Castlethorpe School Log Book 1910

Jan 3rd Opened school this morning, and 101 were present.
Jan 17th Several children have lately left and in consequence the numbers on books are rather lower than usual - 104 on books at present.
Jan 27th The attendance this week has been very bad. Owing to very cold weather, many children are away with colds. This morning we have only 83 here.
Feb 7th Received the following circulars from Correspondent 262E 19E 1910
Feb 18th Had a half holiday this afternoon.
Mar 9th Mr. Fisher called this morning and found the attendance very satisfactory.
Mar 14th Shall start the term exam: this week.
Mar 23rd Close school today (Wednesday) for Easter Holiday, (1 week & 2 days).
Apr 4th Opened school this morning and promoted those children who were fit for promotion.
Apr 11th The Geography of 1st Class this year will be the British Empire.
Apr 18 Received Circulars 50E & 97M 1910 to managers & teachers.
May 2nd Have admitted five children this week which brings no: on books exclusive of infants to 90. It is the smallest infant class we have had for years.
May 12th Closed school today (Thursday) for Whitsuntide holiday.
May 23rd Opened school this morning after one week's holiday.
May 27th Shall allow 1st class to make wind and weather chart for June & take daily observations of the weather for next month.
June 1st Mr. Fisher called in this morning.
June 3rd Received Circular 136E (Announcements to teachers and managers) also from 171E (Board of Education Form - return as to numbers of children of various ages).
June 15th I sent Winnie West of Std 1, home this morning as her head was verminous and needed attention.
June 20th Received notice that Medical Officer will visit this school on Wednesday the 22nd June.
June 22nd Medical Officer visited today & examined several children.
June 29th Received Form 9 from Correspondent.
Checked Registers this morning. A. Masterman
June 30th Violet Lane is attending the Oral Test exam in connection with Minor Scholarship at Wolverton, so will be marked present.
July 12 1910 A.J. Whitworth
July 14th Shall start the term examinations on Monday next.
July 15th Am closing school this afternoon for a half holiday.
July 25th Checked Registers & found correct. A. Masterman
July 27th Mr. Richardson called this morning.
July 28th Closed school today for Midsummer Holiday 5 week. Shall re-open on Sept 5th
Sept 2nd During the holiday we have received the Report from H.M.I. (Dated 16 Aug: 1910) The following is a copy of the same:-
Inspector's Report 1910
Mixed "The school is fully efficient. The children are on excellent terms with their teachers and they display an interest in their lessons which is wholly pleasing, while the teaching generally is full of watchful care and thought.
The First class is doing well all round, but I would single out for special mention the intelligent answering in Oral Arithmetic, the reading of the girls and the Carton modelling.
The Second Class is also in satisfactory condition. The pencil drawing might be less heavy in execution.
The Third Class, the junior section of the school, is ably taught and the children respond well to efforts made on their behalf. The lessons in Practical Arithmetic call for high praise, Composition is credible, and Reading is very satisfactory. Modelling in Plasticine is very fair on the whole."
Infants' Division Considering that the teacher is single handed, the children are making generally satisfactory progress. Reading and Papercutting are the most successful features of the work. Writing should be less heavy. Observation Lessons will be all the better now that their true aim and intention are fully understood. Modelling in plasticine is open to considerable improvement."
The staff at present is as follows:-
H.H. Middleton certificated
F. Middleton uncertificated Art 50
E.M. Rainbow uncertificated Art 50
Annie Gregory Supplementary Teacher

Alfred N. Nicholson Correspondent

Sept 7th Mr. Richardson, one of the managers, called in this morning and checked the registers.
Sept 26th Examined registers and found numbers correct G. C. Nichols
Oct 17th We are using a new arithmetic book this term in all classes & like it much better. It is the Rational Arithmetic by G. Ricks.
Oct 25th Answered another enquiry from Education secretary re number of girls eligible for cookery lessons.
Oct 26th Have started practising a little in the singing lessons for the annual concert which takes place in December.
Nov 2nd Received Circular 236E (Periodical Circular to Teachers & Managers)
Nov 4th Charlie Harris of Std II was very impudent to me this afternoon and I punished him for it.
Nov 10th Mr. Shaw called in this afternoon and saw the children drawing.
Nov 18th Have made several alterations in the order of the lessons on the time-table as the arrangements of a few lessons was inconvenient.
H. 22.x.10
Dec 5th Received Circular 188 - 1910 to Managers & Teachers.
Dec 12th Commenced the Xmas term exams today. Shall try to get them all finished this week on account of breaking up next week.
Dec 20 Checked Registers this morning A. Masterman
Dec 21st Closed school this afternoon (Wednesday) for Xmas holiday. Reopen Jan 3rd (Tuesday)