Castlethorpe School Log Book 1906

Jan 1st During the Xmas holiday some alterations to girls' offices. As the work is not quite completed, we cannot open school till tomorrow.
Jan 8th Have made out new schemes in History for both classes today.
Jan 19th Have made out new timetable for Infants today according to inspector's last suggestions. Am sending it to inspector for approval.
Jan 28th Received timetable back from Inspector not approved as the lessons are too long.
Feb 2nd Half holiday today for month's attendance.
Feb 12th Received Form E 74 from the correspondent. (Periodical Instructions to Managers).
Feb 27th Shrove Tuesday - the usual half holiday today.
Mar 5th Received Form E 72, 75 from correspondent (Periodical Instructions to managers & form about school gardens.
Mar 7th Have readmitted Elsie Coey. She is over nine tears of age, but owing to illness and deficiency she will have to remain in infant class for sometime yet.
Mar 16th Percentage of attendance this week is 96.6
Mar 27th Miss Gregory is absent this morning through illness. Mrs. Middleton will take the infants during her absence. Miss Gregory has not attended school today
Mar 28th Mr. Richardson one of the managers called this morning and tested the registers. Miss Gregory has not been to school today
Mar 29th Mr. Shaw and Mr. Tunaley the drawing inspector visited this afternoon and saw the children's drawing. They suggested that the girls should be taught drawing (especially I, II & III), so drawing will be taken on Wednesday afternoons in future by all the children instead of needlework.
Apr 9th Miss Gregory returned to school after illness
Apr 12th Closed school this morning for Easter Holidays. Mr. Whiting called this morning to check registers
April 23rd Opened school this morning after week's holiday. Efficient children were promoted and new work started.
The geography for the 1st Class (Stds IV to VII this year will be British Isles and the chief facts concerning the most important of the British Colonies & Dependencies
April 25th Mr. Richardson called and checked registers
May 12th Received notice that children under 5 may be again admitted
May 18th We are having a half holiday gained by good attendance during the past month
May 21st Have admitted several children under 5 and the number under 5 is now 21
  Anthony Wallis 23.v.06
June 1st Close school this morning for Whitsuntide Holiday
June 15 Have admitted 5 children this week which brings the total on books to 127 - Percentage this week is 95.5. Average 121.3
June 18th Have 3 children absent this morning through ringworm
June 25th Received Circular E 79 - Circular to Managers & Form E 50
July 20th Half day holiday today on account of the annual treat at Hatton Court. Average attendance 123.4
July 21st Leonard Nichols who was examined for Pupil - Teacher scholarship has been successful and will start at the Technical School Wolverton next term
Aug 3rd Closed school for Midsummer Holiday to Sept 10th
Sept 10th During the holidays the school walls and ceilings have been cleaned and distempered. James Luing starts at the P.T. centre next week, and will be at school in alternate weeks
Sept 24th Miss E. M. Rainbow is away from school through illness
Oct 5th Have had rather an awkward week this week owing to absence of Miss Rainbow and the P.T. J. Luing at the centre
Oct 5th Shall close school this afternoon for a half holiday gained by good attendance
Oct 12 The two boys Charles & Harry Lane have been truanting many times during the past three weeks: I punished them when they came this morning.
Oct 18th Miss E. M. Rainbow is not yet able to start school.
Nov 5th Shall close school a half day today on account of the feast. Have commenced to practice for the school concert. Shall take the songs during the singing lessons.
Nov 12th Miss E. M. Rainbow started school again this morning.
Nov 16th Average attendance 108.6
Nov 23rd Children's Annual Concert tonight and tomorrow night.
Nov 26th The master is not able to continue at school today owing to illness.
Dec 3rd Master resumed duties this morning.
Dec 10th Shall start the 2nd term's examination this week. The school was very cold indeed when we stated work this morning, the temperature being at 9 o'clock only 40 degrees.
Dec 20th Children's treat in school this afternoon. Shall close school for a week's holiday for Xmas.
Dec 31st Opened school this morning. The weather is very cold & consequently there are a good number away.