this week.
July 31st
Copy of Inspector's Report

Mixed School "This school is fully maintaining its reputation. I am much pleased with it.
Infant Class "The infants are being carefully taught and kindly treated. The lighting of the classroom has been improved by the glazing of the partition but it is not even now, a really well lighted room." Thomas Osborne Clerk

Aug 1st Closed school this afternoon for the Midsummer Holiday - one month. Minnie Rainbow left Aug: 1st 1902.
Sept 8th Opened school - having had the extra week's holiday owing to late harvest.
Sept 12 Have commenced new work of all standards. Average 113.1
Sept 26 Average 117.4
Oct 3rd Average 118.4 Edith Panter a former scholar has started as a Candidate on Probation. Having been left school a time, she is rather backward with her studies but she is very willing and eager to do her best.
Oct 17th Average 117.4
Oct 24 Have started practising for school concert during the singing lessons. Average 120.5
Oct 31 Average 123.2
Nov 3rd Closed school this afternoon for the feast.
Nov 7th Average this week 118.51902
Nov 14 Average 119.1 Children's Concert tonight & tomorrow night.
Nov 21 Average this week 114.2

Staff for 1902 - 3

H.H. Middleton certificated: Stds IV - VII
F. Middleton Art 50 Stds I & II
J. Jones P.T. Std III
A. Gregory Art 68 Infants
E. Panter Candidate

Geog for 1902

Stds 1, 2, & 3 as in code
Stds 4 to 7 British Isles, Chief fact concerning Africa & Asia

Dec 5th Average attendance 113
Dec 12th Have been examining 1st Class in the 1st term's History & Geography. The weakest were Rosa Clarke, Charlotte Gobbey, Ethel Kightley, Chas. Worker, & W. Coey. The rest of the class did very well in these subjects.
Dec 23rd Closed school this morning for Christmas holiday. Shall re-open on Jan 5th 1903