Castlethorpe School Log Book 1908

Jan 6th Opened school this morning. Received particulars of Minor Schol: Exam & Circular 1. 1908 to teachers & managers.
Jan 7th Mr. Fisher called this morning.
Jan 14th The two pupil teachers James Luing and Violet Panter started at Wolverton Centre again today. Under the present arrangement they will continue there until Easter 1909.
As Miss Gregory has no help now with the infants, I shall have to re-arrange a few lessons so as to spare the assistant, Minnie Rainbow to help her occasionally.
Feb 11th Mr. Fisher called this morning and took the attendance of Harry and Charles Lane who have been attending school very irregularly during the past few weeks.
  Visited School March 2nd 1908 J. Luing
Mar 3rd Closed for a half holiday this afternoon (Shrove Tuesday).
Received circular 9, 50E from Education Office.
Mar 16th Mr. Whiting called this afternoon and looked at some of the children's work.
Mar 24th Mr. Fisher called this morning to see the state of attendance.
Apr 14th Mr. Fisher called this morning.
Apr 15th Olive Nichols is 7 yrs of age but through illness has been away from school a great deal. Consequently she is very backward & will be kept in infant room a little longer.
Apr 16th Close school this morning (Thursday) for Easter Holiday (1 week).
Have learned today that the two boys Lane have been sent away to a school owing to their irregular attendance.
Apr 27th Opened school this morning and have promoted children to new standards. Several infants are away owing to the cold and snow. James Luing and Violet Panter do not start at the centre till tomorrow so are coming to school this week.
May 2nd Received Circular 102H and 98E to managers & teachers.
May 5th Mr. Fisher called today.
May 25th This year's geography is British Empire & British Isles for the 1st Class (Stds IV to VII.
June 1st Have started to take a little clay-modelling with Stds IV to VII on Friday afternoons as well as with the lower standards.
June 5th Closed school this morning for Whitsuntide holiday (1 week).
June 15th Opened school with 102 present this morning. During the temporary absence of Mrs. Middleton, Mrs. Curran of Wolverton will take her place. Mrs. Curran commenced duties this morning.
June 16th Miss M. Rainbow is absent from school this afternoon with permission to attend a relative's funeral.
  Colin B. Hunt June 22 '08
June 29th The attendance of the infants is very low owing to the fact that many of them have colds and coughs
July 9th Received Circulars 146H, 149E and Books of Medical Inspection Forms
July 13th Amended timetable according to Mr. Kenny-Herbert's suggestions & sent it for approval.
July 17th Received timetable back from Mr. Kenny-Herbert, with several more alterations on it and a letter of suggestions.
Received the School Report for 1908. The following is a copy.
Copy of Report made by H.M.I. Mr. Kenny Herbert after visit of June 22nd 1908.
Mixed "This school is exerting a good influence. The instruction is earnest and thoughtful, the children's attainments are mostly up to a good level and their bearing is pleasing.
Infants. The infants are kindly handled and are making satisfactory progress. Writing and drawing will, I hope, be taken on lines indicated.
Premises The heating arrangements are apparently inadequate".
Sept 7th Opened school with 113 present. During the holiday, the furnace of the heating apparatus has been improved and most probably the school will be better warmed during the coming winter. James Luing & Violet Panter, the two P.T.s will remain at school for the next eight weeks. Mrs. Middleton resumes duties this morning.
Sept 22nd Mr. Fisher called this morning.
Sept 23rd Wm. Brice started school again this morning. He has been away so much through ringworm & other illness that he seems unable to do the work of Std IV. He will most probably have to work with Std III again.
Oct 5th Received Circulars 214E, & 201E to Managers and teachers.
Oct 24th Received notice that Jas Luing must commence at Centre next week (Nov 3rd) Miss Gregory will now need a little assistance with the babies class.
Nov 2nd Day's holiday, one half day for feast - other half day for good attendance.
Nov 3rd James Luing started at Centre this morning.
Nov 9th Have started to fill in medical forms as far as I am able.
Am using the singing lessons now for practising the items of Children's Concert.
Have got 3 cases of Ringworm in school.
Received Circular 239E.
Dec 8th Children's concert was given Dec 4th & 5th. Received Inspector's Report which is as follows:- Nov 19th 1908 (date of visit).
Infants "Miss Gregory cannot manage the whole of this class of 36 children single-handed. Help is urgently needed."
Dec 14th Eva K. West who is 14 years old - started as monitor to help Miss Gregory with the babies.
Dec 23rd Break up today fro Xmas holidays - Reopen school on Jan 5th 1909.
James Luing has received notice of dismissal so that we have now no pupil teacher attached to the school.