Castlethorpe School Log Book 1903

Jan 5th Opened school this morning. Have admitted this week three boys named Holt. They are most backward. John, the eldest is 13 in May and cannot do Std 2 work.
Average this week 111
Jan 19th Jenny Jones who sat for Scholarship last Xmas, has by permission of the Bd started work under Hanslope Bd. Mr. G. Rainbow called in and tested registers.
Jan 23rd Average attendance 110.7
Jan 27th Amy Manning appointed by the Board as Candidate in place of Jenny Jones.
Feb 6th Average 118.2
Feb 11th
Visited. The desking arrangement of the Infants gallery is unsatisfactory; it should be re-modelled on lines illeg to Hc Tr G. Shaw
Feb 24 Half holiday today - Shrove Tuesday.
Mar 6 Average attendance 113.4
Mar 13 Having started 1st Class learning "The building of the ship" by Longfellow; as they have now learnt several choice extracts from Shakespeare's plays.
Mar 20 Average attendance 116
Apr 7th Mr. Rainbow, called in this afternoon and checked the registers. Have been holding the term's exam: for all standards this week.
Apr 9th Closed school today (Thursday) for Easter holiday - (Easter week).
Apr 24 Average this week 114.5
May 5th Had notice of Labour certificate examination at Newport Pagnell on May 30th
May 15 Average attendance 112.1
May 18 '03 Visit & Inspection A.J. Whitworth
May 29 Closed school for Wit-week
June 8th Reopened with 107 present. During the holiday the desks in the baby - room have been attended to according to the suggestions of the inspector
June 19 Average attendance 113.4
June 26 Edith Panter away today - ill. Average 109.8 Several children ill this week. Have tested Stds 3 & 4 in Arithmetic this week & find they do it very well. The weakest are Clara Smith & W. Taylor of Std 3.
  The ventilation system will require attention. The trapdoors in the ceiling produce down drafts illeg proper inlet The remodelling of the babies gallery heating cannot be .. try it on such a .. time and it chokes the little room terribly.
The seat of the boy's offices should be kept clean H. 29.6.03
July 24 Several children are away with very bad coughs especially in the infant's class. Average 103.5
July 31 School closed for Bank Holiday week. During the week the report for the year was received from H.M.I.

Copy of Report fro 1902 - 3

Mixed School "Very good order is maintained and the school is in its usual efficient condition. The use of slates ought to be entirely discontinued and the habit of answering in sentences more freely cultivated. The system of ventilation is an inefficient one"
Infant Class "The infant are kindly handled by Miss Gregory and their progress is generally satisfactory"
The babies' gallery as remodelled is a failure. It should be removed and replaced by babies' desks. Writing cannot be taught on the present structure. The ventilation here, will require attention."

Schemes for 1903 - 4

History Stds 1, 2, & 3 Stories from History
Stds 4 to 7 Section 1 (BC55 to 1485AD)
Geog: Stds 1, 2, & 3 As in code
Stds 4 to 7 British Isles & Europe
Recit: Stds 1, 2, & 3 Several short extracts
Stds 4 to 7 100 lines "Horatius"

Staff 1903 - 4

H.H. Middleton (Certificated) Stds 4 to 7
F. Middleton (Art 50 ) Stds 1 & 2
A. Manning Probation Helps with Std 3
A. Gregory (Art 68) Infants
E. Panter Probation Helps with Infants

Aug 10th Opened school this morning only 90 present
Aug 14 Average 89.9
Aug 21st The attendance is still very poor owing to illness (chiefly whooping cough).
Average 87.6.
School closed today for Harvest Holiday (one month).
Sept 21st Opened school this morning
Sept 25th Mr. G. Rainbow came in this afternoon and checked the registers
Oct 1st The New Education Act (1902) takes effect throughout Bucks from today, by which this school comes under the New Authority
Oct 16 Average 118
Oct 23 Have started to do a little practicing for the school concert during the singing lesson. Average 118.3. The attendance during the last fortnight has been exceptionally good
Oct 28 Mr. Richardson one of the managers called this afternoon
Oct 30 Average 116.7
Nov 2nd Half holiday today because of Castlethorpe Feast
Nov 13 Mrs. Amos one of the managers came this afternoon. Average 119.2
Nov 20th Average this week 119.3
Nov 27th Children's Concert will be given tonight and tomorrow night
Dec 1st Examined Registers and found them correct. A. Masterman
Dec 10th Mrs. Amos one of the managers visited school this afternoon. Examined Std 4 this afternoon and find them well advanced already in their arithmetic. Emily Allen, just admitted is the weakest
Dec 11th Average attendance 109.8 rather lower than usual on account of the bad weather
Dec 18 Have removed E. Allen from 4th Std to 3rd as she is so very backward. Have been conducting the 1st term's Exam: this week. The year's work is very well advanced already. Average attendance 116.8 94%
Dec 23 Breaking up today (Wednesday) for Xmas Holiday: Shall resume school on Jan 4th 04