Castlethorpe School Log Book 1909

Jan 5th Opened school this morning after Christmas holiday. Mr. Fisher called this morning
Jan 15th The school continues to be very cold the first thing in the morning. The temperature at 9 o'clock is as a rule about 44°.
Jan 24th The school was comfortably warm this morning - the temperature at 9 o'clock being 52°.
Feb 8th Received Circular 250E: 1908 and 226E 1909.
Feb 19th We are having a whole day's holiday on Monday next instead of having a half holiday on Shrove Tuesday.
Mar 2nd Received Circular 54E 1909
Mar 10th Mr. Fisher called this morning. The school has been more comfortable as regards warmth, than it was last winter owing to an improvement in the stove of heating apparatus.
Mar 24th We find it very inconvenient & unsatisfactory to take a short needlework lesson with 1st Class girls on Thursday afternoons, so I have made a slight alteration in the time table & the Wednesday's lesson is continued for half an hour longer and the dictation taken on Thursday afternoon instead.
Apr 2nd Received Circular 45, 1909 also 46, 1909.
Apr 7th Winnie Greaves who is 7 years of age seems mentally deficient and will be retained in the Infant Class for another year.
Apr 8th Closed school this morning (Thursday) for Easter Holiday (1 week & Good Friday).
Apr 19th Opened school this morning and promoted most of the children. Eleven from the infants came into Standard one.
Stds. IV to VII Geography this year is Europe and special reference to British Isles.
May 6th Dr. Carruthers, the Medical Officer for the County Council Education Committee visited the school this morning. Several parents came to see him concerning their children. About twenty special cases were brought to his notice.
May 28th Closed school this noon for Whitsuntide Holiday.
June 7th Opened school this morning with 104 present.
Received circular 145E 1909
June 15th Mr. Fisher called this morning - only 3 absent.
June 24th Mr. Hunt (H.M.I.) visited the school today.
July 8th Received the Inspector's report. The following is a copy of the same;-
Received Circ: 175E 1909
Mixed "Good influences are at work here. The children are bright and show real interest in their work, and the instruction is on the whole of a stimulating and intelligent kind, incorporating new ideas. Stds Vi and VII numbering 23 children, are to some extent treated as an advanced section, I am glad to find. The more they are set to study and work for themselves - under supervision, - and the less they are combined with Stds IV and V, the more they will grow in self-reliance and initiative. The newly started school library, especially if it encourages home reading, should add a fresh interest to the work. The lowest class is taken as a junior division and it is taught effectively, especially in Arithmetic and Clay modelling. The children are responsive.
Attention was directed to methods of making story and other such lessons appeal vividly to their imaginations. Composition is now a creditable subject. The top class write clearly and in full detail. Singing is pleasing.
Infants "The work is being presented in a varied and suitable manner, and the children are getting a good impression of life and work in school.
Free arm drawing in mass and outline will, I hope, be adopted."

Alfred N. Nicholson Correspondent

July 21st Checked Registers this morning and found them correct. A. Masterman
July 29th Closed School today for 5 weeks Midsummer Holiady.
Sept 6th Opened school this morning with 97 present.
During the holiday 2 children have had measles. From what I can ascertain it originated from a child visiting the home of the 2 children. As a consequence there are now 3 other cases of measles among the children.
Sept 9th Received Circular 228E this morning.
Sept 20th I have had 20 mores cases of measles reported to me, with the result that only 45 children are present today out of 112. I have reported the cases to the Medical Officer of Health and also to the Education Medical Officer.
Sept 21st Received notice to close the school for a time on account of measles. 40 present this morning. Received telegram from the correspondent at 11 a.m.
Oct 2nd Received Circular 247E re marking of registers & Physical Exercises
Oct 25th Have been closed for measles nearly five weeks. Opened school this morning with very good attendance. Shall not be able to give a children's concert this year as we cannot spare any time for practice.
Nov 2nd Arthur Owen attended school today. He has been absent since May 14th last with ringworm. He is 12 years of age and a dull boy. I have put him in Std III although he is scarcely fit for that class.
Nov 3rd Have separated Stds 6 & 7 from Stds 4 & 5 in most of the lessons as they are well able to be going on with more advanced work.
Nov 17th Am practicing a little in the singing lessons for the Children's concert which takes place on Dec 11th
Dec 2nd Checked registers this afternoon and found them correct. A. Masterman
Dec 7th Received Circular 269E re holidays etc.
Dec 22nd Closed school today for Christmas holidays (a week & 2 days). We shall re-open school on Jan 3rd. 1910. the children's treat will takes place today also. Eva West discontinued to act as monitor on Dec 17th 1909