Castlethorpe School Log Book 1913

Jan 6th Opened school this morning after Christmas holiday.
Jan 22nd Mr. Richardson called in this morning to check the registers.
Jan 28th The girls playground is being re-asphalted this week.
Jan 30th Received notice that Olive Nichols is suffering from Scarlet Fever. Have notified School Medical Officer & also Local Medical Officer of Health.
Feb 3rd Annie Gray of Std III has now got scarlet fever. Have sent notices concerning this case.
Mar 19th The Easter holiday will be shortened this year as Easter falls so early. We break up this (Wednesday) afternoon and re-open school on Easter Tuesday. The four days thus taken from the Easter vacation will be added on to the Whitsuntide holiday.
Mar 25th Have now got back the three children Gray who have been absent about 8 weeks. Have started on the new year's work this morning.
Mar 31st This morning Mrs. Middleton saw something alive creeping on the top of ... ... head. She took the child privately into the cloak room & her to ask her mother to comb her hair. This afternoon Mrs. M. received an insulting letter from the mother. This letter has been handed to the managers.
Apr 5th Received word from Dr. White asking for numbers of children to be medically examined this term.
Received a letter from Educn Secretary saying the Educn Committee are prepared to approve the establishment pf a Class in Light Woodwork at this school, & asking for a number of boys eligible. There are 13 of these eligible for this instruction.
Apr 30th Have received the tools for Light Woodwork and shall make a start today. Shall give two hours per week to this instruction - one hour each on Wednesday and Friday.
May 9th Closed school today for fortnight holiday (Whitsuntide). We had a curtailed holiday at Easter - That accounts for longer holiday this Whitsuntide.
May 26th Re-opened school this morning - 2 cases of ringworm - have reported same. The girl's playground is in a very sticky condition through melted tar witch sticks to the bots. It is impossible to use it yet for drill.
May 29th Mr. Whitworth, H.M.I. visited the school today.
June 4th I sent ... ... home this morning as her head was verminous. I gave her a letter for her mother and enclosed in a card of instruction MO2A.
June 10th The girl's yard is very much better & is drying well.
Inspector's Report 1913

Mixed The school is well maintaining its good name. Earnest and capable teaching is given and the children exhibit an interest in all that they have to do.
The top group is skilfully taught in all respects. Reading is good as a rule and the facility with which the children use their dictionaries is gratifying. Composition is satisfactory and written Arithmetic is a sound subject. History teaching calls for much praise. Drawing is meritorious and Needlework is very efficiently taught.
The children of the second group are getting on steadily. The reading of the girls is good, but the boys should be able to read more intelligently and fluently. Composition is generally creditable and Arithmetic is making good progress.
The Junior Section, comprising the First and Second Standards is doing good work. Methods of teaching bear the marks of real thought and care and the children's progress is fully assured. History and practical Arithmetic call for special commendation.
Infant's Division The infants are in the hands of a kind and earnest teacher and I they are doing much of their work with credit. Reading and Recitation are the best subjects and Modelling is the weakest.
Premises & Equipment The main room should be partitioned. Two classes comprising four sections have to be taught side by side in this undivided room 43 feet long and this condition of things makes work difficult and exhausting. More windows - as was stated in last year's report - should be made to open. In the main room only one pane in six is "openable".

Alfred N. Nicholson Correspondent

June 24th The School Nurse called this afternoon, examined all heads & excluded 13 children for being dirty.
July 8th The nurse paid her third visit today & reported that the children were very much cleaner, although some of their heads still require attention.
July 23rd Received Form 101A from Medical Officer re Treatment by Dentist of children with defective teeth. Although notices were sent to about 19 parents, only 4 have consented to have them treated.
July 25th Mr. Masterman called in and checked the registers. Have started term exam: this week.
July 31st (Thursday) Have closed school today for Summer Vacation (5 weeks) Shall re-open on Sept 8th
Sept 8th Opened school today after holiday. About 8 are absent this morning.
Violet Lane has been appointed a Pupil Teacher at this school & commenced today until the Secondary School at Wolverton starts; she attends the latter this term.
Oct 10th Received the Light Woodwork syllabus back after approval. It is remarked that the equipment is very limited and it is doubtful whether it is sufficient to permit of the work being carried on satisfactorily.
Oct 16th The new part of the churchyard will be consecrated today and as many of the children wish to be present it has been though best to get the two attendances in before the ceremony starts. The chairman of the managers has given his consent to this.
Nov 7th Half holiday this afternoon on account of the feast.
Nov 14th Mr. Watkins called in this afternoon.
Dec 9th Have started the terminal examination this week.
Dec 11th Mr. Streatfield, H.M.I. called in this morning & stayed till noon.
Dec 16th I had occasion to punish Wm Smith of Std VI this afternoon, for misbehaviour in class. He refused to be punished in a proper manner & kicked & struggled on the floor. I however took him into another room where I punished him. In the meantime, Charles Harris who lives at Smith's left his place on class without permission and went to fetch Mrs. Smith. She came into the school without knocking the door & refused to leave when I asked her. However, when I refused to discuss the matter with her in front of the other scholars, she went into the porch, where I explained matters to her. I intend to put this before the managers as it is not the first or second time she has acted in this manner.
Dec 17th Mr. Masterman called in and checked registers.
Dec 19th Closed school this afternoon for Xmas holidays. Shall re-open on Jan 5th 1914 (Fortnight's holiday).
It has been proposed to partition the main room very soon. This when done will make work much more pleasant.