Castlethorpe School Log Book 1907

Jan 4th Mr. Shaw visited the school this afternoon to see the children's drawing.
Jan 9th Mr. Fisher the attendance officer visited this morning.
Jan 14th Received Circular E 83, A. 6 & A 7. from Education office.
Jan 21st Mr. Fisher visited this morning.
Jan 24th James Luing is away from school with a bad cold. The weather is very severe and several children are absent in consequence.
Jan 30th James Luing is still absent on account of illness. The aster will be away from school this afternoon to attend the opening of the New Technical School Wolverton, on the invitation of the Bucks County Council.
Jan 31st Mr. Abbott (in connection with Bd of Educ) called to see if there were any chance of forming an Evening school.
Feb 4th Mr. Fisher, attendance officer called this morning. James Luing started school again.
Feb 5th The attendance today is rather low. We have a few cases of mumps among the children.
  Anthony Wallis 6.ii.07
Feb 7th We have a few more cases of mumps in the school and the attendance has suffered in consequence.
Feb 12th Am closing the school this afternoon for the usual half holiday (Shrove Tuesday). Received Circular E 84 - Periodical Circular to Managers
Feb 20th
Copy of Inspector's Report

"The school is in thoroughly good order. The teaching is on sound progressive lines; it would be even more efficient if in all the work more effort was demanded on the part of the children. The more they can be encouraged to think and to work for themselves, the better for them.
The infants are bright and happy and not at all shy. This class is certainly improving. Notation should receive attention on the lines indicated to the teacher.
Premises. The infant room seems to get too cold during the winter months. This may be on account of insufficient attention being given to the hot water apparatus. Further means of warming will be required if the room cannot be kept at a proper temperature.

Mar 6th James Luing is away from school through illness. The attendance is still very poor. Most of those absent, are away through colds.
Mar 11 Miss Gregory is away from school this morning through illness. James Luing is back again.
Mar 14 Miss Gregory back again today.
Mar 18 Am starting the 3rd term exam: this week.
Mar 25 Parish Council Election at 12 Half day holiday.
Mar 28 Closed school today (Thursday at 12) for Easter Holiday.
Apr 8th Opened school this morning after Easter holiday. James Luing starts at centre next Tuesday.
Apr 15th Have admitted several children this week which brings no: on books up to 115.
Apr 22nd Harry & Charles Lane of Lincoln Lodge have started to attend badly again in spite of their parents repeatedly being warned.
Apr 24 Mr. Richardson one of the managers called this morning.
The geography for 1st Class this year is Europe & British Isles.
Apr 26th Mr Fisher called today
H.H. Middleton Cert: Master Stds 4 to 7
F. Middleton Art 50 Stds 1 & 2
M. Rainbow Art 50 Std 3 & assists with 4
J. Luing P.T.
A. Gregory Art 68 Infants
V. Panter Probation Infants
May 1st Mr. Watkins, secretary of Educn. Committee, called this afternoon.
May 2nd Received Circular E 85 to Managers & Teachers.
May 6th Charles and Harry Lane who are most irregular in the attendance, came to school but I found they had ringworm and sent them home.
May 8th Mr. Fisher, attendance officer called today.
May 17th Closed school today for Whitsuntide Holiday (one week).
May 27 Opened school this morning.
May 30 Had notice from Educ: Office Aylesbury of the Educational Conference at Aylesbury on Thursday June 6th when all school in Bucks will be closed to allow teachers to attend it.
June 3rd Received Circular E 86 to teachers & managers.
June 7th Received notice that Violet Panter as passed the Senior P.T. exam: held on May 11th last.
June 13th Mr. Fisher called again today, when I reported to him the bad attendance of Charles & Harry Lane.
July 2nd Received Circular E 87 to teacher & managers.
July 15th Mr. Fisher called today.
July 22nd Have commenced the quarterly examination this week.
July 29th Mr. Fisher called today.
Aug 1st Close school today for Midsummer holiday (5 weeks).
Sept 9th Opened school this morning again. Admitted 5 children. Harry & Chas Lane are away still. Mr. Fisher called to enquire about absentees. James Luing & Violet Panter, the two P.T.s will attend school this term and will be away at the centre every Wednesday afternoon.
Sept 11th Mr. Richardson called this morning.
Sept 18th Mr. Masterman visited the school this morning.
Sept 24th Mr. Fisher called this morning to enquire about absentees.
Oct 3rd Shall take concert songs in the singing lessons from now up to concert.
Oct 4th Mr. Fisher called.
Oct 9th It is inconvenient to take drawing while the P.T. (who takes Stds I & II) is at the centre on Wednesday afternoons. Up to Xmas I am taking Wednesday afternoon lessons on Thursday & Thursday afternoon lessons on Wednesday afternoon.
Oct 14th Mr. Fisher called this morning.
Oct 19th Mr. Mapley one of our managers visited today.
Oct 23rd Mr. Fisher called this morning.
Nov 4th Received Circular E 89 & 90 and also New Syllabus of Religious Instruction.
Nov 4th Which comes into operation on Jan 1st 1908. Owing to the Feast we are having a half holiday this afternoon. Mr. Fisher called this morning
Nov 15th Children's annual concert, tonight and tomorrow night.
Nov 22 Attendance officer called today.
  H 26.xi. 07
Dec 3rd Received Circular E 91 & E 92. Re. "Visitation of Schools by Teacher" & Periodical Circular to Managers & Teachers
Dec 10th Mr. Fisher called yesterday. Have started the second term's examinations
Dec 17th Have finished the term's examinations today
Dec 20th Closed school today for Christmas Holidays (a fortnight)