Castlethorpe School Log Book 1911

Jan 3rd Reopened school this morning. One or two are absent through colds.
Jan 10th Have commenced the first class boys' drawing in black and white pastel. They like it & it is very effective.
Jan 17th Checked Registers & found correct Edwd Richardson
Jan 20th Had one case of ringworm today.
Jan 23rd Another case of ringworm notified to me today.
Feb 9th Received circular 758 re "Infant Care and management" from correspondent.
Feb 28th Closed school this afternoon for half holiday Shove Tuesday.
March 12th Received notice that Medical Inspection would take place tomorrow the 13th. Also received circular from Board of Education re Instruction to children on the coming census. Shall give two or three special lessons on it to older children.
March 13th Dr. Williams visited school this morning and medically inspected 14 children.
March 20th The weather has been abnormally cold the last few days & the school has been very cold and draughty. The draught seems to come from the large middle ventilator when the wind is in a certain quarter.
Mar 27 Got two children who wish to be examined for the labour Certificate.
Apr 3rd Received circular 52E 1911 periodical circular to teachers and managers.
Apr 5th Have started today the terminal exams.
Apr 12th Have finished the terminal examination.
Apr 13th Closed school today for Easter Holiday (one week).
Apr 24th Opened school today, and have promoted those who are fit for a higher standard.
Apr 28 Have sent four girls today to Wolverton to attend the labour certificate examination at the Girls' Council School.
May 10th Two for the four girls have passed the Labour Certificate Examination.
May 15th The geography of the first class this year will be Europe with geography of British Isles in fuller detail. All other subjects are as usual throughout the school.
May 23rd Mr. Coles H.M.I. visited the school today, morning & afternoon.
June 1st Closed school today (Thursday afternoon) for Whitsuntide holiday.
June 12th Opened school this morning & received inspector's report. Received notice also of doctor's visit to examine infants on Wednesday the 14th inst.

Inspector's Report 1911

Mixed "This school continues to do well. The teaching which is well thought out is efficient, and the children take an intelligent interest in their work. In the top group a high standard is reached in the main subjects of instruction.
The composition of the older children in particular is distinctly good, and it is hoped that every opportunity will be given them of studying independently. Reading in the case of the girls of the lower section of this group is satisfactory, but sustained efforts should be made to get the boys to speak out more clearly. A creditable beginning has been made in crayon drawing. The practical side of the curriculum would be greatly strengthened by the inclusion of some form of Woodwork.
The second group is handled in a satisfactory manner, and the work of the children shows promise.
The third group is carefully taught and is making steady progress.
Infants These are happy industrious little people, they are kindly treated and are likely to advance steadily as their powers develop.
Equipment One of the desks in the Infant's room needs repairing.
H.H. Middleton - certified
F. Middleton Uncertified Art 50
E. M. Rainbow Uncertified Art 50
Annie Gregory Supplementary Teacher

Alfred N. Nicholson Correspondent

July 13th Have revised time table a little and have put all the physical exercise in the morning lessons as we find it too fatiguing to take these in the hot afternoons. Have also appended a summery to the time-table.
July 20th Have started the Midsummer Term's exams today.
July 28th Have now finished the term's examination and written up reports to same.
Aug 4th Closed School today for Midsummer holidays 5 weeks.
Sept 11th Opened School this morning.
Sept 15th Have had several children away this week with sickness and diarrhoea which has lowered the percentage of attendance to 89.
Sept 22nd The percentage has been a little better this week viz 91.
Sept 29th Dr. Digby White attended this afternoon & examined Sdt I and two or three special cases. He found in such a small number (only 14 children) three dirty heads.
Oct 16th Ethel Clarke Std III is most irregular in her attendance and is very backward too. She will have to go down to Std II if she does not soon improve.
Oct 23rd Heard that W. Waring, G. Drage & D. Huckins have passed the labour certificate exam which took place last Friday the 20th inst.
Oct 18th Mr. Richardson, one of the managers, called in this morning and checked the registers.
Nov 16th Received Periodical Circular No 149 & also Circular No 235 (re formation of Children's Care Committee).
Dec 20th Closed school today Wed. for Xmas holidays. Reopen Jan 2nd (Tuesday)