Castlethorpe School Log Book 1912

Jan 2nd Reopened today after Xmas holidays. Shall now use some of the singing lessons in which to practice for the children's concert which takes place Feb 2nd & 3rd
Jan 22nd The nurse visited the school today to examine the children's heads. She found eight children that would have to be excluded for a time until their heads were cleaner.
Jan 24th Have excluded the eight children & have sent their parents notices to attend to the heads at once.
Feb 2nd Children's concert today & tomorrow Fri: & Sat:0
Mar 1st Dr. Digby White visited the school this afternoon & examined 4 children born 1899. He also saw those children, who, for various reasons were marked as special cases last time he came to the school. Mr Masterman checked the registers this morning.
Mar 15th Owing to the damp and cold weather during the past wee, the percentage of attendance is rather low viz 89.3. The poor attendance of the infants accounts for it.
Mar 21st The weather has benn very cold & damp & consequently the attendance of the infants & junior children has been very poor.
Mar 28th Received Circulars no 40 - 1912 and 60 - 1912.
Have got most of the children back to school who have been away poorly, but there are still several absent through colds.
Apr 2nd Mr. Masterman called in this afternoon & checked the registers.
Apr 3rd Closed school this afternoon (Wednesday) for the Easter holidats. Shall re-open on Tuesday Apr: 16th next.
Apr 16th Opened school this morning after Easter holiday and promoted most of children.
May 1st The geography of Stds IV - VII this year will be "Chief facts concerning the British Empire and the British Isles."
June 3 1912 A.J.W.
June 17th
Inspector's Report 1912

Mixed "This is a successful school. It is week taught and happily governed. Scholars and teachers are on an excellent terms with each other, and the keen and sustained interest that all display in their work is most gratifying.
In the top group, special mention may be made of the oral arithmetic in which the children, the girls in particular, display a smartness and readiness not often found. Reading too is praiseworthy and Composition exercises are creditable as far as they go, but it would be well to aim at more exhaustive treatment of a topic. Pencil drawing is good, but brush drawing is not quite so satisfactory.
The second group is in a creditable state of efficiency. Composition is done with pleasing success, and in written arithmetic, the answers are for the most part well defined.
The Junior section is in a flourishing condition. The teaching is on sound lines and the children respond with considerable intelligence and zest. Practical arithmetic is a good feature, Reading and Recitation are credible subjects, and modelling in plasticine is well done as a rule.
Infant's Division These little people are making generally satisfactory progress. A little more brightness imported into the teaching would be a good thing. Reading is creditably taught and Free Arm Drawing is generally creditable. The Handwriting of the First Class is satisfactory but it is weak in the second class. Singing is very poor.
Premises In the main room more windows should be made to open.

Alfred N. Nicholson Correspondent

July 2nd Received Form 147
July 9th Received information concerning cookery lessons to be given at Wolverton centre to girls over 11 years of age next term.
July 29th The attendance of the infants is very poor this week many of the children being away with colds on account of the cold wet weather.
Aug 1st Closed school today (Thursday) for the Mid summer holiday (5 weeks). Shall reopen on Monday Sept 9th
Sept 9th Opened school today. On Thursday the 5th inst. the girls started Cookery lessons at Wolverton centre for first time. Twelve girls will now attend every week (Thursday) for one whole day.
Sept 24th Received new copies of Regulations and Instructions for the guidance of Managers & Teachers.
Ronald Pittam (Std 1) has been ordered by the School Medical Officer to have 12 months rest from school on account of his very defective eyesight.
Sept 30th Dr Digby White called this afternoon & medically examined a few children Std 1.
Oct 1st Heard today that Douglas Ward Std VI has sickened with Scarlet Fever. Have reported the case according to regulations.
Oct 5th Have had two cases of sore throats which I have reported.
Received circular 229 - 1912 of Regulations to Teachers & Managers.
Oct 16th The sore throat cases have returned to school and we have had no more of them.
Nov 1st The cookery girls will go for cookery today instead of yesterday.
Mr. Richardson called in on Wednesday morning (Oct 30) & checked the registers.
Nov 7th The cookery girls go for their last lesson today. They have been for 10 weeks altogether.
Nov 28th Mr. Streatfield H.M.I. called in and spent the afternoon with us. He remarked how cold the classrooms were.
Dec 20th Closed school this afternoon for a fortnight's holiday.