Castlethorpe School Log Book 1904

Jan 4th  
  Opened school this morning after Xmas holiday. Removed Nelly Coey from Infant's Class to Std 1. Bertie Markham is still too weak for Std 1. Mr. Masterman, one of the managers called in today
Jan 6th 04 Visited the school Anthony Wallis
Jan 11th Have made several alterations in the timetable in accordance with suggestions from inspector.
Jan 15 Attendance rather low this week partly from sickness and partly through bad weather. There are two cases of measles among the children.
Jan 19 Mr. C.G. Watkins the Secretary to the Bucks County Education Committee paid a visit to the school this afternoon.
Jan 27 Another case of measles - three children away in consequence. Weather has been a little better and attendance too. Average this week 106.2
Feb 12 The attendance has been much better this week than last, although the weather has been very bad. One more case of measles today. Average 112.7
Feb 16 Closed the school this afternoon for a half holiday (Shrove Tuesday). Two more cases of measles this week.
Feb 17 Amy Manning will be absent tomorrow afternoon with permission.
Feb 22 Minnie Rainbow a former P.T. commenced duties this morning as Art 50. The master will be absent this afternoon with permission from managers, having been called away urgently.
Feb 26 Average this week 113
March 8th Visited (84a) G. Shaw
Mar 8th Mrs Amos, one of the manages visited the school this afternoon.
Mar 16th Mr. Richardson visited the school this morning.
Mar 17 Very poor attendance today - twenty three absent - some through colds.
March 25 Checked registers and found them correct A. Masterman
March 25th Attendance better this week. Have started the Easter term examination.
March 31 Finished the Easter term exam: and criticisms thereon: Break up today for Easter Holiday. Open school on Apr 11th '04
Apr 11th Opened school this morning after Easter Holidays.
Apr 12th Miss K. Sawbridge of Church End School Hanslope commenced temporary duties here while the Hanslope school is closed through fever.
Apr 29th Several of Std IV do their arithmetic so well that I shall allow them to work with Std 5 part of their arithmetic lessons. Std 5 require a great deal of arithmetic as they, on the contrary are rather weak.
May 3rd Miss Sawbridge discontinued duties here.
May 13th Two probationers, Edith Panter & Amy Manning attend P.T. exam: at Fenny Stratford tomorrow.
May 20th Labour certificate examination at Newport Pagnell. Seven are attending the examination from this school. Close school today for a week's holiday (Whitsuntide).
May 30th Opened school this morning after Whitweek Holiday. Heard from correspondent that all seven candidates for labour certificate had passed. Six have left.
June 10 Average 109.9
June 13/04 Visited the school A.J. Whitworth
June 20th Received notice from the correspondent that Amy Manning had passed the recent examination as Candidate for pupilteachership, and that Edith Panter had failed.
June 29 Have admitted 3 boys (Brown) from Cosgrove. They are rather backward boys, and seem strangers to discipline
July 1st Average attendance 117.9
July 12th Had a half-holiday today. Children had a treat at Hatton Court
July 15 Average 120.7
July 29 As Edith Panter failed at the examination in May last, she discontinues duties here today.
Close school today for Midsummer Holiday (5 weeks)
Sept 5 Opened school this morning with 114 present
Sept 6 Received H.M. Inspector's report which is as follows:-

Report for 1903 - 4

Mixed school "The upper school is pursing a steady and useful career. Order is entirely satisfactory and there is a nice tone among the children. The instruction is given with much pains and is bearing good fruit."
The cleaning of the boy's offices is still shamefully neglected by the caretaker. The entry which I made in the Logbook last year has done no good whatsoever. The ventilation still remains unsatisfactory."
Infant Class "The Infant Class is in generally good condition. Some weakness is visible in the babies' class which, however, is taught under unfavourable conditions. The huge gallery is still in use and the room is badly lighted."

Sept 6th Mr. Masterman, one of the managers called and left visitor's book. Amy Manning is away from school this week at the Pupil Teachers' centre Newport Pagnell. As we are a teacher short, through Edith Panter having left I am allowing an elder girl to help Miss Gregory occasionally.
Sept 19 James Cowley Luing commenced duties as monitor.
Sept 29 Checked Registers this afternoon and found them correct A. Masterman.
Oct 6th Mr. Luing, chairman of the managers, called this afternoon and checked the registers.
Oct 7th Had a half-holiday this afternoon, as the attendance during the past month has been over 94%
Oct 21st History for this year in Stds IV to VII is from 1485 to 1688. Geography of British Empire.
Oct 31st The Clerk of the works visited the school this morning to enquire about the alteration necessary for proper ventilation, as suggested in last year's report. Half-holiday this afternoon for the feast.
Nov 4th Average 117
Nov 11th Average attendance 119.5. Have started to practice for the concert (on Nov: 25th & 26th) during the singing lessons.
Nov 18 A half-holiday this afternoon on account of good attendance during October.
Dec 9th Average attendance 115.8
Dec 12th Shall start the first term examination this week.
Dec 21st Have finished the quarterly examination today, Close school toady for a week's holiday