Castlethorpe School Log Book 1905

Jan 2nd Was unable to open school today. During the holiday the ventilation has been attended to, and the workmen did not finish till Saturday leaving no time for the school to be got ready for today. Shall open school tomorrow Jan 3rd.
Jan 13th Average 119.5. New desks for baby room arrived.
Jan 16th The school was very cold this morning, the temperature of the main room being only 34° - at 8.30a.m.
Jan 20th Average 118.3
Feb 3rd Having holiday this afternoon as the attendance during the last month has been over 94%
Feb 10th Average attendance 120.6. we are trying to get as much of the year's work finished by Easter so that children may be promoted after Easter holidays, in accordance with the regulations of the Education Committee ( E 35)
Feb 15th Received from Correspondent Form P.T. 12, giving the terms of the engagement of Amy Manning as P.T.
Feb 17th Mrs. Amos, one of the managers visited today
Feb 20th Amy Manning has been informed that she will be allowed to sit for Scholarship exam: at Xmas this year, so will be at the centre again this week
Mar 2nd I did not learn till yesterday that Cosgrove school is closed on account of measles, As May Stonton, whose parents have just removed to Cosgrove, attends this school I have sent her home until Cosgrove school re-opens, when the village will be free from measles.
Mar 10th Received word from Educ: Office that James Luing will not be old enough to take candidates examination till April 1906
Mar 13th The labour certificate examination takes place at Wolverton on Apr: 14th
Mar 20th Six children will present themselves at this examination, from this school
Mar 24th Average 115.5 (117) on books
March 30 Checked registers this afternoon and found them correct. A. Masterman
Mar 30th Shall close school this afternoon for the monthly half holiday, on account of good attendance.
Apr 14th Labour certificate examination today at Wolverton School. Six children are attending it from here. I have marked them present. Have commenced the 2nd term exam this week
Apr 20th Closed school today for one week's holiday. Have learned the 5 out of the six have passed the labour exam
May 4th James Luing, the probationer will be examined on May 13th - the preliminary exam - conducted by the C.C.
May 19 Half holiday to - day
  Anthony Wallis 22.v.05
H 7.6.05

The probationer James Luing, may be employed in the upper (illeg) subjects, in accordance with the regulations, at the illeg of the Headmaster. But he should not be employed to take the babies, alone, in their classroom. Other arrangements should be made for them instruction on days on which the P.T. is at the Centre

June 9th Close today for a week's holiday (Whitsuntide)

Copy of the Inspector's Report 1905

"This is a good school. The tone is pleasing, the instruction is thoughtfully given, and the children are happy." "The Infant class is doing fairly well." "When the pupil teacher is absent at centre in alternate weeks the babies are left in charge of a boy probationer from the upper school. This is obviously a most unsatisfactory arrangement. Alfred N. Nicholson correspondent

June 19th Opened school this morning after Whit-holiday
Staff at present:-
H.H. Middleton certificated master
F. Middleton Art 50
M. Rainbow Art 50
A. Gregory Art 68
A. Manning P.T.
Jas Luing Probationer
June 27 Checked registers this morning and found them correct A. Masterman
June 29th Since the receipt of the Inspector's report in which he objects to James Luing having charge of the babies' class, I have sent Minnie Rainbow to help in the infant room during the time Amy Manning is away at the centre. I find that this arrangement works very satisfactory. J. Luing during that time takes charge of Std 3
July 14th The percentage of attendance during the last three weeks has been excellent, being over 97 per cent.
July 25th The children will have a half-holiday today for their school treat at Hatton Court, also on Thursday afternoon on the occasion of a bazaar being held in the village
Aug 4th Closed school today for midsummer holidays
Sept 11th Reopened school after holidays. Mrs. Middleton will be absent some weeks. During that time Miss Louie Quixley is doing duty here.
Sept 26th Checked Registers this morning & found them correct Edw Richardson
Oct 2nd Miss Quixley is unable to do temporary duty here any longer, so a monitor is being appointed for the babies' class for the month of October as the Education Committee are unable to supply another temporary assistant.
Oct 13th There are several children away, ill with severe colds, consequently the attendance has been rather poor this week, the percentage being only 89.8.
Oct 14th Visited C.B. Watkins
Oct 30th Closed school this afternoon - Half holiday for the feast
Nov 1st Mrs. Middleton resumed school duties this morning
Nov 10th The attendance has improved very much 95% for last two weeks
Nov 16th The school is very cold this week. The temperature this morning at 9 o'clock is only 46°
Nov 22nd Have started to practice for concert. Shall take the songs in the ordinary singing lesson
Nov 24th Percentage this week is 97. Received circular E.69 re keeping of registers and E 71 re Exclusion of children under 5 and E 70 the Periodical circular to Managers
Nov 29th Received notice that Violet Panter had passed the Preliminary Examination for Probationers held Nov 13th. She now commences to receive instruction as a probationer. Have admitted Nelly Valentine this week from Stoke Bruerne. She is eleven years of age, & is only in Std 3. Her work too is very intidy
Dec 1st Visited G. Shaw
Dec 21 Checked and found Registers correct this morning A. Masterman
Dec 21st Closed school for Xmas Holiday